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  1. He is only elite because he is sharing my cabin
  2. Just wondering if my cabin mate gets the same perks like free bag of laundry ? Or free scoop of ice cream ? Thanks for info
  3. Thanks everyone for your advice can't go to smaller airport because I want to fly on an A 380
  4. I have a flight booked through flight EASE from Amsterdam to Frankfurt with connecting flight to Miami on Lufthansa but there is only a two hour window between flights I'm not a frequent flyer do you think that is enough time or should I try other airlines and times ? Thanks for any info
  5. I was looking at a pic of the bed I hope it can be split for 2 is anyone familiar with cabin thanks for any info
  6. I'm thinking of TA on Nuieu Statendam to Amsterdam do we have to go through bay of biscay to get there sounds terrible
  7. Thanks for the help guess I will wait before going to port
  8. I am on first Caribbean cruise when Silouette arrives in ft. Lauderdale but it will first stop from Europe in Boston do u think there will delayed boarding thanks for any info
  9. If one is 10 days & the other is 12 days I would take the 12 day
  10. Thanks for all your input sounds like it is big enough
  11. I have cruises on Majesty of Seas one time I have been on sixty cruises on different lines & that is the only ship I will never go on again
  12. All or most of my cruises have been on Celebrity Solstice class ships I am wondering after being on those ships will the N Statendam feel small ? I know the ship in not out yet but if you have been on Koningsdam & ANY OF solstice class ships I would like your input thanks in advance
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