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  1. We got our refund back on our Amex card this morning for our cancelled (by Regent) Explorer transatlantic cruise that was to leave April 3rd. Thank you Regent!
  2. Thank you for doing this spreadsheet, and the other one. Very helpful to those of us awaiting refunds. Sail date - April 24th cancelled by me through TA - March 10th requested 75% refund, 25% FCC no refund as of May 28th
  3. I’m not booking anything on any cruise line until I get my refunds from my April cancelled cruises (Crystal and Regent). Now beyond 60 days waiting for these refunds and as much as I want to have a future trip to look forward to (and I’m not particularly worried about the coronavirus) I would feel like a total idiot giving a cruise line more of my money while waiting for the significant sums they owe me.
  4. Sail date: April 3rd, Regent Explorer Cancelled March 17th cruise cancelled by Regent requested 100% refund through travel agent no refund as of May 11th
  5. Very depressing. Especially for those of us awaiting substantial refunds from Regent-cancelled cruises.
  6. We got a full refund from Delta for our May 4th return flight from Prague. I was able to request refund online. One of our tickets was purchased with Skymiles points and the points were refunded immediately. The other ticket was credited back to our Amex card within 72 hours. Yay Delta. Still waiting on Regent and Crystal refunds.
  7. Thank you For this info. I will check with my travel agent about getting letters from Regent and Crystal
  8. I have a question about how the refunding works. As part of one 5 week trip In April, we had two cruises scheduled, with Regent, and Crystal. Both cruises were cancelled but like everyone else, we are awaiting the refunds. We’ve already gotten a refund from Delta for our return airfare from Europe, and all our hotel reservations were cancelled. I’ve been emailing with the company that we purchased our insurance from (subsidiary of IMG) and they have said we can extend our travel dates through 2021 for a future trip or receive a refund Of our premium. From their last email, they’ve said: “To process this, we also need confirmation that no claim will be made against this policy and evidence from your travel company that you have received a full refund.” So, I can’t proceed with this until I’ve received the refunds from the cruise lines? or is there paperwork I can get from the cruise lines that will satisfy this requirement of the insurance company?
  9. https://www.cnn.com/2020/03/23/us/california-stay-at-home-beach-goers/index.html
  10. An update - I don’t have anything in writing yet, but our TA has communicated to us that Crystal is going to be refunding our Prague extension with the 75% refund/25% FCC.
  11. Thank you for posting! I’m sure my TA will send to me, but since it’s a Friday afternoon, it’s nice not to have to wait until after the weekend to get confirmation of what I have been hoping for all week - that Regent would cancel my upcoming cruise AND offer the option of a refund. I’d rather have my money back more immediately, but in light of these emergency conditions, 90 days does not seem terrible either.
  12. Are you saying I could book the Prague extension separately without taking a Crystal River Cruise before or after? My cruise was not this summer. It’s in April. Had a Regent transatlantic as our “transportation” to Europe and that leaves on April 3rd.
  13. Agree! And it’s not like Crystal sells land packages separately from their cruises. Can’t go on one without going on the other. Will keep you posted and you do same.
  14. Vince, the cruise is scheduled to end on May 1st in Vilshofen, and then transfer to Prague that day for check-in at the Mandarin Oriental.
  15. Our TA was advised that the package was not covered with the future cruise credit offer and in fact has a 50% cancel fee. But in the latest Crystal policy advisory we received it states: - Pre and post packages will mirror the updated cancellation penalties. I am not going to stress about this, will let my TA handle it and hoping Crystal will do right. But the other two couples that we were going on the trip with have never traveled on Crystal. Their impression and reaction ( we have a group email with the TA) was a lot less laid back than mine.
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