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    Review of 9/3 Pride of America

    We have cruised NCL many times and have always had a great experience on all their ships, food, entertainment, choices of everything to please just about everyone. Room size doesn't matter when you're going to such a great place as Hawaii, so we didn't pay too much attention when booking this cruise BUT......had I read all these reviews, I would NOT go on PoAm! We cruised to Alaska on NCL Sky and the ship TIPPED and we had a hugh catastrophy with several people hurt, etc. and NCL gave us all a free cruise, called to check how we were doing after the cruise was over, etc. After all that, we STILL had no problem cruising 2 more times with NCL. This Pride of America must be their "dark step child" of ships. I AM however, determined to have a great time on this cruise on 1-14-06 cruse date. (Maybe I am an optimist, but I have faith they will get their act together Prior to the end of the year! Better hurry!:o
  2. I think I just subscribed to your thread so maybe it will hook together now? Anyway, we are ging on 1-14-06 also to Hawaii on PoAm.
  3. gjboett

    Questions about PoAm cruise

    Thanks for the reply. I am totally new to this so any help is very much appreciated!
  4. gjboett

    Questions about PoAm cruise

    Hi. Great to hear from a fellow shipmate. Have you sailed this ship before? How about NCL? How many in your party? Just the 2 of us here this time. Jake and Gloria. Keep in touch and if you hear anythiny good or bad, let us know. Have you booked any excursions?
  5. How can we thank you enough for such a thorough review! It is by far the most informative, encouraging and helpful review I have ever read. Also very interestig reading too! THANK YOU! Will definitely take your advice on several of the things you covered. We sail January 14, 06 and look forward to hearing form anyone else on that sailing. Many of our concerns have been laid to rest and we will keep checking for more positive feedback until we cruise. We have cruised NCL 4 times before and have enjoyed all of them, more so that RC. Again, thank you!
  6. Not very encuraging abut the ship. I thought they would have ironed out those issues by now. We would also beinterested in knowing your cabin to see if we are going to be near there. Thanks so much about the other info on the locale. We sail 1-14-06 so hopefully things will be better! Hawaii Bound!:)
  7. gjboett

    Questions about PoAm cruise

    [size=3]Thanks for your quick response. I just joined the cruise critic board yesterday and am getting familiar with what is out there. I went to the site you suggested and read them. Thanks.[/size] [size=3][/size] [size=3]Now, anyone out there going on the same cruise as we are? Jan 14th? Would like to hear from some of you if so. Thanks, and can't wait!:p [/size] [size=3][/size] [size=3]Also, how do you put all that stuff at the bottom of these? :confused: [/size]
  8. We are booked for Hawaii on January 14th, 2006 on Pride of America and have been hearing horror stories :( about the service and the long waits at the dining rooms. Anyone out there sailing recently on this ship to Hawaii, we would greatlly appreciate you opinions, observatons, etc. We will be in cabin 9539. Any pictures would be helpful also. We booked this cruise while on another cruise in Alaska to get the great rate but now am wondering if we made a mistake. Thanks!:)