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  1. We are the adventurous type and wanted to see things beside shops. The hill behind the town is a nasty one for the small scooters and I'm positive that it would be a challenge for anyone in a wheelchair. Regardless, there is a cathedral and a nice park that you might be able to get to. I would be real hesitant about going up that hill in a wheelchair, would suggest taxi. We enjoyed ourselves, regardless, no desire to go back. Have a wonderful cruise, Betty
  2. It has been years since I was there, regardless, I do believe the main streets in the downtown all have cutouts. I traveled with another lady also on a scooter. We took a taxi to the Water Tower once and scooted back to town. We also took the back street to the zoo and was told that was not a safe area for two lone women. So on our return, we took the coast street back to town. On another trip, we took the water taxi to Atlantis and scooted back on our own. At that time there was sort of a “fisherman's wharf” under the bridge on Nassau side. Other than wandering around down town Na
  3. Being a user of oxygen, I fully understand. Those of us with “lung” issues are also on the top of the list of being susceptible to getting the virus. That plus the fact that many of us cruisers are seniors, who are on the top of the list of being susceptible, that would be rather risky. And that does not even including those of us with high blood pressure. Looking on the positive side, those of us with type O blood are less apt to get the virus. Falling into all the above categories, I'm in no hurry to get out into the world just yet. After I receive the vaccinations for this viru
  4. I know that Princess cruises are offering to charge scooters during the night and have heard that other lines are also doing so. But I'm not positive which other lines. Both Princess and Hal are part of Carnival, so it may be Hal and Carnival that are also offering to charge scooters, or some of the other lines. Also, I thought some of the airlines had restrictions on scooters. Of course for those that drive to and from, that is not something they have to take into consideration. I am aware that the large scooters may not fit through some doors, but really see very fe
  5. Many of the people that rent scooters are not disabled. They are seniors or someone that has physical limitations, but not to the extent of being classified as disabled. I certainly understand their use of a scooter and think it is great that they can benefit from using one. However, I do feel that they should not reserve HC cabins. If one cruises a lot, it is definitely more economincal to purchase a scooter. Some of the cruise lines are now offering to take scooters at night, charge them and return in the morning. Being stuck in a standard cabin, I became aware of this procedure
  6. I am not familiar with PO cruises, however, if any U.S. Coast Guard member comes on board that ship in U.S. waters, they would get a violation for allowing the wheelchair or scooter to be parked in the hallway (passage way). However, there are a few ships with a designated non-traffic area that do allow parking of mobile devices, which is legal. Also, on one cruise, Princes did offer to take scooters from standard cabins at night, charge them and return the scooters in the morning. I could not participate in that program due to the fact that in case of an emergency, I would require my scoot
  7. Some years ago, we were checking out both the Columbia and Mississippi river cruises and was told that they all have to be ADA compliant. Unfortunately, Ruth passed away before we booked one and I did not desire to do it alone. Do not remember which lines we were looking at, however their ships did have cabins for the handicap. One of the ships on the Mississippi even offered tours that that were handicap accessible.
  8. Info copied from deck plans applicable to cabins 4605 and 4607. Two twin beds that convert to Royal King, and private bathroom. Stateroom: 117 sq. ft.; Accessible: 128 sq. ft. Have a wonderful cruise. Betty
  9. We stayed at Doubletree by Hilton San Juan, 105 de Diego Avenue, San Juan and took a taxi to the ship. I do not remember what I paid for a taxi, regardless, I felt it was reasonable. I use a small scooter, thus we did not require an “accessible” taxi. If you require an “accessible” vehicle, just mention to whoever calls for taxis. Sailing on Royal Caribbean, you will probably depart from Pan American Pier, thus not near the Old San Juan down-town area. There are a number of hotels in the Old San Juan area, but I am not familiar with any of them. When we sailed from Pan American Pi
  10. Likewise, this does not answer your question, however on at least one trip, maybe two, the port's tenders were used and they carried our scooters on and off for us. I'm reluctant to make any positive statements, regardless, recently I've noticed that the cruise lines are sort of going back to putting small (light weight) mobility devices on tenders if the person is able to walk on. In that aspect, they do not commit themselves until everything else (weather, ocean condition) is doable.
  11. Normally I just go through in the standard line and wait my turn. I'm comfortably sitting on my scooter and cannot justify going ahead of the line. Unless the TSA system has a specific designated area for those of us with mobility devices, I do not mind waiting my turn. Many of those standing and waiting line could be experiencing discomfort. Have a wonderful cruise. Betty
  12. Unless things have changed, please do not expect the ship to take care of the scooter. Your are the one renting it, thus it is your responsibility. Have a wonderful cruise, Betty
  13. My info is not current, however, maybe it will help. In October 2007, my friend and I boarded the train in Santa Barbara to Los Angeles. We both used scooters. We did not have any reservations. There was also a third lady with us, however she does not require a scooter. In October 2014, my friend took Amtrak from San Diego to Santa Barbara without any reservations. I think she scooted from the ship to a station nearby. Also, in September, 2014, we did a number of east coast trips, however I had made reservations on all those. If there was an option for advising we were using m
  14. Don - The size of that guy would probably squashed me. I'm not exactly small, regardless, that guy was big. Yes, I can attest that people all over the world are wonderful. Actually in the 60 some cruises I've been, I've only experienced two incidents. The other one was some guy talking to his wife while running across traffic. He actually hit me broad side and apologized and his wife accused me of running over him. In the long run, it is probably better that he hit me. If he would have hit the railing, he might have gone over. It was an upper deck with a banister around the area where we can l
  15. It sounds like you pretty much have everything under control. The problem with the elevators is the lack of courtesy. At times when the majority are going to some function, it may seem we have to wait forever while the able bodied just walk right in ahead of us. Seems like we just may be below their vision. Also, there are many that are very nice and allow us to have our turn. The worse I have personally experienced was a long legged man that just stepped over the front of my scooter as I was entering the elevator. Not wanting him on my lap, I stopped, but wished I hadn't. One of
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