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  1. You will get the port charges credited back. You need to call them and let them know.
  2. 5:45 or 8:00 We are leaning towards late dinning for all the above reasons BUT we like the shows and if the shows are 7:00 & 9:00 on most nites we will have to go to the show first then to dinner which is a little strange for us since we usually do the opposite on a cruise. We usual so anytime dinning but it's a zoo and they give you terrible table for two's when you are practically sitting 2 inches from other people and it's awkward.
  3. So if we picked late dinning we would go to the 7:00 show. What is there to do after we are done with dinner? I'm not sure I like going to a show before I eat dinner. When you do fixed it is a better dinning experience than mytime dinning which we usually get.
  4. Not sure which one to pick for our upcoming 10 Southern Carib cruise in Jan 2020. What time are the shows? Early seems too early and Late seems too late. We are two people and anytime dinning is always frustrating getting a table for two and waiting if we go at 6:30. I am leaning to Late but I read that we will miss out on shows if we do late. Please advise. THANKS
  5. you can see the ocean from these balconies when you stand up. The boats jut out level with the floor so you can't see straight down.
  6. Probably not. You get 7 different answers from guest services. If your bill is 3000.00 they sure will take the gift cards for payment to settle your account. Gift cards are currency.
  7. You can do either. They give you zone 1 or 2 luggage tags and you meet in the dinning room at around 7:30 when the ship clears they call self assist first then the people in the dinning room get told to walk off the ship. We were off by 08:00 and luggage was there waiting.
  8. I think they are skipping grand turk and heading to Port Canaveral tonite to keep ahead of the storm. I thought someone would be checking Cruise Critic from the ship. They are in for a bumpy ride more than us.
  9. Wow no info...I know the ship is in St Thomas today...
  10. Looking to see if the Breeze has switched itineary. I am on the Breeze on saturday departure out of port canaveral
  11. When things like this happen you need to let them know!!!! Go to guest services and offer feedback and use the survey and the end of the cruise. If no one tells them how can they at least try to improve the service. I hate to be negative while on my cruise but I do make them aware of issues that are happening so that they can attempt to fix it. Some issues are ship related some are corporate related either way we as customers need to tell them or we won't create any change.
  12. I looked at John Held FB page and did not see it
  13. Yes your cabin mate will get DOU. Casino cash is used in the casino. OBC can be used anywhere including the casino.
  14. I read somewhere it was Country Roads and Flick or 88 keys
  15. It's a warm water tail and not worth it!!!
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