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  1. I completely understand your angst. My very first solo cruise (my 4th cruise), was a transatlantic.... I was quite anxious, but it was so very liberating!
  2. There is a certain social media site that has group pages devoted to these specials. You may want to search there? (against CC rules to be more specific)
  3. Grab one of the caribbean cruises that had to change itinerary due to Cuba issues... they're really cheap! I just booked a B2B 5 night on Majesty - 10 nights total for ~ $800
  4. Is that $589 per person for 2 in cabin? That would make more sense. At least we get double points!
  5. It's usually the first sea day, often day 2 or later. There will be a notice in your cabin on day 1, not to worry! And per Amtrak's schedule online, there is a train at 7:45 arriving Vancouver at 11:45. should be good? Nancy
  6. Hi Lois, and thank you for your input! I know I will likely take the first train early, to insure no issues with boarding, but it will be quite the experience, I'm certain. Are you from that area? Nancy
  7. I believe it is the only time that Royal will be doing anything longer than 7 days, so am very excited about this!!! Hope to see you at M&M? Nancy
  8. I'll be on it! Going to Seattle first, then taking the train to Vancouver... Nancy
  9. I'm assuming that this topic is related to the new "Key" status available for purchase? I'm wondering if this applies to certain ships in the fleet as well, does anyone know?
  10. That's amazing! Panama is on my list, hopefully 2020, I'll be in St. Petersburg the end of July next year.
  11. Many Royal ships have solo studios, even with balconies, and are adding more on refits - Mariner just got finished and they added some. I have b2b on her in January 2019 AND 2020, also have studio on Ovation for Baltic next July. Nancy
  12. I've read many posts from Aussies and Brits as well, that the pricing for them is outrageous and that's a shame. I started cruising solo last year after my divorce, and am quite hooked! My first was a TA from Barcelona to Florida, and I was very anxious about it, but soon found it to be the most therapeutic and enlightening trip of my life. I generally stick with RCCL line, and as a result have really accumulated points quickly. So that's another plus. I recently booked an 18-night from Australia/NZ/South Pacific/Hawaii for 2020, I got a studio balcony for a steal, now just need to find flights. Nancy Life is what you make it
  13. I've read many posts by D+ and above cruisers who have never gotten an upgrade of any kind. I don't think it's that we are not valued? Nancy
  14. I've cruised solo with RCCL a few times, and have had crew members join us at the solo lunch. We've had fun getting to know them as well as fellow solo passengers. Next up for me is Snowbird Migration in October, then have a b2b Caribbean, Alaska, Baltic, Med and a TA for next year - you can't take it with you!! Nancy
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