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    Aft cabin main deck on dream. Help!

    I was in 2456 on the Dream and it does vibrate a lot (mostly coming into and out of ports) and is noisy. The a/c hardly worked either. If I were in that cabin again, I wouldn't freak out about it but would bring a fan for white noise and air circulation.
  2. letsgocruz1

    $4513 PRICE DROP! No more Ms Nice Guy!

    Thank you, we will def try to stop by :)
  3. letsgocruz1

    $4513 PRICE DROP! No more Ms Nice Guy!

    Congrats!!! I'm on your roll call and have been following your saga! So happy you received those price drops that you were entitled to!
  4. letsgocruz1

    Isla Roatan

    The Mayan Princess is a great place to lounge for the day. http://www.mayanprincess.com Its a resort and they charge like $10 for the day and you can use their pool and facilities. They are on the same strip of beach that is shown in the pics above. It's a beautiful safe place to spend the day.
  5. letsgocruz1

    39 days out and BIL is going to be a no show

    Change one of the names to the new person going. And then ask to add a 3rd person to the room (the other half of the new couple). Then let the BIL be a no show. You will be out the $ for the 3rd person but not nearly as much as booking the two of them on a new booking.
  6. letsgocruz1

    Dream, Freedom or Paradise

    I've done both the Dream and Freedom. The Paradise is a fantasy class sized ship if I recall correctly. Although some people are fans, I am not fond of them. I think they are getting older and seem so small compared to the newer ships. The Dream is VERY nice. It has a waterpark for the kids and a very nice Serenity area for adults. The promenade has an outdoor deck surrounding it. The whole ship is gorgeous. The Freedom is a little smaller and older than the Dream but it's still plenty big and really nice as well. Between the two, I would go with the itinerary that I liked best. I'm doing the Freedom again in June, because I wanted to do an 8 night cruise and I have never been to Tortola or Antigua. Plus my flight to Ft Lauderdale was only $170 round trip so I grabbed it! :D But, I am very much hoping to get to sail on the Dream again soon. I've cruised Carnival several times and we have always had great service and food on any ship, so I really don't think you will go wrong with any choice. Good luck with your decision. :)
  7. letsgocruz1

    Cozumel Bar Hop Bus

    Tina, great pics! I'm jealous, jealous, jealous!!!!
  8. letsgocruz1

    Cozumel Bar Hop Bus

    Tina I am so jealous of you!! You'll be on the bar hop and I will be stuck here in KY :( Go and have a blast! Make sure you take lots of pics
  9. letsgocruz1

    Cozumel Bar Hop Bus

    I will certainly miss going on this bar hop tour with you Tina. In all my cruises, this has been my favorite excursion. And yes you were VERY relaxed after that massage :D
  10. letsgocruz1

    Cozumel Bar Hop Bus

    Hey Tina....yes LOVE your pics!!!!!!!
  11. Loving your review! Thanks for sharing!!
  12. letsgocruz1

    Bar Hop Bus - Any Negatives?

    For those wondering about the shots at each stop, read my review here: http://boards.cruisecritic.com/showthread.php?t=853383&page=7 Post # 275. I have described each shot and what is in it. HTH!
  13. letsgocruz1

    Carnival In The Movies...

    "Gone in 60 Seconds" with Nicholas Cage. A Carnival ship is shown twice at the end of the movie when he is trying to get to the port to deliver the last stolen car.
  14. letsgocruz1

    What is Your best tip for Packing?

    What about rolling your clothes...has anyone had any luck with that? I can't figure out how is saves space really. I mean, everything is still the same size, it is just put in the suitcase differently. And does it reduce wrinkles or make them worse?
  15. I would lean towards the Legend due to the great reviews and the location. BUT.... if you think any of your gang would enjoy the water works area, I would consider the Dream as well. The only negative IMO to the Legend is the time that you are in Roatan. It has odd hours and Roatan is also in a different timezone, so that you would be arriving in Roatan around 5 am their time (or maybe 6 am depending on time of year) . That really limits what you get to do there. I also like that the Dream goes to Costa Maya and not Grand Cayman, but as you said, if you haven't been to either place, that shouldn't be a factor. Either way, it doesn't matter...you will LOVE it! Have a wonderful time.