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  1. Thank you for sharing such a wonderful story! Wishing you the best cruise yet!!
  2. 😆Hahahaha!! Thank you Cruise4food! I enjoyed the giggle and have updated/edited accordingly.
  3. Requesting via HAL is probably the best way to go. Bringing your own can have consequences for several cabins around you. An example, - On the Koningsdam in April, we had no electrical issues whatsoever on the Transatlantic leg. However, after new passengers boarded in Civitavecchia, every day we experienced 'dead' outlets. Every day we called or visited Guest Relations. And a switch would be thrown and all was good until the next day. Finally, with the assistance of the cabin stewards in our area, a personal extension cord was found in an adjacent cabin and confiscated. End of power issues. These same occupants also left room service dishes in the hallway. When we saw them, we pointed out that this is a safety issue and dishes should be left in the room; call the number on the card. We assumed they could read the card since they were American.
  4. We avoided the K'dam for years, despite many friends' rave reviews. Well, the 'right' itinerary came up and we finally spent 22 glorious days on this ship in April (Transatlantic B2B Adriatic). Some events were very popular (Lincoln Center performances come to mind) and could be termed 'crowded.' Even with many sea days, we found the ship to be light-filled and lively. We had such a great experience that we have booked the K'dam for a 10-day Caribbean in January and look forward to all the entertainment & dining options on board.
  5. That is an awesome upgrade!!!! We did a similar one (K to VH) on our K'dam sailing -- although for more $$ than you did -- and it was so wonderful. We ended up on the Sun Deck (11) and loved it. Loved the K'dam so much we have booked it for a 10-night Caribbean in January. Wishing you a wonderful sailing.
  6. Not the Amsterdam, but since staff moves are always underway... Had a trim/reshape and blow dry in April 2019 on the Koningsdam with Martin (from South Africa, now resident in LA area). One of The Best I've had. Ever. No sales pressure whatsoever. If I knew he was on one of our future cruises, I would book in a heartbeat. Pricing is considerably different from small town Central VA, but it was so worth it. They have price lists available for all services. DH has had a couple of haircuts on various cruises and has always been pleased with the results.
  7. DH has quietly ordered flowers for us on many sailings. Not only have they been beautiful, but they just add a little something special to the voyage. Attached is an example from our April sailing on the Koningsdam. They lasted beautifully - probably with assistance from our wonderful cabin stewards, since my hands bleed rust and kill off even the most hardy plants and flowers, LOL!
  8. Congrats on 4* status! We just completed a cruise on the Koningsdam as newly-minted 4* Mariners 😁 For tender ports, we didn’t have to get tickets. Your key card shows your status. At final disembarkation, the instruction letter gave us a wide timeframe. Luggage tags were among first called. great perk. Enjoy!
  9. Please do NOT bring an extension cord! If you need a cord, request one from Guest Relations when you board. We just completed 22 nights on the K'dam. It was a fabulous cruise on a fabulous ship. However, after the second leg started, our 110v & USB outlets had no power the next morning. We contacted Guest Relations and power was restored later that day. This happened five days in a row. GR worked with housekeeping and found an 'illegal' extension cord in an adjacent cabin. Using it triggered some sort of switch that affected the outlets in our cabin (balcony) and possibly others. For five days, we had to go to the hallway outside of Club Orange (on 2 Aft) from our cabin (on 11 Forward) to charge our phones (to use Navigator). For five days, we never knew if we would have power to charge our electric toothbrush and WaterPik. For five days, we had to call or go to Guest Relations to ask for assistance. Not having access to these outlets was not the End of Civilization As We Know It, but what about people who have CPAP machines? Or other necessary equipment? Oh, and just to add to the overall warm thoughts about these people, they left dirty dishes out in the hallway rather than calling Room Service to have them removed from their cabin. No clue that this is a hazard. The HAL hairdryer is 220v. While not overly powerful it did eventually dry my hair. I used by 110v flat iron without any problem (when we had power).
  10. JMHO, butI am another person who would not do it. We've had two close calls in the past and now consider at least one day in advance for all sailings. Close Call #1 - First cruise ever in 1998. Flight out of Dulles delayed because crew went to wrong airport (Washington National). When we landed at Salt Lake City, we RAN through the terminal for our connection to Anchorage. I swear we felt the aircraft door close behind us! On our return, we ran into someone who did not make their connection and missed 3 days of her 7 day cruise as a result. We, on the other hand, fell in loved with cruising. Close Call #2 - Early morning flight in 2009 out of Dulles to Laguardia delayed for cruise departing NYC the next day. We had even been seated on theircraft. And delayed. And delayed. Etc. All sorts of excuses/reasons given. Same aircraft that we were on in early am now deemed fit to fly late evening. After LGA arrival, we took the most terrifying cab ride into Manhattan with driver screaming into a cell phone in a language we didn't understand the whole time. Hilton looked like a palace. Finding an open restaurant in Midtown at 10:30pm (yes, in Midtown Manhattan!) was, ahem, challenging. I have never disparaged Olive Garden since. That night they were like a Michelin starred restaurant to us. BTW, it was a terrific Rotterdam cruise! You just never know what will happen!
  11. I believe you can access the NYT on the computers, but I'm not sure about the other Navigator apps. When on the Rotterdam in February, there were machines near Guest Relations to print out your account.
  12. In addition to the 8-page printed summary, you can access practically all of the day's NYT on the Navigator app while on board. Navigator is free. Easy to follow instructions are provided on boarding. It's a great way to check the daily schedule, check your account, make dining reservations and a whole lot of other things. The 'chat' capability is clunky (no notification), but we really enjoy all the other pluses!
  13. Didn't work out for the cruise I was interested in.
  14. ddlslm, Not sure what category you are considering. When we went to Cuba in November, we booked #342 an inside on the Lower Promenade deck. We choose inside cabins because we just aren't awake in our cabin very often, LOL! We found this to be a great location for us: easy access to the walk around deck, to the atrium, to everything. Quiet cabin, Great stewards. Loved the Veemdam. We liked this cabin so much that we have booked a similar one for an upcoming cruise on the Rotterdam!
  15. We were on the Veendam in November and loved it! Capt. Ryan is very personable and it filters down to his managers, and then further on down to the people we as passengers usually interact with - e.g.., room stewards, waiters, front desk. We felt as though we were valued guests. We happen to really enjoy the smaller footprint because getting to anywhere is easy. We thought it was one of our best cruises -- and we aren't big beach & sun people. FWIW, we were in an inside on Lower Promenade and had no heating/cooling or water issues. We met people in Lanai cabins who really enjoyed them. We did hear some people talking about others with heating/cooling issues that were not resolved. After thinking about it later, we aren't certain about some of the comments. Our sailing was not near fully occupied and it would have been very easy to move passengers if necessary. Just our opinion...
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