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  1. Fond memories of this ship Especially for my Mom. .Both times that cruised on the Star, her I was a young teenager and then a late teenager in winter in late 1979.. My love of cruising started pretty young for me ,at 13 and 18/19 xxxooo to this much loved cruise line and to all three of their ships(The Star, Sun , an Sky) and ship
  2. 1.A lot of people do not want to fly far or take long trans ocean crossings atm due to concerns about getting home or getting quarantined on board even after cruising is allowed again theses days and I would speculate the vast majority of cruisers come from Europe and the USA/Canada .2. even just as likely, they need to move ships around the world for the start of the summer season, most likely without passengers in 2021, 3. those itineraries are popular with families(read more revenue for CCL)
  3. That explains ,maybe, why I didn't hear of or see the offers🙂
  4. darn it isn't right after my cruise 😞
  5. I would love to have gotten one of those offers!! LOL But now because of FCC's those of us who do not have those, are not finding any bargains out there. And given the companies needs for cash flow, it will be along time until there are any.. But I have won/earned cruise by playing MyVegas on Facebook, so I will continue acccruing points there, to earn another "free" cruise(jport taxes and aa small admin fee excluded)
  6. sorry I left out Seabourn.. and I do understand what the op was saying, but the fact remains that is apples to oranges comparing the premium to luxury lines
  7. I don't believe any cruise line is going under in the way that many of us cruisers care about-at least not me I frankly don't care who owns the company or how the back end / home office runs, unless it affects my onboard experience. There will always be companies with bigger pockets and or groups of investors who will be interested in continuing these lines, even with the current situation as is now. The cruising industry is toc popular and lucrative, and will be profitable for cruise lines in the long run. There will be a vaccine ,eventually, and likely in late 2021, the way res
  8. I have booked for 2022 and 2023 but no deposit is required until sometime in October , so at the moment no harm in booking It is a long time from now, but it seems to me that popular cruise from San Fran to NYC a few years back was sold out soon after it was open for booking-and that was 2 years from sailing!! I am sorry I missed that cruise as it sounds like it was epic!:)
  9. I am going to zoom in on that license plate to check that and which side of the car the steering wheel is on(one way street could be either ) LOL Flag looks like Canada?
  10. To Roy, re picture #1 you were on this cruise with me LOL--->giveaway now LOL
  11. I hate to be the negative Nelly here but it is unlikely anyone will be cruising in 2021 an therefore an y cruise line can offer great cruise deals because they will not be sailing!Given that not all crew have been repatriated even now from what I have heard- and even if that is not the case, 1.How many potential and past crew members wush to risk getting COVID-19, especially given th etiny cabins they are given and with a roommate they don't know or live with shoreside 2. No guarantee there will be a vaccine in 2021 an even if there is the first ones will be going to the first res
  12. I beg to differ but only a couple of he lines you mentioned are luxury lines-only Regent and Sivereas.The others are considered premium mass market due to their size, passenger capacity, amenities(or lack thereof). And unlike the days when my grandmother sailed with HAL,(the 1960's to possibly early 70's) HAL is no longer considered a luxury line, an has en away with many if not most of the things she loved about it😞
  13. Royal Viking Star in summer of1974. I was 13 ,and loved it!!! Second cruise I went on was in late 1979, again on Royal Viking Star, to Mexico, Both out of my homeport of Los Angeles 🙂
  14. meant that to be Western Australia as it is abbreviated down under but I had forgotten it is actually part of SA-south Australia
  15. That would have been a tad too easy to guess! LOL Plus I ont have a picture taken from that area of Cook 🙂
  16. You are right-it is Cook, Australia , o Nullarbor Plain . I took the train straight across Australia to Perth, where I met up with some old friends of my parents 🙂
  17. Itis simply just Cook,WA 🙂..Known for the Australian wave lol
  18. Well done Jayayeff! And yes, Stickman, that is the famous Tokyo Spaceboat, as it is affectionately called by many of us who follow John Daub on his you tube channel .I rode on it with a fellow follower of the Only in Japan channel on You Tube, and it was cool. Quite a rainy day though as you can see in the picture. But I was in Japan so who cares ? LOL We boarded in Asakusa ended in Odaiba, where the famous fish market is held now. https://www.gotokyo.org/shuun/en/course/051.html The remaining picture of the river , is in my favorite place to stay now whe nin th eKyoto area
  19. I love Uji ,and as a Matcha lover, have been there a number of times and stayed there, It is my Mecca so to speak now everytime I go to Japan now, since my first trip to Japan in the Fall of 2016.My new Matcha business is called aptly enough, Uji Kyoto Matcha..though I have some from Shizuoka as well.. My point just being I am a stickler just because I know it is a trains ride from Kyoto station and far enough away that I no longer consider it part of Kyoto proper . And if we want to get even more picky ,much of the famous "Uji " Matcha, is actually grown in Wazuka, south of Uji and no
  20. I would love to go on a "vertigo cruise" as Roy aptly named it here, along with a wonderful graphic from the Hitchcock movie, a few years ago. I hope it is still posted here on the Crystal Cruise critic board somewhere, as the topic of discussion was indeed about cruises in a circle type cruises to nowhere! It was too funny 🙂
  21. Well done, more specifically though, Uji, south of Kyoto city, but in Kyoto prefecture. It is also on the Japanese 100 yen coin 🙂
  22. 1.Correct!---1 I loved that shark ,so I had to get a picture of it LOL 2. Temple name right, wrong state and or country <--I don't want to give the location away it 🙂🙂
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