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  1. Explorer correct? Galveston to Miami without stopping in the ABC Islands is a PVSA violation. They are selling October 31st cruises from San Juan now so I don't see how they can end in Miami on 10/31 and sail from San Juan the same day. I suspect they aren't finished making changes.
  2. CL is exactly where Izumi is on Lady G.
  3. DL is in that lofted area above the bar. Looking forward, from the top of ramp that heads to CL and DL entrances. DL up to the left. CL DL had a lot of people in it so I skipped pictures and never got back with my camera.
  4. Photos still on the website! https://www.royalcaribbean.com/cruise-ships/oasis-of-the-seas/things-to-do/diamond-club First one is Q class, but next two...
  5. The biggest take away for me is asking questions you might not otherwise have an opportunity to ask.
  6. Typical CYA verbiage. In normal times not all cruises would be eligible for points. Employees get special fares for family. Travel agents sometimes use special fares at deep discounts, unmodified free casino cruises don't normally get points. Charters don't always result in points depending on the contract. If they didn't include verbiage like this than it might appear ALL cruise fares would get double points.
  7. In these crazy times anything is possible. If Royal does need to scrap another ship one that has no future bookings is surely on that list.
  8. We can get back on topic if you'd prefer. How many full suites on RD class? And of those how many are occupied by D+ or P? There will be always be certain itinerary that are elite heavy and result in D+ overloading the CL, but for the typical RD class sailing the CL can accommodate D+. Alaska doesn't realize a lot of elite heavy RD class sailings. With two such ships in Alaska in 2021 there should be no issue having D+ in the CL on most sailings. With RD assuming a 9/5 Florida based cycle into 2022 you know many P will prefer the abundance of CK enabled ships based in Florida leaving room for D+ to enjoy the CL. When Serenade was in Florida D+ were allowed in the CL on most sailings. With Americans banned from Europe or choosing to stay closer to home in 2021 the D+ crowd in Europe should have pretty good access to any Europe based CL in 2021, even on Anthem. Where Vision class will struggle with D+ access to CL is in America especially if they drop rates or load them up with casino comps which are like moths to the flame for many top elite casino players. Most Vision class CL's are tiny without overflowing into the VCL. Enchantment is the exception and only decent CL of this class.
  9. Once again, I got a lump of coal from this promo. Oh how I could have used it in 2019... You really needed a "Does nothing for me" category to capture the true picture of what this promo means to CC users.
  10. Full suites don't get you any more points over a JS. 😇
  11. I had the 60% 2nd guest yesterday and even today CAS discounts aren't working on the canal cruise. When Allure in Galveston itineraries first loaded within the 1st hour of those appearing I booked Star Class suites with all discounts working. I have no idea why this cruise doesn't have all discounts working yet. Maybe trying to catch early birds and hope they don't notice.
  12. Just had a thought... How will Super Mario make out with this 2x promo?
  13. And more on the way with 2x points. Maybe they need another level above 700. 🤣
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