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  1. Saw Beau Tahana on the escape a few years ago and this was the best entertainment on any ship any time great musician , singer , comedian and audience participation was really high Jim Badger was on the Joy but is now on the Encore , just average, dated humour same jokes repeated nightly just off the Joy and saw António - just background music and singing. Poor audience involvement.
  2. Just off the Joy today . Vancouver to LA In reply to my earlier query , just a few bits of interest to those who may want to do this itinerary in the future The ship had no passengers when arriving at around 7am, and as such the embarkation process was super easy. We arrived at the port around 10am , there was just ourselves and another couple dropping our luggage off .Boarding had began , so Just a stroll through security and check in and straight on the ship - 5 minutes in total . The staterooms were ready and we dropped off our hand luggage . As we were due to be in Vancouver for 20+ hours , we were pleased to find that we were not charged sales/port tax on our drinks . The canadian port laws only allow for one bar to be open per deck whilst in port , but Norwegian handled this really well , with the venues Eg the cavern , Q , the district etc remaining open and entertainment still being on. If you wanted a drink then you either walked to the one bar that was open or a member of the wait staff would go for you . Closed is not closed ! The US customs were carried out in San Francisco and held us up .we were eventually off the ship at 12.30 after a two hour wait in line .
  3. Hi, I’ve got a boarding begins time of 12.00 . is this generally accurate ? Or do they generally they begin boarding early if possible ? thanks
  4. Hi, Will we be able to drop off the smaller size “cabin bags” with the porters (they will have tags) ? Or is it just the full size bags they take ? thank you
  5. Hi , how was the one bar per deck rule in Vancouver managed ? Were venues closed ? Was there a state/sales tax on drinks while in port in Vancouver ? What was the % charged ? Thanks
  6. Hi my son is travelling with us , he has his own cabin and drinks package , he’s 25 . but I want to put my credit card on both cabins and use the same card . Will this work ? I can only enter cards for people actually in the cabin at online check in ? thanks
  7. Hi, sorry if my question wasn’t clear . I’m embarking in Vancouver in a few months and we’ve got a late departure . I was hoping that the venues would be open eg on deck 8 it appears that the restaurant bar is the designated open bar . So therefore the cavern, the district, sugarcane etc will all be closed ? I was hoping that there would just be no bar service in these venues but that you could still sit in them and even see some of the musicians that these venues have on other evenings .
  8. Hi, I can see from the daily that whilst in Victoria , the ship was allowed to only operate one bar per deck . How was this ? Were other venues “open” but without a functioning bar ? Was there entertainment on in all the venues ? Did the wait staff do regular bar runs from the open venues ? Thanks for your great review and sorry for all the questions !
  9. I’ve read that only one bar per deck can be open while docked in Vancouver ? Has anyone embarked in Vancouver on an NCL ship ? Was this the case ? If so how did NCL manage the drinks package and entertainment etc ? Did you pay sales tax on drinks whilst docked in Vancouver ?
  10. Thanks for your reply . Santa Monica it is . Do you know which hotels will hold our luggage , I’ll get the Uber to drop us there . Is there a specific spot in San Pedro where the Uber picks up ?
  11. Hi Hoping to disembark around 9- 9.30 , looking for somewhere to either leave luggage and stroll around or find an area where we can relax . Need to be in LAX for 3pm . Happy to take public transport or Ubers etc . Any thoughts ? Cheers Dave
  12. Thanks for the info guys , really helpful . While we are talking about Vancouver , there is some talk of restricted bar opening while in port . Is this the case on all ships? How do NCL manage 3500 passengers looking to use their beverage package ? Thanks again
  13. HI does anyone know what time boarding tends to begin when the ship doesn’t leave until midnight ? We want to get on as early as possible thanks
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