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  1. Greetings. Can you please let me know if there is a difference among the three MDRs on the Allure? As an example, on the NCL Escape, all three had the same menu, but one was much louder, one was much slower and one was "just right". Do you have a preference on the Allure? I have a very large group - 15 rooms. While I don't expect us all at one table, I'd like to be able to see/talk to everyone. This is our one "ok, everyone regroup" point each day. Thoughts? Which do you prefer and why? thanks!
  2. Never removed, nor would I. I'd talk to the managers first. Removing the tip affects more than just that one person.
  3. Hello! We just booked our first MSC cruise on the Meraviglia in March of 2021. My daughter has celiac disease. How does MSC do with food allergies? any suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  4. I'm sailing July on Allure. I was told today they will have them out soon. the window is 60-90.
  5. If it were me, I'd book now. You can cancel/rebook if they go down later.
  6. Do you think they'll limp along like this for quite some time, or do you think they'll cancel somewhere and do a drydock
  7. I saw a couple of posts on FB regarding the Allure adjusting it’s itinerarh because it needs to slow down. The comments suggest an azipod issue. How does this get fixed? We cruise in July so I’m hoping it’s done way before that thoughts?
  8. Could you possibly take a boat over to Edina? Pig Island is a bit off the normal scale 🙂
  9. Has anyone been on the Allure since Dreamworks left? What was the new show(s)? thanks.
  10. The drink packages for our 7/7 Allure sailing is $3 more pp during this sale than it was last week. However, shore ex and internet were down enough to save me $160! 🙂
  11. I haven't been on a MG on Royal yet, but the one we just had two weeks ago on NCL was great. We had a private restaurant to ourselves. NCL had appetizers and drinks for all. There was live music and the officers came. CC had name tags for everyone. Our group had organized a magnet exchange and slot pull on their own. it was hosted on noon the 1st day (an at sea day). it worked well. I've read where some MGs have cruise ship swag or giveaways. That would have been fun. the one thing I REALLY wished we would have done was take a group picture. By the time I thought of it, many had already left. We had well over 80 people attend, so it was a lot of fun
  12. Loving the review! it's getting me quite excited for our upcoming trip on the Allure. Glutton for punishment?? yes...yes i am!
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