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  1. Many thanks to BlueHerons for keeping us informed. We are currently sailing in Europe aboard Celebrity Reflection (we left since August 11), and have been monitoring Dorian’s path as we live in a barrier island in Boca. Several CC members will be flying out either Orlando or Fort Lauderdale this weekend to catch flights for Amsterdam for their September 6 sailing. We get our info from Tropical Tidbits.
  2. Enjoy your great cruise! I should have looked up the sea scanner website to find out where beautiful Millie is. We are currently on the Edge - our first time - (btb HOS) and it really is a marvelous ship. It’s wonderful to know that Millie is still great. Thanks for your great advice on not to squeeze Xi’an during the 3-day Beijing excursion. I’ll contact u when u return to the US, around the time our cruise ends (on 4/14) at our home port, FLL, as we live in Boca, 1/2 hour away.
  3. Sippican, Hope you had a great cruise. We booked last year a March 2020 cruise from Shanghai to Yokohama aboard Millie. Since we have already been to Shanghai in 2017 and did all the excursions there, we are thinking of doing a pre-cruise to Xi’an, like you did. Did you arrive in Shanghai first and take the China Highlights excursion to Xi’an or did you fly directly to Xi’an? How many days did you spend in Xi’an? How did you like Les Suites Orient Bund in Shanghai? Did you use private airport and port transfers in Shanghai or did you use taxis? We are also thinking of using China Highlights for our 2 nights, 3 days in Beijing. I read in old roll calls that someone did an excursion to Xi’an on the 2nd day in Beijing of the 3 days excursion in Beijing while managing to see the Great Wall, Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden City. Do you think this is advisable? We are in the midst of planning and have not yet booked any flights until we have sorted out our itinerary, hopefully soon, as the March 2020 flights will open by the end of this month. Thank you very much in advance for sharing your experience. My email is kimdally2002 at yahoo dot com. I don’t like to sidetrack the original topic and would like to send you a message, but there’s no way to do so on CC.
  4. Please read above post # 46 where I wrote specific instructions on how to get a complimentary transfer between terminals for RCCL ships. Ours was seamless and the wait was reasonable, within 15 mins. Make sure to fill in the departure requests form, drop off in the box by the guest services desk (not to the concierge or the room attendant), disembark the ship by 9 am and let the dispatcher (located by the Suites sign) know of your presence. She will do her utmost to get you on the right bus.
  5. From our experience on 4/7/19 For RCL ships only, to transfer between terminals at port Everglades and/or port Miami, 1) fill in the Departure Requests Form that is sent to your cabin on the 2nd day. Select option 4. Do this immediately. Drop it off in the box by the Guest Services desk (don’t hand in to your cabin attendant or to concierge). This is important. This information will be entered into the RCL system. 2) on the disembarkation day, as soon as you exit Customs (by 9 am), turn right where all the buses park, look for a RCL agent with a list of the transferring passengers at the dispatcher booth (by the Suites sign). Your name should be on the list. 3) Around 9:30 am, the dispatcher notified that the transfer bus arrived and dropped us off at 9:40 am at terminal 25 where the Edge ship is docked.
  6. Thanks for posting the map showing the new quay and distance to downtown. We’ll take the local bus.
  7. We will be taking a cruise aboard Celebrity Reflection on August 25, 2019 and need advice on how to go downtown on each of these three ports. We took this same cruise 15 years ago and remembered that we could walk from the ports in Stockholm and Copenhagen, and took a paid ship’s shuttle from the Helsinki port. Ships often change ports. Wonder we can still do the same. Thanks
  8. Thank you to all who posted comments and advice. They’re very helpful.
  9. I think doing what Teerick advised above is best: contact Guest Services onboard. Since Celebrity and RCCL are under the same corporate family, I’m sure that they will help us out.
  10. TeeRick, thank you for telling me your experience. We will be in a suite on Harmony and will ask our suite concierge to contact Guest Services.
  11. That’s why I’m concerned about getting into a cab as the fare is not much compared to the fare to the airport or further away. They could drop me at the wrong port, requiring me to walk. We will be lucky getting on the direct crew shuttle bus and don’t mind using the ship’s airport bus.
  12. Thank you all for taking your precious time to answer my question. I did a bit more research and this is what I found. There is indeed a crew shuttle that will take passengers between terminals as 4Suzyq mentioned above (a courtesy to passengers). I will need to contact a concierge at HOTS when we’re about to disembark. While I’m on HOTS, I’ll enquire exactly when the crew shuttle leaves. Many had used it very smoothly but one couple passenger from HOTS (terminal 18) missed it and were directed to a different shuttle (must be one that passengers paid for airport transfers) that dropped passengers off at each terminal at the FLL airport before looping back and dropping them off at Freedom (terminal 29). It’s not the end of the world but it could have been a 5-minute ride instead of an hour. I’ll report back how I’ll transfer between terminals.
  13. 4Suzyq: I’ll enquire the Port of Everglades about the bus service between ships.Thank you. bilyclub: Thank you for showing us the pedestrian path between ships. We looked up Google Earth and it did show the sidewalks. As I said above, we have light carryons and lots of time before embarkation.
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