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  1. I think the "MyTime" drinks including any drink, any bar is a huge improvement. Hoping this becomes long term. If this was about cost cutting they'd simply card for same old cheapo DL drinks. Unlimited booze was never in the terms and conditions for the program. They could very easily count DL drinks against the three "coupons" and not change any terms, conditions, perks or published benefits of the CAS.
  2. The question is... will this approach allow direct bookings by the public at the same time as TAs?
  3. I've always thought it odd to compare current ships to something that is arguably the best known disaster in the maritime industry. "Look how much bigger we are compared to this ship that couldn't stay afloat".
  4. A direct repo without guests would save about 10 days compared to what Spectrum did and that's without Spectrum's two extra Singapore cruises. If you include those they'd save 17 days.
  5. I've stayed in 1598 on Navigator. Didn't hear a thing from above. Never thought about it.
  6. Either way 35 days either includes a dry dock and canal transit or a non-revenue Cape Horn. That means Cape Horn revenue cruise doesn't look like it's going to happen.
  7. Is Nov. 19 the first "inaugural"? If so, that's 35 days from the last Miami cruise.
  8. Starting to see something, but can't book just yet. Ship = Navigator, Port = Los Angeles Shows months like there should be something but nothing appears.
  9. By not taking any guests she can get to her home port in China faster. It will be interesting to see if they offer any guest voyages before her debut in China.
  10. So far they have been willing to accommodate many of my requests to change ship and sail date beyond any published terms and conditions. Pick a desired alternate then call and ask. It never hurts to ask.
  11. Yes but reading the actual CARB regulation yields other options above the general FAQs. I suspect Royal worked with the board to optimize a new plan and discovered an incentive or motivation to have some 2021 visits which led to the new deployment plan. Once into 2022 they'll use the five visit per year rule to optimize the 2022 calendar and visit a shipyard on the west coast to get it done. Until we see the details it's all speculation.
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