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  1. I was solo on Adventure a year ago for the Snowbird Migration 13 night, and made several friends that I've seen since then too. Met up with one lady in Seattle prior to an Alaskan cruise this past May, one of the fellas picked me up from the train station and took me to the port, and one of the ladies was on that same cruise. The first step can be daunting, but once you take it you will feel so liberated, trust us!!! You aren't really alone when you're on a cruise..... Nancy
  2. I completely understand your angst. My very first solo cruise (my 4th cruise), was a transatlantic.... I was quite anxious, but it was so very liberating!
  3. There is a certain social media site that has group pages devoted to these specials. You may want to search there? (against CC rules to be more specific)
  4. Grab one of the caribbean cruises that had to change itinerary due to Cuba issues... they're really cheap! I just booked a B2B 5 night on Majesty - 10 nights total for ~ $800
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