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  1. Enjoyed them on my Panama Canal transit back in November. Here's a clip of the Rolling Stones "Satisfaction" 20191110_200745.mp4
  2. Ask for Gin or Vodka with soda water and add lemon or lime.
  3. That would be like upgrading to a balcony stateroom and not allowed access to use the balcony.
  4. Studio just dropped to $1399. Click all the way through to see updated price.
  5. Waterfront on deck 8 is a good place to view the Statue of Liberty. The bridge is best viewed forward and as high as you can get.
  6. UBP, 21 days adds $440 in tips. Still the best perk for me.
  7. Right now there is still a single supplement. By current double pricing, I was referring to the per person price of 2 in a cabin. They might drop the supplement but probably not till the last 2 weeks. By waiting you still have to contend with airfare and hotel rates. Booking a studio, yes has 1 perk, but you will not be able to bid on an upgrade. I would rather be able to bid, but that's me. 5 meal SDP is only $155 to purchase.
  8. Many that booked early were upgraded as prices came down. So those previous booked lower category cabins are now available. The lowest I have seen solo cabins listed was $1499. Usually, I would rather book an inside category as a solo, since that would give me the opportunity to bid on an upgrade. You may want to look at the current double pricing as a guideline, with the expectation that they will drop the single supplement completely as the cruise date get closer.
  9. If you are too lazy to click the link: Guests must be at least 18 years of age to receive treatments or utilize the spa facilities unless participating in the kids or teens program. Most salon services are available to guests of all ages. Fitness facilities are not available to minor guests. Please see restrictions posted outside of the Fitness Center.
  10. That 14 day Hawaii & French Polynesia cruise on the Jewel they are offering is definitely one on my bucket list. That would be a great anniversary trip. I would try to make that one work.
  11. Usually it's from the soda gun on the bar. Probably depends on which bar.
  12. Also, Do you realize that Balcony Cat BF for a solo is now only $1124 with all perks, Cat BX $974 no perks
  13. Doing a mock booking there are still 15+ solo cabins available, so there is a good chance prices will come down.. However, I would book as a solo Inside (Cat ID) also with 1 perk, currently its $899. (sail away cat IX with no perks is $749). This will also give you the opportunity to participate in the upgrade offers. Be aware that there are 15+ inside rooms available too. With all that said, since you are from NY and do not need flights, I would just wait it out. With all that availability prices will drop.
  14. Prices have tripled? No way. I've seen the same prices as cruisemom42 for the past few years now. Are you going to Rome city center or port? 65€ sounds more like a shared transfer price to Civitavecchia.
  15. Dorian is expected to be sitting off the Mid-Atlantic comes Friday. After following the Breakaway this past week, it will be interesting to see how NCL will handle this one. Wishing a safe voyage to all.
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