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  1. We are shareholders and will be cruising Oct 4th for the first time as shareholders. What do we need to do to let them know? I booked directly with Princess. What form are you talking about?
  2. We will be on the Grand on Oct. 4th. Are 6 year olds required to be vaccinated? I’m sure this is all so new for everyone that there are more questions than answers! We are seniors, so both of us are vaccinated. I presume we will still both need COVID-19 tests though. I’ve never had one.
  3. I thought the comment about staying in he buffet was funny and not a put down. It was meant as levity.
  4. ThNk you all! I saw that Hilton on Flinders. I will book with points!
  5. We booked our Australia/New Zealand cruise today. We are considering the princess pre cruise hotel package. Any opinions on this? What did the package cost? I also have the option of using Hilton Honors points or a timeshare.
  6. I failed to mention that we decided to fly there 3 days early, and cruise back leisurely. The only drawback that I can see in researching the ports today is that a WC segment would not afford us the NZ ports we want. We have been on a 30-day So Pacific cruise, so we are not really interested in any ports beyond Somoa. We absolutely LOVE consecutive sea days. We will book EZ Air no matter which way we cruise. Thank you everyone for your opinions!
  7. Considering Australia/New Zealand cruise. In researching pricing, I notice that flying RT Los Angeles to Melbourne + a 13-day cruise is about the same as a 29-day cruise from Los Angeles to Australia/New Zealand (World Cruise Segment). We would have to purchase EZ Air from Melbourne to LAX. Has anyone purchased RT EZ Air + a 13-day Aus/NZ cruise? Has anyone done the Segment + 1 way EZ Air? Just very curious as to the price variance. Considering. mini suite for the 13-day cruise, or a balcony for the segment. Any opinions???
  8. Yep, that was our cruise. So they just cut us loose for a charter and didn’t even bother to book us on a different date? Wow. Rude!
  9. I’m trying to find out why our cruise on the Bliss Oct 2021 was cancelled. No reason provided. Just a letter saying it was cancelled.
  10. At least I booked it for the last Q of '21. We don't plan on leaving the ship and most likely will just stay in the Haven area. My brother just saw my email that I booked the 4 of us on the trip and he's a go. At least we have something to look forward to. Until then we remain in our houses (we're all in our 70's). The fun part for me is the pre-cruise planning. Although with this pandemic I think my planning will consist of shorts, t-shirts and a whole lot of card playing in our room!
  11. I don't know if I'm crazy or not, but I have just booked a Mexican Riviera cruise on the Bliss in Suite 18108. Traveling with another couple (my brother). When Covid struck we were on a 30-day South Pacific Cruise an we were glued to the TV. I'm hoping that my 2021 cruise is far enough out that the virus will be mitigated by then. (I hope.). I canceled our Ireland/Scotland cruise because we didn't want the long flight from LAX to Europe (and back). The Mex Riv cruise doesn't require any flights for us - R/T Los Angeles. I have never been on the Bliss. I think the last time I cruised NCL we wer
  12. Princess hotels? I didn’t know we could book precruise hotels. I’ll have to search their website for info!
  13. We will be using EZ Air for the first time for an Ireland/Scotland cruise in April, 2021. (Two couples traveling together.). I want to arrive in London at least 3 days in advance to tour, as my brother has never been there and I want him to see as much as possible. We will likely hire private tours, etc. can we still use EZ Air if we are arriving 3 or 4 days in advance? We also want to use the Princess transfer to Southampton, too. I presume we would just have to get back to Heathrow to meet up with Princess for the transfer. We want to stay in London a few days after
  14. We are booked in E733 and E732 for our second time as well! Two couples cruise together all the time. My brother will be in one suite and I in another. These suites are just great! I can’t recall where we cruised the first time we were in these suites, but our next cruise in these two suites will be April 4, 2021, Ireland and Scotland. I just booked this cruise this past Monday. I know 2021 is a long way off, but in the meantime we are doing the 28 day Hawaii/South Pacific Cruise, a New England cruise, and a Pacific Coastal. My husband doesn’t like long cruises, so I sometimes grab
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