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  1. Does anyone have experience with https://www.shoreexcursioneer.com/? They have an excursion that i think looks great, but I don't see any reviews. thanks.
  2. Do you think this is replacing the Million Dollar Quartet on the Getaway or adding to the lineup? https://www.ncl.com/travel-blog/six-musical-norwegian-cruise-line?cid=SM_NCL_PRO_BRA_FBK_BLG_WLP_CRUISEARTICLES_SIX8619_NA_NA&fbclid=IwAR2OMK5XFCwj3m6zLvCnm-8bDHo-rQIiR-YnbPy4MdstTL9KxiKUS8bjMSE
  3. Are these activities shown on the Dailies? How do you find out about them?
  4. I read this is on Calle Fortaleza, but it didn't say the cross street. Is it close to the ship?
  5. This is going to be confusing, but we went to the front on one of the top decks. There was a clear, angled partition and we just sat under it. It blocked the wind (which was great since it was cold - 3/17) and let us see both sides. People were able to stand behind us and we didn't block their view either. The whole space under there was full. It was great :-)
  6. Bob, we are all set and booking tomorrow! Thanks again 🙂
  7. That would be bad 😞 Sorry for the swap. Hope you can find something enjoyable in San Juan.
  8. Could we theoretically get reimbursed for the time cut even if we stay on the cruise? I'm confused on what I should be looking for in my policy.
  9. Same change for 7/7 sailing. I'm not happy about it, but it could be worse!!
  10. not canceled, just changed. 2 hours off San Juan visit.
  11. I'm also on that sailing. Someone in our rollcall group (come join if you haven't yet), got one. They extending the stay in St Maarten an hour and cut 2 hours off in San Juan. Leaving at 1 is really putting a kink in most of the shore excursions. Labatdee stays the same.
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