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  1. oh spare me I just bought one of those tickets from Just Fly or whatever its called and I am very aware of the restrictions. Don't assume ignorance on my part. Again I say "doh Homer" re tickets restrictions etc. I don't need any more sarcastic replies such as "After all ,its all about low prices right?" That was totally unnecessary .I am not going to waste any more time here
  2. I repeat, no need for sarcasm!!! "Doh Homer!" re ticket rules!! I am well aware of the fact that they can vary! I do not appreciate being spoken to as if I had never booked tickets before. And why do you need to be so snippy when I am just looking for some help? If you don't want to be helpful then why not move on to another post. And you wonder why many people lurk and do not post? It is because of posters like some of you who seem to enjoy putting other people down or act like know it alls.
  4. I already know about Matrix,Skyscanner,Fare Compare and Google flights Any help would be appreciated. I only fly economy so the airline only matters for FFM
  5. Is the near future, re the guest entertainers and lecturers page going to be done according to Crystal's calendar or Crystal society members'! LOL :P~~
  6. Keith, please keep us informed about the world cruise games, and for me, especially paddle tennis(not just during the games but throughout the cruise ) as I live vicariously through your stories about the wc games and paddle tennis LOL. I t will be interesting to see on which segment Crystal chooses to hold them. I had been considering doing the 6 day NO to Curacao cruise on Symphony, but have instead decided to go to Japan for a month like last year, only in January. As one who is going for the destination when on land(ie not the ship as is th ecase with Crystal),since I am willing to stay in inexpensive ryokans, guesthouses and upscale capsule hotels(First tCabin),I found I can go to Japan for a month, and including airfare is STILL less than the cost of a 6 day getaway cruise on Crystal which would add to my number of cruises for CS benefits! Bon voyage in advance for WC 2019(I know you are already on board but its the rt Hawaii cruise, which sounds amazing!
  7. I may have a cruise or 2 under the tree for next year but more likely a land trip to India (my bf is from Chennai) and once again back to "my" beloved Japan for Sakura season late March-lare April.meanwhile I just got my India visa and have applied for the E-Brazilian visa(just in case) Safe travels to you Roy on your upcoming circle SA cruise!
  8. I agree with Keith here-it isn't so much for making a booking but to save my TA the headache(read:time) of looking for fares, available staterooms etc...things I am perfectly capable of finding myself.
  9. I have written to them about this already. These kind of changes have everything to do with their not wanting to deal with guests griping about who or who isn't on board/someone not wanting to deal with guests directly in the home office. I see so many things that the Crystal Is doing- becoming too much like mass market lines in many ways-what happened to doing better than their competition? There is an old saying :"good enough never is" ,,but mass market cruise lines don't care about anything but the short term profits/bottom line, but that is very short sighted., nor does Crystal anymore it seems:( I will not book a Crystal cruise without knowing who is going to be on. I cant stand the Jazz cruises and some other themed cruises and I will not pay to suffer through things I cant stand (again) Oh well. I have taken 4 trips to japan in 2 years ,and two were post cruises .I will be returning in the spring and would like to combine the trip with a Crystal cruise but not without knowing who the guest lecturers are or entertainers. Yes it was unique amongst cruise lines to have that information, but I ask Crystal,WHY ARE YOU TRYING SO HARD TO BECOME MEDIOCRE /mass market in your treatment of Crystal Society members?
  10. I know ! Not knowing the entertainers ahead of time will make me hesitate to book as guest lecturers and the Avenue Saloon entertainer, are an integral part of the Crystal experience.
  11. To Keith and other paddle tennis participants, here is the response I received from Crystal, not even directly from the entertainment dept, but was forwarded by onboard guest services from them: “Crystal Cruises have onboard fitness directors who look after all onboard sports events for our guests including the Paddle Tennis locations. When onboard if Ms. Van Orden is unhappy with the paddle tennis courts and feel they’re disorganized, she should discuss with the Hotel Director or Front Office staff, who would be able to assist.” It has been my experience that the fitness directors 1.have no interest in paddle tennis 2.do not play the game regularly as they have clients who will pay for one on one sessions and so why should they act as instructor/coach for paddle tennis when it does not pay them a fee 3.do not stick around during designated paddle tennis times as per the daily paper-I saw this for myself 4.do not organize tournaments as Anand did 5.Do not prevent court hogging so many people cannot get time n court who want to 6.Make sure players wear the appropriate shoes(I have seen people in shoes that were not meant to play any kind of sports and were not even tennis shoes! 7.Do not make it FUN like Anand does!! I have experienced all of the above,and though they maybe cant have someone on every cruise as the demand is not as great as for golf,say,BUT having say that,which comes first demand for the sport or offering it when you have the the court already in place , on as regular a basis as possible For me since I spend so much time on the paddle tennis court, it is a deal breaker for me as 8.I do not want to come on board and deal with court hogs and or people like those on one cruisewho ignored me ( solo passenger obviously wanting to play with my racquet out and siting on the bench outside the court), yet offering to challenge a couple who came up after I did. It is not my fault I travel alone.There was NO ONE from physical fitness there to prevent such things from occurring and needless to say it upset me I hope Crystal sees this and decided to listen to r=passengers who may be in a minority, but whose needs should be considered
  12. Please delete the following listing as I am not going and also I use a newnickname thanks Dec 1 (OCS191201-10)Fort Lauderdale to Caldera-haikou(Carolyn)
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