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  1. aaah I don't listen to radio any more except one station in Seattle via the internet. I am concerned because my parents have a second home in Rancho Mirage and if either of them, especially by soon to be 93 year old dad, caught it, I am quite sure he could not survive it an Eisenhower is the closest hospital to Thunderbird Heights! 😞
  2. Why are all the coronavirus cases at sea on Princess ships? The Grand and Diamond Princess so far, with "scares"? on the Regal and Royal Princess-test results not in yet from what I read this am.
  3. The way the stock market is going I doubt the higher prices will hold long term. They are getting a lot of fcc bookings right now but generally I think people are too cautious to plan very far in advance .As one with no money in the sock market the current losses mean nothing to me but many cruisers of and near to retirement age do, and I would think that would make many people not be able to or afford to book expensive cruises, atm, and goodness knows for how long?
  4. As a tennis follower its sad but it has happened. The Indian Wells major tennis tournament has been cancelled as of last night. The ATP website says the tournament was cancelled with only 1 confirmed coronavirus case, in Coachella Valley. Why haven't we heard about this in the news yet?
  5. That's true ! LOL On "our" crossing we traveled between 2 cyclones between Fiji and Sydney, and we went through that for what, a couple of days? (I need to go look at my pictures from that trip again!) I just mean what I saw in that video- the high winds that they are experiencing, the height of waves etc but thankfully for them they will not have to deal with this for very long
  6. Wow! That looks very much like what Roy, myself and others experienced on the "infamous" 0205 back in 2010 !!
  7. sorry Roy but I have not found that to be the case at all,unfortunately
  8. Was this on Serenity or Symphony? As a former Crystal cruiser with 13 cruises under my belt, and having been on both ships, I found as a solo cruiser, that passengers on the Symphony tend to be more laid back and friendlier, especially to us solo travelers. The atmosphere is very different on both ships and everyone has their favorite. I much prefer the Symphony in large part due to the atmosphere. I think part of the problem may be you have a lot of world cruisers who continue to sail on Serenity on their other cruises, and thus have made friends already and I have found have no need to meet
  9. As one who took advantage of those tickets a few years ago, since I live in the LA area, it isn't like those tickets saved you a lot of money. Parking was $25 or more, dinner per person was at least $50 if not more,(likely closer to $75 and I do not drink)and the ticket for admittance was a fraction of that-so it isn'ta real loss money wise. However it is a fun place,an old Victorian style house with stained glass windows, etc, . Without connections(ie knowing a member magician) it is next to impossible to spend an evening there and watch performances
  10. What do you mean that the program s\continues? Do you mean the on board magician performances?
  11. I got a free upgrade on the Vancouver to Yokohama cruise in October. For me it isn't worth paying for it. Just book the lowest category you would be happy with and wait and see. It was an unexpected and of course welcome upgrade(from one category to another ) not just a change of location)
  12. As a solo traveler who has not sailed on Crystal since the fall of 2015, I don't think like this change on Crystal at all. I found it a good easy way for me to meet others, and since I tend to go on crossings, there is enough time to get to know tablemates, and I enjoy hearing about their day. I have also made friends by playing team trivia.. Having said that, I have been on a Celebrity, 2 HAL and a recent NCL cruise, and they all have as you wish dining. A couple times I felt uncomfortable ,when escorted to an empty table or joining a table where the other guests had already order
  13. Just another reason to not sail on Crystal again-look at the way they are handling(OR NOT HANDLING imho)this EPIDEMIC AND ITS AFFECTS ON PASSENGERS AND THEIR FAMILIES.., the financial consequences of customers etc .6 star line ? Not any more if it ever was ! This says a lot about Crystal's new ownership /corporate and not in a good way! Granted no one has contracted the CNV on the Symphony (YET) or the Serenity, from what I understand, but that remains to be seen...Regardless there is no excuse for the lackof communication between certain passengers and their familes back home!! GRR
  14. Here is a better website for tracking the cnv https://gisanddata.maps.arcgis.com/apps/opsdashboard/index.html#/bda7594740fd40299423467b48e9ecf6
  15. A few years ago, as Keith,Roy and others here may recall, we also played a "where you wished a ship COULD go" ie land destinations I will start with my favorite place in the world other than Japan and Australia: Jackson Hole Wyoming, The Tetons and Yellowstone, and back to LAX via Amtrak(maybe Crystal Endeavor or one of the river boats e so it could fit on a freight train and sail on Jenny Lake etc We did not have these more feasible options a few years ago. Someone put the ship right on the map of the us-made me laugh ) Do y'all remember the cruise to nowhere /vertigo cruise with
  16. I got my visa for India last year and did it electronically .The form is quite lengthy and they want a lot of information and they want it completed PERFECTLY-and I do mean no mistakes or it will not be accepted!!Plus you have to submit a passport size photo with white background etc.. I believe it was processed and returned in just a week once I submitted the documentation(but do not remember honestly but it wa s a reasonable tiem frame.. Cost for US citizens was about $200, but it is good for 10 years. I ended up going to Chennai April and metme my bf there(he is from Chen
  17. True It is up to every person to decide what he or she needs. Having said that I have been reading cruise critic a lot of people in the case of their trips being affected by thecorona virus, expecting the cruise line to pay for things the individual should or would have had covered by a GOOD TIP
  18. Again check the policy. I have used a company that will reimburse 100% of the non refundable expense I believe you are talking about the policies offered by some cruise line itself-not nearly as broad or ashigh limits as the other companies out there. So who is the Homer here? Do your homework .. the cruise lines policies are usually verylow limits and offer less as a % as policies you can find onlineAnd why nickel and dime over maybe a litlle more expensive policy(and not significant, a drop in the bucket) when you are forking over thousands of dollars(usually)mon a cruise? NowTHAT s
  19. Regardless, if you have travel insurance "cancel for any reason" coverage, it would address the cancellation fees you are concerned about and not just the cornona virus outbreak situation
  20. Why don't you have travel insurance with "cancel for ANY reason" coverage?!
  21. Yet another reason everyone should have some sort of travel insurance-so you don't count on the cruise lines to offer refunds,free cruises, future travel credits etc, which I don't feel they should be obligated to do!! So many people on Cruise Critic are talking about cancellation fees etc and it puzzles me as to why? Most members of cruise critic are seasoned travelers and they should know about travel insurance already, and if not, ask your TA before your next cruise!! You can get :cancel for any reason " coverage" I have looked at many different companies and the
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