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  1. how exactly does My Choice Dining work? Next Summer we've booked Aurea Balcony for Greek Cruise. The downgraded drinks package/Easy will suit us fine since we mostly drink Water, but was curious how the My Choice Dining works. Can you vary your time for Dining day to day? We previously did early seating on Meraviglia. Thank you.
  2. Thanks for the heads up. We usually just cruise in normal Fantastica level, and Embarkation has been fine, but wanted to know if there was designated Aurea window. Thanks for the info.
  3. First time cruising under the Aurea package, and it said something about on Embarkation day only we're supposed to have "priority boarding?" How will this work exactly. We're sailing out of Venice, and have heard how packed that Port is in the Summer. Is there a designated window for check-in so we don't have to be in the long line?
  4. We're from the US, and have never had a problem on the phone and always do our bookings directly with a US Rep with MSC. Seems we're the lucky ones and had helpful individuals. :-)
  5. We were on Meraviglia last April, and started off in Marseille. We had Sun Transfers pick us up in a mini-van due to six suitcases, and they were lovely. Professional, affordable, and reliable. Other times we used Uber with no problems either. Check out their link: https://www.suntransfers.com/marseille-airport?gclid=EAIaIQobChMI2rHb5Nft4AIVQkCGCh2luQ7NEAAYASAAEgJzjvD_BwE TRIPADVISOR reviews: https://www.tripadvisor.com/Attraction_Review-g187497-d8121873-Reviews-Suntransfers-Barcelona_Catalonia.html
  6. cparker01, we booked Aurea experience balcony cabin, for Summer 2020. (July 21 departure out of Venice). Traveling with our two children who will be 8/10yrs old. They loved being on MSC Meraviglia in April out of Marseille, but wanted to do Greek side this time. Wish you were onboard with us. Happy Cruising! We love MSC.
  7. Meg, sorry to be confusing. Just commenting that flights this year overall are much higher than when we flew last April. Know we still can't price June 2020 flights, but checking trends, etc ahead of time usually ensures we know what to expect. We're kind of poor, and have to do all the research we can, and appreciate all the advise given. Thanks again. Appreciate you taking time to help out.
  8. The waiting game on booking flights is difficult. In April we flew from VA to Marseille on Air France and Delta. Great service all around, but prices are not nearly as good right now. What are some of your favorite Airlines to use out of Washington DC, Charlotte, Baltimore, and Raleigh to Milan, Rome, or Venice? We will be shopping around for the next six months at least since our next MSC Cruise to Eastern Mediterranean is not until June 2020 out of Venice. Sure do appreciate all your feedback so far. I am taking notes and consider all your advise. Happy Cruising everyone.
  9. Sorry. Just now saw your other response and helpful info, and links. Thanks!
  10. our kids at going to be 8/10 on our Cruise June 2020. What is this Waterpark you referred to?
  11. please share what you would recommend for this Itinerary and best sites besides Viator to book. We don't travel until June of 2020, but doing same ports. Traveling with 8/10yr olds. Thanks~
  12. Zach, thanks so much. Also, we're looking into flying into Zurich, or somewhere within a train ride to Venice for sightseeing. Flights from D.C. to Zurich are crazy affordable. Hmmmmm....
  13. we're close to booking June 14, 21, or 28th Summer of 2020 on Musica. (7 & 9yr old) Kids are keen on going to Athens and Santorini. Our third grader is studying Ancient Greece right now. :-) What kinds of deals have you gotten with Flights? Flights into Venice are crazy. lol
  14. Thanks Waterbug. We live in Roanoke, VA. (reasonable is possibly under $1200 roundtrip for adult, $800-$1,000 for children tickets? Having to fly into Venice, or nearby so we could take railway into Port area.
  15. Please point us in the right direction for finding reasonably priced International flight bookings. Looking at doing Greek Islands on MSC Musica in June 2020. Researching flights and options now that we have found the best Itinerary for our Family. Please share Airfare tips and links for booking flights from US to Venice. We live under four hours from D.C.
  16. we sailed on Meraviglia out of Marseille. Loved it there, and were onboard the Ship by 12:00pm. Balcony cabin was nice and spacious enough for two adults, and our children loved the converted Sofa/bunkbeds. Pools were all heated nicely, especially the outside Atmosphere pool. Hot tubs could have been warmer, but just fine. Drinks were good, food was adequate considering our normal food on a working weekday when we're not on a Vacation. Staff was lovely, and we did not find the Staff overly pushy at all with their Sales. We had pre-booked several things, so they pretty much left us alone. Loved having the Laundry package. The Gelato onboard and bread was delicious. Enjoy.
  17. grew up over in Cyprus. Can't wait. We loved doing France, Italy, Malta and Barcelona this past April. Have not been on a smaller MSC ship like Musica. We were spoiled on Meraviglia. lol
  18. thank you. Will take a look see. We usually use Delta or Air France site directly, but prices or horrible lately. Appreciate you giving us this info.
  19. We are looking to book as well. Have heard Musica has best Greece Itinerary if you want Athens and Santorini. We are just waiting to find some decent Flights available from the US.
  20. Hi all. We are still in the planning stages of our next venture to the Greek Islands. Back in April the flights over to France from the US was very affordable, but now has increased by over $300-$500. Please share some places online you all are having good luck booking reasonable airfares from the Washington, DC area over to Venice, Italy. We flew Air France last April, and Delta, but are not opposed to flying with other Airlines if the price is under $1300 for Adults, and less for our two children (7/9yrs). Thanks for any helpful website info. Cruises are priced reasonably enough, but have not booked anything yet due to high cost of International flights over. :-(
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