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  1. Lots of pictures here, but I have not "played" this game for a while.Where were these photos taken? 🙂
  2. It still says 2022 🙂 FUTURE BOOKINGS CRYSTAL SERENITY 2022 March 25 (OCY230325-14) Singapore to Colombo Wearesiamese(Carolyn)
  3. I don't know if y'all know this but Crystal is offering no deposit bookings for 3 months I have booked one stateroom that I wanted on one cruise and the other a guarantee, on a cruise in 2022 and 2023. If you want a specific stateroom or are having trouble deciding which cruise(s) you wish to take, and aren't looking to sail for a while it is a good deal. It gives us time to see how things are in a few months and no cash outlay to boot until that time. It is a limited time offer needless to say I don't remember when it ends. .Just saying..:)
  4. I looked at HAL "deals" on their website and why in the world would I pay cash for a deposit/cruise, and accept FCC in lieu of cash if I need to cancel? I don't think so! With the trouble people a re having getting refunds, I am not going to "loan" HAL or any cruise line, money to be used now and not be available if I needed to cancel. I carry independent travel insurance(being lost not cruise line issued), but who knows what events they are going to cover in the next couple of years, so any deposits paid would be at risk of losing
  5. I just saw this-now I don't have to wait another day for the answer on the other board LOL
  6. I would really like to know where this is?:)
  7. I think you have put it nicely Keith, re finding/having other things to do during this uncertain time. I for one have considered going on car trips with my MINI club that I might have said "there is always next year" .I am also considering a road trip to my favorite place in the lower 48 , and that is the Jackson Hole, Tetons, and Yellowstone Park area .For those of you who have never been, I ca just say there is no place like it in the world IMHO(I am biased, perhaps, since both my Dad and Myself spent a summer (in my dads case 3) working inside Yellowstone national Park on the lake) it is
  8. Wow that was not long after our infamous #0205 crossing LOL 🙂
  9. Thanks for sharing.Ihave no idea what that area looks like and would love to see more pictures from that trip
  10. yes and even shore excursions if we want to make this even a bit more difficult LOL Speaking of River cruises, I am seriously considering taking one here in the USA once they are allowed to resume as we are not likely going to be able to travel overseas for quite some time.. but also it gives us all an opportunity to see parts of our own country that are just as wonderful/beautiful as many places around the world 🙂
  11. I believe I saw it while on the way to the airport.. One I came from Marseille-Lisbon and the other was a TA crossing from MIA-LIS here is info I just found: The Águas Livres Aqueduct is a historic aqueduct in the city of Lisbon, Portugal. It is one of the most remarkable examples of 18th-century Portuguese engineering. The main course of the aqueduct covers 18 km, but the whole network of canals extends through nearly 58 km.http://www.worldtravelattractions.com/aguas-livres-aqueduct/
  12. Well done , once again, Texas Tillie!!! I wish I could remember the history of it 😞 🙂 It is indeed in Lisbon. I really liked it, so I took the picture 🙂
  13. I hope no one returns home and finds they have Covid-19!
  14. I am thinking this may not be from a Crystal cruise???
  15. That's what I was going to guess also 🙂
  16. hmmm well based on the sign it is a Spanish speaking area, but darned if I know 😞
  17. It is indeed Brisbane 🙂 Taken on St Patrick's Day 2010 ,I partied with the football team from County Cork , Ireland LOL
  18. Keith, please add me to the following cruises:; March 25 (ocy230325-14) Singapore to Colombo Wearesiamese(Carolyn) May 29 (ocy220529-25)Los Angeles to Vancouver Wearesiamese (Carolyn)
  19. TYI will check it out today-this is fun and of course, brings back fond memories of previous cruises 🙂
  20. aww ..can you show some pictures so I can try? I am not any better I am sure but it will be fun to guess anyway:)
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