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  1. If a heavy rain storm hits the ship during the exam you may lose contact. Satellite internet isn't perfect by any stretch. Some proctor systems want to see a live feed from your webcam the whole time. If all goes well it could work, or it might not.
  2. Getting back to your question. Majesty has a lot going for it, but... I ran into another D+ who has roughly the same points as me so cruise resume is pretty equal. I met her on Empress while we both were doing B2Bs. Despite O3b Voom, a proper Diamond event, bigger ship, Ben & Jerry's ice cream, etc. we both agreed we miss Empress. We both have more Majesty sailings in our future but I know if Royal gave me the chance to swap at zero cost I'd probably go to Empress and I suspect she would do the same. Despite all the wonderful things about Majesty and her being a bigger ship with more on paper, Empress has a bigger heart. We both found it easier to connect with other cruisers on Empress and we both feel like Majesty suffers in this regard, a side effect that comes with being bigger even if it isn't a mega ship. If connecting with other cruisers isn't your thing this changes the equation. Empress is definitely smaller but that makes her easy to navigate as well. The smokey casino is a big turn off on Majesty but that's a personal thing. I'll probably book Majesty in NOLA simply because I enjoy sailing from NOLA so I'm not writing Majesty off by any stretch but there's something about Empress that is really attractive to me. Her NE and Canada 2020 itineraries are better in my opinion.
  3. Add CocoCay to the list for real O3b Voom. Work from Captain Jacks, why not? :) Something to keep in mind regardless of real or fake Voom. They both come down off the satellite in Miami where it connects to the actual internet. If Miami has bad weather like strong storms Voom for all ships will be bad at that moment, even a ship is a thousand miles away in sunny skies. Also, O3b only works at +/- 70° latitude so when ships like Ovation are in Alaska they aren't using O3b and the old satellites have very poor coverage that far North.
  4. I used to entertain the DX once in a while using the D+ discount on board. Sometimes I tired of the happy hour menu. With the recent DX price hikes I will be learning to live with the happy hour menu and a hybrid approach. My strategy now is buy a few as I go, use my 20% off and BOGO C&A coupons to further this strategy and just accept a $80-$90 bar bill for a 6-8 night cruise. Between happy hour drinks, a few purchased drinks, some top tier drinks and C&A wines in my stateroom it's way cheaper than the DX. It was almost like I was either all in with DX or all out and avoiding buying anything. Now I just order what I want during the day mindful it costs money (as does the DX) and once happy hour comes along I'm already feeling good so there is no need to binge drink in the DL. The DL is good for some bottled water for my cabin too so I've got water covered in this approach. With the price hikes the DX is getting too expensive for me.
  5. Everyone has reasons for everything they do. It's not an issue for me, I can barely stand lunch and dinner in a specialty restaurant - it's too much food, but to each their own. Royal offers multiple entrees in the verbiage so for those have room, order away, for now.
  6. D+ is the magic level to start them. Normally they don't always offer multiple CAS bonus on sailings less than 7 days so I was surprised to get two for being over 340. https://dlxffu6hwewxp.cloudfront.net/cas/wp-content/uploads/2018/08/18063159_CAS_MemberBonus_Amenity_List_v3.pdf
  7. Fernando my cabin attendant dropped off a letter this morning. We have to be processed by CBP tomorrow morning in Key West. A disadvantage of not having Key West as our first stop like I had on Empress recently is that this marks our return to the U.S. after being out of the country at foreign ports so the whole ship has to be processed. Based on our muster stations we all have a designated lounge to visit to see a CBP agent. Mine is the Spectrum Lounge at 8:15am.
  8. Day 4 - Sea Day On our way to Key West tomorrow. First an Ocean View sunrise. Bridge tour this morning. Bridge wing. Not a bad break room. Best view on the ship.
  9. On my way to my cabin after taking the stargazing pictures I came in off of deck 7 and saw... So which way is the exit? Maybe it's just me in my happy hour induced state that found this humorous. Speaking of drinking, they're multiplying. Jorge the GSM who followed me over from Empress sent me a bottle of wine. Combined with the two from Crown and Anchor I've got a lot of drinking to do starting tomorrow, day 4 of a 5 night cruise.
  10. There is a lot going on around the ship but I'll be back soon enough so I'm not doing the ship's entertainment staff justice. I'll post the Cruise Compasses once I get home to scan them in properly. Outside for a walk on the Promenade deck there were a lot of stars visible. That made me pull out my night sky photography app and see where the Milky Way might be tonight. Sure enough... Majesty has these shelves along the forward section of the Promenade deck that worked great for my little tripod. While we were well past sunset the long exposure catches enough light coming over the horizon to make it look like a sunset. The lights of a city were on the horizon to starboard. The big dipper was very prominent tonight. It stood out more with the naked eye compared to this 10 second exposure. In this one I caught a passing airplane with it's strobe light flashing every second. For this one I setup on the floor of the deck trying to get into the shade of those Windjammer lights. In the darkness of the forward deck I got some strange looks as random guests walking past were wondering what I was doing crouched down low in the dark. Oh well, all in the name of taking a picture. All in all not bad. Majesty like Empress is also a good ship for stargazing with it's dark forward Promenade deck.
  11. Here is the aft section of the Viking Crown Lounge that's open to the public while the forward half is used for Diamond happy hour. A rain storm was just moving off so the ship and any guests who didn't see it coming while on CocoCay had the salt washed off them. Navigator arrived first and left first to the two ships following along on their whistles. Shortly after it was our turn to depart. Having been sitting for a while enjoying bottomless drinks at the Diamond event I was motivated to get up and move. I saw a hint of a sunset so decided to check it out. Again not much of a sunset but there is always tomorrow.
  12. I can’t answer this question. I have a “no bad cruise” philosophy. What ever ship I’m on is my favorite, right now. I honestly believe everyone can have a great cruise on any ship with the proper expectations. Random musings... Majesty is dated in places. However it’s also less expensive but suites cost more on Majesty. Empress received some serious TLC before coming back into the fleet. Majesty feels like a bigger ship than Empress. Spoiler alert, it is a bigger ship. The nightly Diamond event is great on Majesty. The downside is that people form groups much like in DLs across the fleet. You are either in or you are out. It was easier to meet people on Empress during happy hour. Note to self: Just go to the Schooner Bar tomorrow during happy hour. There is something about Empress that is very appealing if you can get past the smallest cabins in the fleet. O3b internet on Majesty is a win. If Empress had O3b this would make her very appealing. No specialty dining on Majesty. Saving money this week. Smokey casino on Majesty vs. smoke free on Empress. Saving more money this week. Empress is easier to navigate. Majesty is disjointed but not bad, you just need to think about it before just going somewhere. Have I lost you yet?
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