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  1. I believe that is the case. They usually offer sea day brunch the other days. Be sure to sign up as soon as you can, some voyages do not sell out. But the one time I went on Breeze a few years back, I waited a few days to call and both times we full.
  2. I thought they made it one night lobster and one night without. It was only a 3 day cruise but I thought for the one elegant night they would have at least one of the more "upscale" options. We've had priority the last few cruises so that's probably why I didn't notice the luggage thing. It just really stood out to me because CD came over speaker multiple times telling people to go. It was really bad this time. I'm not sure how you can control people coming from decks they're not supposed to. I mean elevators full of people would come down every few minutes, and only 1 deck was called. We waited an hour in line on the lobby deck trying to get out.
  3. Just got off the Victory in this exact room and i would book it every time if I could. It was bigger than any other room we've ever had, by far. Way bigger than a standard interior. I loved the natural light it brought so we didn't sleep too long.
  4. I never found the buffet to be too crowded, except the omelette station in the morning and right around boarding time after port day. As for your grand kids, my son loved the camp at night. The counselors were really great. Not sure how old your grandkids are, but there's two pools on lido (one by the slide). My son loves music so he enjoyed listening to the karoake. Our trip didn't stop at Cozumel, but when we've gone in the past we usually go to an all inclusive. Theres a few but I know some sell out. Try looking in the Cozumel board - there's usually good recommendations!
  5. Ahh! Forgot about that 5 day rule. Clears that up! Thanks!
  6. Hi All! We just got home off the Victory and had a great sailing. Just wanted to point out some changes I noticed. I'm in no way complaining, just providing some info: 1. We did not get a coupon for our free drink for being Gold. We did get the paper welcoming us with the pin and our water and listing our benefits, but the usual coupon was not on the bottom. I thought maybe they had streamlined the process and would give a credit to our S&S or maybe give it the last day, but no. Don't know if this was a fluke or pilot for some VIFP changes, but just saying. 2. I can confirm that there is now a 3rd green spot "B" on the roulette wheel. I had seen a thread a few weeks back asking. We were on the Magic in March and this was definitely not there, so maybe they're rolling it out slowly. 3. Elegant night didn't have lobster or filet as an option. Mind you this was a 3 day cruise and we don't usually eat in the dining room so this may just be news to me. I happened to check the menu and notice - I thought one of these was offered at elegant night. 4. Disembarkation process has changed slightly. Our CD really stressed people check out the disembark show to get the details. Basically they don't deliver your luggage tags to your room anymore. You have to go pick them up and select either early or late disembark. Our debark was a nightmare. I don't think it was the new/old process, just people in general going to the lobby at whatever time instead of when called. I've noticed the past few times this has gotten progressively worse. Not sure what Carnival can do to improve that.
  7. I've never heard of either of those but will look out for them! thank you!
  8. Idk it's a Nassau Port day, and they usually don't have anything else better to play on the screen so maybe? lol
  9. Hi! We'll be onboard Victory the day of the World Cup Final. Anyone know if they will play it onboard? Thanks!
  10. I never set much store by the CD either, until we had Mike Pack on the Horizon. I can honestly say I don't think some of the activities would be as fun without him. The 80s and 90s music trivia in the atrium was SO FUN. Like previous people have said, if you do activities around the ship - they make a difference. If you kind of stick to yourself, then you probably won't even know what you're missing.
  11. Just booked this itinerary and didnt even realize. That kind of makes it hard to justify a day at Atlantis, if you have to be back so early. Wonder what the reasoning is for this.
  12. I know theres a cruise director was does a full on magic show, cant remember which. On some ships they now have the Hasbro the game show where audience memebers get to play, which is extrememly family friendly. And also the Lip Sync Battle - its like the show on tv.
  13. We didn't spend money on it, it was a gift from the casino 🙂
  14. My husband and I have done the chefs table a few times and we are extremely picky eaters, think no seafood, duck, etc. Mostly chicken and beef. The last time we went on there were NO chicken or beef dishes. Honestly, there very good about substituting if you ask but it gets to the point where you're embarrassed having them bring you a different dish every course. The last one included items like sea bass, duck, lamb, veal, etc. The experience is pretty cool, but if you're not an adventurous eater, I would definitely pass.
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