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  1. FYI I had no problem getting my customary glass of fresh milk for breakfast, in any venue, on a recent Med cruise; with choice of whole, 2%, or skim.
  2. I believe that ships in excess of 100,000 tonnes are to be restricted.
  3. In addition to the $500 there was the normal "Booking Discount," plus past guest discount ($200 pp) and air discount ($400 pp). OBC of $200 pp (booked within 2 wks of last cruise). Very good air fare.
  4. Here is the answer from Viking: vikingguestservices <vikingguestservices@vikingcruises.com> 6:12 PM (49 minutes ago) Yes the credit not used prior to cruise will transfer over to on-board credit. On-board credit can be used for: Shore-Excursions Beverage Packages Onboard services (Spa, Beauty Shop etc. where offered) Gift shops Bar items purchased that are not part of “included” complimentary beverages Onboard Vouchers (if offered on the sailing-not all sailings offer the vouchers for purchase) Pre-paid gratuities for onboard staff (River & Oceans) Local Guides and drivers would need to be tipped separately in cash. Unused SBC can be applied toward gratuities onboard the ship. Warm Regards Easton A.
  5. Thanks Peregrina. I have sent the following to Viking. We'll see what they say. Your help in clarifying the use of “Promotional Amenity SBC Voucher” would be appreciated. If I were to purchase no shorex and no beverage packages prior to boarding, would the “SBC” be credited to my on board account and if so for what could it be used ? Thank you.
  6. 1. Yes, direct with Viking but don't know if had to. Did not use TA. 2. ??? 3. There were additional discounts and OBC.
  7. “standard OBC” as I understand it can only be used on board. What is shown here will evidently be used up for excursions and/or beverages packages ordered through MVJ before boarding. My question is, will any, or all, of this not used before boarding be available for anything or only beverages packages or excursions on board?
  8. With a very recent booking we received “Promotional Amenity SBC Vouchers” with the notation, “ Promotional Amenity SBC Vouchers can be used towards shore excursions and beverage packages.” When I look at MVJ a box pops up saying: You Have Shipboard Credit You have a total of $400.00 to use toward shore excursions. Credit will be applied at checkout and must be used for this cruise. Unused credit will be available once you embark the ship. Right or wrong, I am assuming that the word “Voucher” makes this different from a standard OBC. Evidently this credit will be used for purchases of excursions or beverage packages made on MVJ with any remainders charged to ones credit card. If this is not used, or only partially used, before boarding the ship, I again assume the remainder will be available on board. Will this remainder simply be credited to ones account or will it still be available only for excursions and beverage packages? I would appreciate enlightenment from anyone who has had experience with this.
  9. If lobster isn't as meaningful to you as to others, lobster night in The Restaurant might be a good time to grab a Manfredi's table as many cancel reservations there to head for The Restaurant.
  10. Schedule is out for the 2021 15-day Panama and Central America, Miami to Miami cruises.
  11. Just booked a December 2020 cruise and got discount of $500 pp along with others. Good deal!
  12. No. They simply used the remainder as only two glasses had been poured from it. It was one of the premium selections. I don't fault Viking for doing this. My point was that the quality of the wines available with the Silver packaging is no better than those being offered as regulars. The wines offered only by the bottle are much better and much more expensive.
  13. With regard to the Silver drinks package and wine selection, it was interesting to note on our recent cruise on The Star that on our first night in The Restaurant I took advantage of the package and ordered an Old Vine Zinfandel from the list, definitely not the wine being offered that night. However, when leaving the dining room I noticed some folks at a nearby table whom we knew from our pre-cruise extension. As I stopped to say hello, our waiter was offering the remains of my Zin as their complimentary ( non Silver) red. A few nights later we were served a pleasant white as one of our “Premium” selections in the Chef's Table. Liking it, I asked the next night, in The Restaurant, if it might be available. Our waiter chuckled and said that it was being offered as their regular selection that evening. It became evident that the premium selections of wines, with the Silver package, were no different in quality than the regular offerings, and are limited to the few wines on the list being offered for $6.00 per glass. True, you have the advantage of a selection. The Silver package certainly has other advantages including negating the $25 pp charge in the Chef's Table. I got my value in Maker's Marks. If, however, wine is important to you, I would suggest buying it by the bottle on or off the ship.
  14. Taxis are available at the various cruise ship terminals. We recently used taxis from Terminal C where the Star docked. I would estimate 30 – 40 € from there to La Sagrada Familia. Our drivers knew little or no English. Best to have your destination written on a card for them. Yes there were shuttles to near the Columbus Monument.
  15. I appreciate your observations. You are absolutely right about the difference in mileage. We had one lunch and two breakfasts in the World Cafe, no diners. This is just not my cup of tea. For me service is every bit as important as food quality and preparation. I no more want to serve myself on a cruise than I would want to make the bed and vacuum the cabin. You are also right with regard to arriving early for the extension, however, in our case Rome to Perugia was a two hour (300€ ) trip and I was not advised of this option by the Viking rep.
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