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  1. I saw Princess just pushed back their 8 day + cruises which start or have a USA port, until Nov 2021.Doesnt look good for any cruises in 2021 frankly,wishful thinking for December even ,I think.
  2. Well given that a lot of us travel solo, that would be a deal breaker for me.
  3. Thank you Mark Farris for your Christmas 2020 edition of Mark's Quarantine Cabaret! I have not finished watching it, but it has put a much needed smile on my face today! 🙂 https://fb.watch/2CfqxlZSZJ/
  4. Ok folks in case you do not follow Mark Ferris on FB, there is a new Thanksgiving episode scheduled to premier in just a few minutes,at 2pm PST or as it says on his webpage, 4pm CST.I can't wait.He always makes me smile and laugh, and miss listening to him at the Avenue Saloon very much
  5. I just got a cancellation notice a couple of days ago from Crystal for 3 segments in January 2021 that I never even booked! Oivay
  6. I think I would like to hire Roy and Keith as my future travel photographers ❤️
  7. and what are you doing by invalidating another cc member's opinion?
  8. Ok, Here is a WAY off topic, off topic !!! I just got my invite for the upcoming pro football season picks from KZOK Seattle/CBS for the CBS national pro football challenge( I listen to Danny Bonaduce in Seattle so have joined via their group and pay attention to their results) .You just need to pick the winning team per week, with tiebreaker determined by your pre chosen scores $$cash prize for grand prize winner I am no foot ball or sports follow for that matter, other than tennis, so I picked some who statistically look like they have a better chance of winning, but also chose
  9. Lol bitob . ..I love your choice of the word "graze", as I have seen people stuff their plates like they hadn't eaten in days or that it was their last meal! Never mind when the Portuguese custard tarts are rumored to be on board and then magically appear briefly in the Bistro! LOL
  10. Thank God your wife was there to help save a woman's life on that cruise. One does not like to hear the words "code blue" on a Crystal cruise:( 🙂 Did any of the dining room windows break on our cruise? It seems to me some windows may have broken, as well as pod(aakk) on my 2009 cruise from Auckland to Perth, after we left Melbourne. I had been forewarned by the friend of my dad's I had dinner with in Melbourne, about a pretty large storm coming in, but didn't think anything about it at the time.. I also had not previously known about the weather in the Australian bite being prone to bad wea
  11. As someone said in another thread a while go, who wants to be a guinea pig for any cruise line once cruising is allowed again (speaking for all of us except those in Europe)
  12. I am not quite sure what your point is or relevance to the above? I don't know what you are getting at. To invalidate mine and others stress on that flight? That our collective experience was not as stressful as yours , flying with 2 kids? You were not there.. and FWIW once we were on board I think everyone involved had a great time on that crossing..:)I have kids fwiw and chose not to take them on air trips while they were that young ... My point was that you can have the perfect storm of events such as we had getting to that cruise and that this is why it is good to have your o
  13. And before the above, to start our 11 hr fligh/t to Narita,(ya right),not even the 1 1/2 hrs on top of that, to get to Yokohama from Narita our plane was 2 hrs late arriving at LAX .....
  14. I start a dummy reservation to see if a state room I want is available, then I will ask my TA to book it. However, I have , even with Crystal and not just HAL or Celebrity, NCL, etc, booked cruises myself on said cruise line's website and later fill out the form to transfer the booking to my personal TA, within the allowed timeframe 60 days ....I will not use a Personalized travel agent" of a cruise line, for various reasons- the biggest couple are 1.the personal service of someone who knows you your tastes, and in my experience has traveled on many of the lines you have a nd have
  15. These pictures are mainly for Roy, but also for anyone else who was onboard the infamous #0205 in 2010. Note the date and or time of day as we progressed from a nice day ,,to the first(?) of 2 cyclones between Fiji and Sydney(sorry not in order and my other pics are too similar to take up any more real estate in this thread LOL
  16. Actually it is Hakodate, island of Hokaido, Japan 🙂
  17. I made reservations sans d'argent a month or so ago. No money down, yet I was able to get a stateroom of my choice on the one and a guarantee on the other( I could have selected a stateroom in higher level categories but I chose not to and am taking a chance with a guarantee...-at least I have a stateroom on the ship.. hopefully not all the way forward, like my stateroom on one crossing(7002 Symphony ) both sailings are going to be on Serenity . I have no problem booking at the moment, as you get the best of both worlds- a selected stateroom AND no deposit until October-and even that may
  18. Many of those cruises will not even be sailing so I wouldn't even worry about any cruise before Summer 2021 😞
  19. Are you sure they are even taking bookings for 2020 yet?
  20. That would have been during the summer of 1977 for me-I have only been there once:)
  21. Need they be reminded of asymptomatic passengers? Especially for those of us from COVID19 hot spots? That test at check in means nothing, really.. You have no idea who any given passenger has been around whom or where he or she has been 😞 we(those of us from those hot spots) would need to quarantine for 2 weeks before sailing.. and the only two countries I would be willing to self quarantine will not be letting us yanks in any time soon 😞
  22. I am no architechie, but I do find various structures, bridges etc very interesting when traveling:)
  23. Yes !! Good job! I loved the view -looking up inside it ! Not your typical view of it 🙂
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