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  1. I'll be on that prime cruise too! Thanks for the fun review - im all about the food, loved it!
  2. So, middle of the afternoon, there aren't any places to get anything "naughty"? That's no fun on a cruise!
  3. This is so fun to follow along with you - thank you so much for doing this. That benedict looked AMAZING. I might have to consider Virgin Voyages for the food alone!!!
  4. It's cruise day!!! Crossing my fingers everything goes well today for you!!
  5. Those tacos look amazing! I'm very much looking forward to my next trip to miami (which is ...over a year from now 🙄) and doing some sightseeing - i haven't really gotten a chance to in the past! Have a great trip, Sid!
  6. While I'm VERY excited to read your review (dying to know what special stuff they give to you first sailors!) I can't believe that they are downgrading your cabin!!!? *****?! Fingers crossed everything else goes smoothly!
  7. I'm excited to read your review!!! Yay for returning to cruises!
  8. I'm guessing you aren't on the Encore (unless you mean March of NEXT year) as she's doing an Eastern Caribbean From March 8-15? The Escape, maybe?
  9. Can't wait to read more! I think epic is my next ship to check out 🙂
  10. Fun reading your review! Will definitely check back for updates!
  11. Hey Caz, how would that work then? I'm new to cruising NCL - if you saw a balcony come within reach, would you then cancel your current, even though you're ostensibly paid in full?
  12. Great review! Thanks for this. Im considering a smaller ship for an anniversary cruise with hubby - he's never cruised and is very nervous lol. Nice to see all a smaller ship has to offer! What is the website you use for the day pass? Im going in March on the encore, but have a super late flight back home from fort Lauderdale. Thanks!
  13. I'm so glad I booked my studio on the same floor as the lounge then!! LOL - my first time is coming up in march!
  14. That is bonkers! So scary! I wonder what they're going to do with all the passengers on Glory??
  15. I had to call twice....the first person I talked to had no idea what to do and couldn't figure out how to do what I wanted. The second day I called, the woman was very nice, and although she had never done it before, she did manage to make it happen! We'll see if I actually have it when i get to the ship!
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