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  1. You might also look at Dancing Bear Tours. We used them for two days. They were excellent and took care of everything incl visas.
  2. Why the devil should those of us who hold bookings not be notified of this change by Viking, and not via the Cruise Critic rumor mill? Viking may be getting too big for its britches!
  3. Prior to a recent cruise, though not with Viking, my wife and I booked a two-day St. Petersburg private tour through Dancing Bear Tours. We were extremely pleased with their service, in making arrangements and during the two days. Both our amazing guide and a driver were waiting for us just outside customs each morning. Customs, by the way, had all needed information from Dancing Bear and greeted us as expected friends. Having both a driver and a guide allowed the guide to escort us everywhere and, by communication, the driver was always waiting for us at the door ready to transport us to the next venue. Yes , it cost more than anything offered by the cruise, but having a knowledgeable guide, fluent in English, all to ourselves, made this experience worth every $ and then some.
  4. Thanks Mr. Beans for the informative post. We are taking our first VO cruise this summer. Yo do cause me concern when you say, " a couple of times in World Cafe where we had to circle a couple of times to get a table." Please tell me if you had to wait for tables in the Restaurant also and if there was a problem with queues elsewhere. Many thanks.
  5. My wife and I will be taking our first Viking cruise this summer so I can't make comparisons. However, we have cruised with Windstar, with about 1/3 the number of guests as Viking, and have not seen any children, although they are permitted. We have also sailed numerous times on Star Clipper's much smaller ships which included children who were extremely well behaved, polite, quiet and a joy to have on board - never more than a few and always with European families. You may well like the Windstar yachts.
  6. Thanks Heidi13. Though not well put, my concern is if she does arrive at 8 will we be able to disembark in time to make it to the parking lot by 9. Would we have to wait until ship tout participants disembarked before we could. Again, thanks.
  7. We will arrive Sete on the Star on July 17 reportedly at 8:00 AM and would like to take local tour which leaves the parking area at 9:00 AM. Before committing with a payment, can anyone advise if we should anticipate being able to make it by 9:00 ? Thanks
  8. Thank you so very much. We are booked for July and planning. Your help is appreciated.
  9. Peregrina651, I would like very much to have your take and suggestions on the ports in addition to Barcelona mentioned above ( Marseille, Monaco, Livrono, Rome and Naples. Montpelier ). Thanks
  10. I could come up with 101 questions, but I'll go with only 4: Was the MDR consistently open for breakfast? What is the aprox. depth of the two pools? Where and for what were their queues (lines)? Did you consider the service in the MDR to be proper? Thanks.
  11. Many thanks BruceB. This is encouraging. I'll now know not to plan early morning tours.
  12. Thanks Marykatesmom. I just like being served. Please be good enough to tell me the extent to which the Main Dining Room is open for breakfast. Some posts say it opens at 8:00, others say it seldom opens at all. Many thanks for your help.
  13. We would like to depart as early as possible, without having breakfast. Will we be able to do this if we carry our bags (two carry-ons) ? Should this be pre-arranged?Thanks.
  14. Has anyone had a pre or post cruise extension canceled by Viking? If so, please advise of the timing and consequences . Thanks.
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