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  1. OK...... thanks, I hadn’t seen that . It does look like a restaurant more than a bar , and I didn’t realise it had gone from Spanish to Mexican/Latin American . The location looks really good for people watching, so it’s a shame if you can’t stop for a drink. ( and the original had some good drink choices les than £10 .). I’ll be finding out on Thursday too 😄. A snack and last it out over a few drinks is also an option 🤣. ..
  2. Hi , is this a bar that you can stop at just for drinks ? Or is it a restaurant that you need to have a meal at to be able to use ? Thanks
  3. Yeah , we intend to , I’m just thinking that you’ve got 250 people per slot, the vast majority will front load their one hour slot and arrive together. Will you be able to enter on block at your time or will you go through individually and then potentially have to wait to enter in the rain? There will doubtless be people who arrive ten minutes before their slot . So they will get wet ?
  4. With entry only allowed at certain times , there’s likely to be some waiting outside ? Is this area sheltered ? Are are we getting wet if it rains ? Thanks
  5. It’s value at that . I’m reluctant though , my gty inside is mid ship 13 and Fantastica , with a 11am board . I don’t want any new edocs with a later time 🙈
  6. Do we think there will be a MDR open for lunch on the first day . Or with only 1000 passengers it’ll be buffet only 😬 . I love my MDR lunch on the first day with NCL .
  7. Eventually had my e-tickets through (for the first time !) 😅 I had the bargain basement offer from my TA , I was inside forward on 5 . Bella . Reallocated inside, fantastica, mid ship on 11 . I quite liked the idea of being on the same level as the atrium stage etc . But I’ll take the “upgrade” . Originally allocated 11am and grateful this hasn’t changed . 👍🏼
  8. Just a thought on what I heard in the video MSC put out yesterday as the Virtuosa docked . They spoke of 4 groups of passengers within the 1000 total . So 250 per group. I think these might sit sit at 11am, 12.20, 13.40 and 15.00 . This gives a 1 hour twenty processing time as a guide for getting on board . What do you think ?
  9. 7 days before ! Has your boarding time altered too ? Im on this Date too but still waiting for my first set of e-tickets ! TA is saying will be issued in two days .
  10. I’m on next week’s trip too . Still not had mine . App says TA will send . TA says 5 days before the cruise 😳.
  11. Great , thank you , that’s exactly what I was after .
  12. Thank you , sorry if I wasn’t clear
  13. Thanks for this 👍🏼.. Were all the sub £10 drinks in the premium package or were they chargeable due to not being on the other menus ? Thanks
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