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  1. Oops. I was careless. We already Lifted and Shifted a cancelled July 2020 cruise to March 2022. I would have thought that the Cruise with Confidence Policy would be global, and indeed that is what Azamara were maintaining throughout the dialogue with them (applicable to Azamara, Celebrity, and Royal Caribbean, and NOT discretionary), which, in the absence of verifiable information to the contrary, meant that we were denied the Lift and Shift. I cannot say that I am particularly happy about this apparent inconsistency, as I feel that it might have been possible to avoid considerable extra expenditure.
  2. We already Lifted and Shifted a cancelled cruise from July 2020 to March 2020.
  3. We use an UK agency, but I cannot say whether that accounts for the difficulties the agency encountered. I do not know whether the other persons who claim to have Lifted and Shifted between the same two cruises (2021 to 2023) booked direct or through an agency, as they declined to offer this information.
  4. Well, Lift and Shift NOT available from 2021 to 2023. Without any verifiable evidence that others have managed to do so, our TA has been unable to Lift and Shift, despite many hours of communication and negotiation with Azamara. Ho-hum! Nevertheless our TA has managed, finally, to arrange a transfer, which we have (very, very reluctantly - since you are claiming that you have Lifted and Shifted) accepted the transfer, but at a substantial increase in the price. Thanks. Maybe it would have been better for us not to have known about your Lift and Shift!
  5. I am not worried about my TA's commission, but I referred to this delay as a potential dis-incentive for my TA to push Azamara for the Lift and Shift. I won't hold my breath for RCCL to update a company-wide policy, covering Royal Caribbean, Celebrity and Azamara.
  6. I set up a temporary email address in case you decide that you feel that you can assist outside this forum: mikes63068@gmail.com
  7. I understand completely. My feeling (and experience) is that loyaltyambassador@azamara.com is ineffectual. Nevertheless I initiated contact and made a request earlier today. As I said, because my booking is through a TA, making contact direct contact with Azamara was repudiated. I am assured that no-one but you (and Azamara) can access your booking details even if you do advise me of your booking reference, but it may give my TA some leverage to persuade Azamara to extend the same courtesy to us. The TA says that since the Cruise with Confidence is a RCCL-wide policy, Azamara are saying that they have no flexibility on the matter. As for bringing pressure to bear on my TA, I can only do so much. It is also worth noting that it may not be in the TA's short-term interests to help me, because if the cruise is Lifted and Shifted, they will see no commission for 42 months! As a matter of interest, was your booking direct with Azamara, or through a TA? We had cruise booked for July this year cancelled, after the final payment - of course. We Lifted and Shifted to an alternative in March 2022. We always take a suite, so, if we are forced to make the final payment (probably in December) for the March 2021 cruise before it is cancelled, we will have paid for a cruise in 2022, and also for one in March 2023, some 3½ years later! A great sum of money will be tied up for a very prolonged period. As you can see, our situation is very similar to yours. I am at a loss as to what else I might do, and would appreciate any assistance you could offer. I don't know whether CC has a Private Messaging System. I tried clucking on the email icon in your profile, but it is not active.
  8. Stines: Azamara (via our TA) are adamant that we cannot Lift and Shift from March 2021 to March 2023, becauss the Cruise with Confidence protocol has a restriction of one year in advance only. Any enlightenment or assistance you could offer us would be most appreciated in the hope that we may make the rearrangement. Our TA says that your booking reference would be most useful, so that she can push Azamara. PLEASE HELP. Azamara will not deal with me direct because our existing booking is through a TA.
  9. May I be so bold as to enquire whether you Lifted and Shifted with the assistance of a TA? Also what is your country of residence and that of your TA, if any? How long ago did you make the Lift & Shift. If you dealt direct with Azamara, any contact info would be much appreciated, please, because I seem to be at a dead end.
  10. I was told that a) I had already used Lift and Shift and could only do so once, but the Lift and Shift was for a different cruise. The cruise I now wish to change was booked in 2018! b) the T&C's for the Cruise with Confidence don't seem to apply to cruises beyond the following year. What I was hoping to do was to Lift and Shift to a cruise two years after the original.
  11. I contacted my TA to do exactly what you have done. I was able to hear the conversation that my TA had with Tina at Azamara. Tina stated unequivocally that Lift and Shift is available on CANCELLED cruises only. A transfer is possible, but there is a (not insignificant) difference in price for a transfer! Would you mind confirming whether yours was a Lift and Shift or a transfer, please?
  12. We were ànke to lift and shift our Azamara-cancelled cruise scheduled for July 2020 to a dissimilar alternative in March 2022 via our TA.
  13. Wow! When I received the email generated by this post the date of the cruise was May 2020, and assumed norn iron was being iron-ic.
  14. Not the only accurate response. How about: 'in the future' or 'nobody knows' or 'your guess is as good as mine'? All valid and accurate, methinks.
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