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  1. Unfortunately, Royal Caribbean's current criteria does not consider me as fully vaccinated for cruising anywhere in the world, not just in the U.S. My Pfizer/Moderna mix was at 55 days apart.
  2. I thought you had to book using the FCC by December 31, 2021 and sail by April 30, 2022 now. So you could sail during Christmas break 2021-2022 or even March break 2022. i guess they changed it back to December 31, 2021. Darn.
  3. As long as your insurance was paying some or all the cost, the U.S. would probably release you. When you returned to Canada, you may face additional quarantine somewhere since it would have become known that you were in an outbreak hotspot. It could be at a base or in your home municipality. Of course, who knows what Canada and the U.S. by then.
  4. How many days could a leave of absence be? There are 1-5 bereavement days, 2 religious holidays, 1 moving day, 2 personal days and 2 days to care for a recovering family member. Do teachers have any vacation days they could use? Here in Ottawa, Short term disability is 90% salary for 100-120 days. On strike days, the public board only pays employees who are on sick leave. It does not pay if you are on vacation, special leave or compassionate leave.
  5. My parents and I were scheduled to sail on Symphony on Saturday, March 14th. We cancelled today. We will still fly to FLL to use the flights and stay at a hotel for 5 nights. So we will be away from home for a shorter time than originally planned. Many non-cruisers are still going to their all-inclusives in Cuba and Mexico. And some people are still going to vacation in Florida.
  6. On Friday, the Canadian federal chief medical officer and the B.C. Health minister both strongly discouraged Canadians from going on a cruise. The travel advisory said that there may not be evacuations for Canadians like was done from China and Japan. Obviously California was quite easy, but the government will not want to keep spending money on flights. And now, the federal government travel advisory is ‘Avoid all cruise travel’. The government may pass along the cost of evacuations to cruise passengers.
  7. Affected Princess ships: Diamond and Grand tested positive Royal, Ruby and Regal have been under investigation
  8. I guess the US was ok with all Americans who wanted to leave as long as they had not tested positive. After all, not everyone had been tested until towards the end of the 14 days.
  9. They were on the approved list for the evac flight. Then, while riding the buses to the airport, Japan told the US the latest positive test results. The US must have then pulled the 14 infected Americans aside until deciding what to do with them.
  10. Their quarantine in Canada will be for a maximum of 14 days. It may be shorter though. They will probably test them when they arrive at the air base in Trenton and then test them again every few days. Still not sure on exact departure day for the evac flight. It would make sense to wait until all Canadians requesting evac have been cleared by Japan to disembark from the ship. So it may only leave Japan on Friday evening. None of the Wuhan evacuees have tested positive for the virus. They will be released on February 21st and 25th.
  11. I think 61 Americans remained in Japan. Though a few of them are in Japanese hospitals because they had tested positive already.
  12. CBC and Radio-Canada report that 43 Canadian passengers have tested positive. Therefore, a maximum of 213 healthy Canadians could board the evacuation flight leaving Japan on Thursday and arriving in Canada on Friday. However, Global Affairs Canada has not been able to contact at least 90 Canadians. They could be infected or healthy.
  13. CBC News and other sources report that a total of 32 Canadians on the Diamond Princess have been infected with coronavirus. So that leaves a maximum of 223 Canadians healthy enough to leave. Earlier today, the government said that 160 Canadians so far had indicated they want to evacuate on a flight to Canada. Of course, some people may wish to stay in Japan to be close to family that have tested positive so far. That applies to any non-Japanese passengers.
  14. According to Twitter, 1 Canadian passenger is now at home in St. Catherine’s, Ontario.
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