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  1. @rafinmd Roy - We just read that you lost Roger yesterday. Please accept our deepest condolences. We know you will treasure the memories.
  2. We're booked for May 2022 on the Nieuw Amsterdam for an 18-day/Cruisetour of Alaska. We've received Jab #1 of the Moderna vaccine so far. Sure hope we can travel by then!
  3. We had a change a couple of months ago. And since I am the one in this household who emails/calls, I feel so fortunate the the new PCC assigned to us. He is excellent at looking for special offerings, cabin choices, etc., not to mention keeping an eye out for the FCCs that keep rolling over. I just hope he can hang in until HAL gets some ships in the water. He says bookings are good.
  4. Good afternoon and Happy TGIF Dailyites! So much to read when you start late. This group lifts up, encourages and humors us all. Thank you so very much. @StLouisCruisers Definitely sending good vibes to you and your feisty MIL! So glad she has such an extensive and responsive support group monitoring her situation. Days/Quote/Food & Drink: I personally would like every day be a Bagel Day. Perhaps it's a good thing that good bagels are an hour away 😜. And I think humanitarians should be appreciated every day. Hats are much more friendly as I age: they ke
  5. I just randomly checked our HAL Mariner accounts earlier this morning. The FCCs are now sitting in our account. They originated as a result of our April 2019 Circle Hawaii cruise being cancelled. They were then applied to various bookings that have since been cancelled. They are just sitting in our Mariner accounts until we use them. So far, we have an Alaska Cruisetour on the books for May 2022. But if ships actually starting sailing, ya never know, LOL!! Moral of the story: Patience seems to be extremely helpful as HAL works through this process, record by record.
  6. Good Morning Dailyites! Of course, many thanks to all who contribute on this wonderful thread, whether regularly or occasionally. You enlighten, encourage and generally make the day better. I am pretty much a shower person, but a nice deep hotel bath was a lovely indulgence in the past. A Japanese ofuro was a siren call. Since I have defrosted rack of lamb for Date Night, we won't be following any of the menu suggestions. However, I am going to share the cocktail recipe with the Household Head Bartender and hope for the best. And well, because it's lamb, we'
  7. Good Morning Dailyites! Thank you all for your wining & dining suggestions (leftover jambalaya for us tonight), drinks/wine, humor. All so very welcome. To those of you in Georgia, we are sure you will appreciate the lack of political advertising today and going forward. A special shout out to Team 🇺🇸 USA's Gold Medal victory at the Jr. World Hockey Championships. It was a superb tournament and Team USA definitely played their A Game last night. Well done and congratulations! Still no word on when the vaccines might wend their way to us. It i
  8. Sadly, no. I was in Zimbabwe for a year. However, obtaining 'petrol' for my vehicle was near impossible for most of my time there (pipeline disruptions in Mozambique). Only got down to Jo'burg once. The Cape is still on my Bucket List, along with Killi/Ngorogoro Crater. So little time. Less money. And the pandemic ... well, we all know how that affects everything. However, we are hopeful that we will emerge from the darkness of the pandemic and can travel again.
  9. Good Morning Dailyites! For the first time, I am *almost* in synch with the suggested meal of the day: we had jambalaya last night. With lots of leftovers for another meal. Rack of lamb is always a hit in this household, but is frequently saved for 'special' times like Date Night (Friday). The drink of the day looks spectacular, but the ingredients sound a little too powerful for me. And the wine of the day sounds outright divine. Sadly my banker has other thoughts... It is so exciting to read that so many of you are receiving the vaccine!! Things are not progressing v
  10. Have already started Game Day Prep, LOL! This one is a little tricky, because DH and I want both teams to be victorious. Sadly when they award Silver medals, the recipients look so dejected. On the plus side, in this CanAm household, our team will win! 🇨🇦🇺🇸 We will probably watch the Bronze Medal game too. The Juniors Championship is always such great hockey!
  11. @Copper10-8 Thanks so much for your photos with explanations. It's like a 'peek behind the curtain!' As for "no turndown service, no towel animals, and no chocolates on pillows," may I suggest a strongly-worded letter to Management? 🤣🤣
  12. @KirkNC While many (including me) may agree with you, I was told in a conversation with a HAL Executive that the Oprah sailings were all sell-outs. And they sold quickly. So, what do I know about marketing? Obviously, nada. We had a couple of terrific EXC guides on a few sailings and really enjoyed their perspectives, information sharing and approachability. It was sad to see the role diminished. Who knows what cruising will be like when it returns?
  13. Good Afternoon Dailyites! So late to this very large party. First, I had to catch up on yesterday (wow!). And then work through today's 5 pages (so far). As so many have already stated, this is such a wonderful place to drop by each day. We don't have a 'traditional' New Year's meal. However, DH may have started one yesterday when he ordered and picked up Thai food for last night's repast! The leftovers morphed into the newly-created CanAmNihonThai-style Mussaman Curry Ramen for lunch. The Happy Mew Year photos are outstanding. We don't have fur babies now. We were serv
  14. Well, I sure got that wrong!! How about USA-Sweden hockey AND Canada -Finland on NYE? It should be terrific!!
  15. Good Afternoon Dailyites! We are late to today's event because -- tah dah -- we went to Costco (45 miles away)!! Not only did we purchase boring things like toilet paper & dinner napkins, we also snapped up some terrific lobster tails and other goodies for tomorrow night! And we made a few other stops that included a few items for friends quarantining with a mild COVID case. We door dropped those on our way home. A year ago, we were preparing to fly to San Francisco to celebrate NYE. 2019 had been a cruel year for them, so we were there to kick it to the curb. It was a wonderf
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