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  1. Currently on page 7 but loving your review so far! My husband and I were on Anthem this past April so I love reliving our trip by reading other reviews about it! My husband and I are also Disney fans (honeymooned at WDW as well as other trips there), and as a fellow introvert I can totally relate to your struggles with dealing with extroverts! Sometimes I just don't want to talk- please read my body language! Ok, back to reading. :)
  2. I was on Anthem in April of this year, and I was able to use my drink package for the Starbucks coffee served at La Patisserie! I believe the "fancy"/specialty drinks were extra, but I don't remember for sure- I only ever ordered basic drips or Americanos.
  3. If you enjoy snorkeling, or are interested in trying it, I HIGHLY recommend booking a snorkeling excursion independently through CozumelH2O! They are very highly rated on TripAdvisor, and my husband and I had a fantastic time with them when we were in Coz- we would absolutely snorkel with them again. It was about a 4-ish hour trip altogether, and they take you to multiple reefs, with plenty of snorkel time at each. They also include snacks and the staff are very friendly and helpful! The dock where we met was very close to the port, and there were no issues with timing as they work frequently with cruise passengers. Good luck and have fun!
  4. My husband and I were on Anthem in April, and we purchased a bungalow at CocoCay. We were very impressed and pleased with it, and we would book one again in a heartbeat. Beautiful beach (shallow waters but swim-able at a distance), a good distance from the crowds, food delivered to your bungalow, easy bathroom and bar access. Granted, it is on the opposite side of the island, so it is a little bit of a walk, but it was the perfect location for a relaxing beach day. Yes, there are Evian water bottles, 2 floating mats, and 2 additional loungers included as well. I think we paid less than $200 and it was well worth it.
  5. Two! Nights 2 and 5 if I remember correctly. Sent from my Pixel 2 using Forums mobile app
  6. I only know of those for sure! I'm not sure if my husband asked if they had other options, but I would assume that their offerings would be pretty basic since it's technically a bar. Hopefully there will be more places to get smoothies on the boats again in the future!
  7. Off Anthem a couple weeks ago, and my husband and I were able to order fresh fruit (banana, blueberry, strawberry) smoothies at the bar in the Solarium! They were included in the drink package as well!
  8. Thanks for reading! :) I'm so glad to hear that- that's what I was hoping for when I posted this report! Hope you have an awesome trip!
  9. It's at 9:30 each night! Hope you enjoy it as much as we did! :)
  10. Just off Anthem last week, and my husband and I purchased a bungalow on CocoCay, and I would HIGHLY recommend it! I don't have personal experience with the cabanas, but the bungalows had direct and expansive water access, they were practically private (on the opposite side of the island, so much lower traffic), our lunch was brought to us (from a separate menu, too), and we got two loungers, two beach mats, and water bottles! I believe the bungalows cost less than the cabanas as well.
  11. I hope you have a great time! It's an awesome ship and there is so much to do! :D
  12. I didn't notice anything, or hear any reports about sickness during the week! We got the email a few days before we left stating that there were a few cases on the sailing prior to ours, and they pushed everything back about an hour to sanitize before we boarded. I was impressed by how often I saw the crew cleaning, and they made sure everyone washed their hands before entering any restaurant. Sent from my Pixel 2 using Forums mobile app
  13. We actually didn't eat breakfast before we left, since we just wanted to get going, but I was able to get coffee at La Patisserie that early, and they had pastries available. If I remember correctly, at least the windjammer and a couple other places started serving breakfast at 630, maybe 6. We were told to meet in front of the Royal Theater, but ended up having to leave out of the doors by the aft elevators. Not sure if we missed the announcement or if the location changed at the last minute. Either way, it still worked well for us! Sent from my Pixel 2 using Forums mobile app
  14. Have so much fun!! Sent from my Pixel 2 using Forums mobile app
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