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  1. Rosewood has their own testing facility onsite. So you could get tested on arrival and use that to satisfy the Crystal requirement before boarding?
  2. Agree 100% First world problem for sure, but I’ve definitely had second thoughts about my booking.
  3. You posted right before me. I understand now. Good that they are even acknowledging the scientific reality of natural immunity. It’s a baby step.
  4. I’m really confused by the wording, and now your response. Are you referring to an antibody test? That’s different from a “positive viral test”. I’m reading it that you had the virus more than 90 days ago, you’d be out of luck in using proof of a positive test (plus dr confirmation that you are no longer infectious). What am I missing? im specifically interested in this to possibly take my adult daughter on one of the Nassau cruises in late August. She had the virus in July and is not planning to get the vaccine yet.
  5. Not sure why you had to make up a fake quote if you watched it? He mentioned “the smaller cruise lines” in a separate comment and did not specify that he was talking about NCL. He was talking about NCL in the first comment and it was specific to Florida, where they clearly are dwarfed by the number of Carnival and Royal Caribbean ships that home port in Florida. I understand the motivation of Del Rio in this flap...he wants to get his ships sailing ASAP, and demonstrate that it can be done safely. He will worry about having to walk back the vaccination requirement
  6. “Documentation of recovery includes paper or electronic documentation of a previous positive viral test dated no more than 90 days ago and a signed letter from a public health official that the person has been cleared to end isolation.” I read this as a prior natural infection must be within 90 days of sailing?
  7. I watched his press conference, where he addressed the topic. You obviously did not. He never stated “NCL was a 3rd rate cruise line”.
  8. Crystal can easily maintain its vaccine mandate. NCL Holdings can also do so for Regent and Oceania but it will have a very hard time filling 55,000 cabins on NCL ships with a mandate that will exclude families with children. Same goes for Disney, Carnival and many other lines.
  9. Good! Hope it’s a speedy process because this will help on the margins with some of the reluctant.
  10. I’m sorry to hear about your neighbor. But the issue of kids bringing home to adults, this EUA expansion is unlikely to Improve that from where we are currently with household transmission - every adult who wants a vaccine can already get one. Once they approve 12-15 year olds, the ones who will be getting it will be highly correlated with parents who have already gotten it. Those adults who have chosen not to vaccinate are almost certainly not likely to vaccinate their kids. I am praying that all goes well with this experiment.
  11. Wanted to add, I believe it would be appropriate for the EUA to be approved for the small number of kids in this age group who ARE at higher risk for complications from COVID. It could be life saving for them. And this smaller group would add to our safety data, even as the vaccine makers continue with their safety trials using normal protocols, rather than a blanket EUA.
  12. Yes, I believe it has been approved in Canada for that age group. However, unlike the US, they are still struggling to vaccinate their most vulnerable, which will mean they won’t be vaccinating this much younger population in huge numbers for quite some time. That won’t be the case in the US, where we have now have enormous supply and not nearly enough demand. According to polling, about 30% of parents say they will vaccinated their 12-16 year olds immediately, while the other 70% say they want to wait for more data, or not at all. 30% is still about 5 million kids. The main issue a
  13. The Pfizer EUA to expand the age to >12, which is expected to be approved next week, is based on the phase 3 trial data involving the vaccination of 1,129 12-15 year olds.
  14. Keith, I envy your blasé attitude towards vaccinating young children with a vaccine approved through an EUA. I am sure the >12 one will be granted, but it is based on trials with less than 1200 children. It most certainly doesn’t meet the EUA statutory requirement of: “Emergency Use Authorization in the US requires that an intervention address a serious or life-threatening condition, and for known and potential benefits of the intervention to be balanced against the known and potential harms.” The initial wave of immediate vaccinations in this age group will probabl
  15. So no children on cruise ships anymore? I know they aren’t a big part of Crystal or Regent’s business model, but what happens to Disney, Carnival, etc?
  16. “Beyond the Sea” is a personal favorite of ours, so it got our vote too!
  17. The observation period of this phase of the study was seven months. It’s an ongoing study. But the data does not support your contention that duration of natural immunity “is not necessarily very long”. Immunity from infection is similarly protective to that provided by the vaccine. Could we find out additional data in the future that changes that assessment? Yes. But that’s true of the vaccines as well. We don’t know how long vaccine induced immunity will last. But up until now, both natural immunity and vaccine induced immunity are preventing all but very rare reinfection/infection.
  18. Happy to. Large study from the U.K. in the Lancet. I’m screenshottimg the relevant (to this discussion) conclusion and here’s the link. https://www.thelancet.com/journals/lancet/article/PIIS0140-6736(21)00675-9/fulltext I find it baffling that so many are so resistant to the scientific reality that natural infection confers protection.
  19. We’ve had 150 million infections worldwide over the last 16 months. If reinfection was a common occurrence, we would know it. And there have been actual studies done, and they all have the same outcome - re-infections are rare. Then they usually throw in the caveat of but it’s just too soon to tell how long natural immunity will last. Well, that’s true of the immunity from the vaccines too. The CDC and public health officials are making a huge mistake (among many) of not addressing this head on, especially with the millions of healthy younger people who already have natural immunity
  20. Hospitals, nursing homes, and LTC facilities in the US are not requiring the COVID vaccination as a condition of employment at this time. I think the EUA is partly the reason for not mandating it as a condition of employment. Very underreported in the media, but there is a lot of vaccine hesitancy among large segments of healthcare workers. It’s doubtful that patriotism and political party are to blame. https://www.washingtonpost.com/context/washington-post-kff-frontline-health-care-workers-survey-feb-11-march-7-2021/ba15a233-9495-47a9-9cdd-e7fa1578b1ca/
  21. It’s more than “several countries”, it is 80% of the world. And that 80% is not “some type of level”. It the highest level. We are probably at an inflection point, as far as vaccine demand. All the data points to it. To chose to emphasize these warnings now is going to be very counter productive.
  22. I think we had a similar approach - we are a tiny bit younger and have no risk factors for COVID. We didn’t do any international traveling and we couldn’t do a lot of the things we normally do, but we didn’t stay home. When restaurants reopened last May, I think we went out to dinner every night for a couple of weeks! We’ve also always been mindful of not wanting to expose more vulnerable friends/family and respectful of (and helpful to) those who choose to be isolated. We did a few quarantines based on having direct exposures to positive cases. I donated blood in January, hoping maybe I had
  23. Most of my friends and acquaintances who have been vaccinated had few side effects, but the ones who have had the most are those who already had the virus. Anecdotal, I know. And thankfully, nothing serious for anyone. i do think it makes zero sense for prior infection with resulting antibodies not to “count” as immunity for the purpose of cruising. It would make an interesting legal challenge as well.
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