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  1. While I haven't used this tip saving for a cruise, I did use it years ago to help pay for a trip to Disney that I surprised my husband and son with. I needed ways to save up as much money as possible without my husband finding out what I was up to (it was a surprise for his birthday) so I started using every possible coupon/cash back opportunity I could on the things that we typically bought. Since we already had a weekly grocery budget amount set, I knew I could spend up to that amount without him catching on. When I checked out, whatever I had saved in coupons OR not spent out of the week
  2. With everything else that's happened so far in 2020, would it be dubbed unreasonable to anticipate any decent deals on Black Friday or Cyber Monday? We've found a cruise for 2021 we'd like to book but could hold off if there may be any deals. Have there historically been any decent offers for cruises, excursions or onboard packages (cheers, bubbles, spa, etc.) on either of those days? Not to say that just because it's been done in the past means it'll happen this year, just wondering if it's something to maybe look out for.
  3. Umm. . .I want to hang out with you on your balcony!
  4. $1000 sold out but $500 still available as of 7:51am EST 1/26/20 no $100 cards even listed.
  5. Grand Turk -- we are booked on a cruise this coming November and I just got notification that our stop to Grand Turk has been replaced with Amber Cove. I'm SO upset about it. AC is *okay*, but I love Grand Turk and was SO excited to be going back. 😞
  6. This is where the gift of patience eludes me entirely. I'm dyyyyyyyying waiting to see them show back up again. I can honestly say I don't think I've ever wanted to throw my money at someone so bad for a gift card before! 😄
  7. Nope! That would cause quite a stir, I can imagine! My guess is that the certificates would still be valid to be used toward a different sailing should one be cancelled. I would sure hope so!!
  8. So, if you already have an existing booking and you open the card, is the $250 credit only going to be good toward a future booking or could it be used for things on the already booked cruise?
  9. I hope you're right! What concerns me is in looking at the terms for the RC gift certificates currently listed on the site, (if I'm reading them correctly) it looks like you can only use those towards a NEW booking not existing reservations. I'm hoping that if/when Carnival restocks, they will be the normal gift cards we all know and love. Like many of us, I've got a sailing booked that I need to pay off and have been building up a $$ stash to redeem for the gc's. Been watching and waiting for them to get restocked so I can (hopefully) jump on it while the jumpin' is good. 🙂
  10. Has anyone noticed that what used to be "gift cards" on Allstate now seem to be "gift certificates"? I hope it's just a temporary thing but they don't even list Carnival anymore. Last week, they were sold out but at least still listed. Today, there isn't anything for Carnival and several of the retailers in the travel space are now listed as gift certificates.
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