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  1. At least I booked it for the last Q of '21. We don't plan on leaving the ship and most likely will just stay in the Haven area. My brother just saw my email that I booked the 4 of us on the trip and he's a go. At least we have something to look forward to. Until then we remain in our houses (we're all in our 70's). 


    The fun part for me is the pre-cruise planning. Although with this pandemic I think my planning will consist of shorts, t-shirts and a whole lot of card playing in our room! 

  2. I don't know if I'm crazy or not, but I have just booked a Mexican Riviera cruise on the Bliss in Suite 18108. Traveling with another couple (my brother). When Covid struck we were on a 30-day South Pacific Cruise an we were glued to the TV. I'm hoping that my 2021 cruise is far enough out that the virus will be mitigated by then. (I hope.). I canceled our Ireland/Scotland cruise because we didn't want the long flight from LAX to Europe (and back). The Mex Riv cruise doesn't require any flights for us - R/T Los Angeles. I have never been on the Bliss. I think the last time I cruised NCL we were on the Jewel several years back. I'm a Platinum member just a few more points to Plus. I hope I'm not the only crazy one out there who's booking cruises amid a pandemic!

  3. We will be using EZ Air for the first time for an Ireland/Scotland cruise in April, 2021. (Two couples traveling together.). I want to arrive in London at least 3 days in advance to tour, as my brother has never been there and I want him to see as much as possible. We will likely hire private tours, etc.


    can we still use EZ Air if we are arriving 3 or 4 days in advance? We also want to use the Princess transfer to Southampton, too. I presume we would just have to get back to Heathrow to meet up with Princess for the transfer. 


    We want to stay in London a few days after the cruise as well, and use EZ Air to return to LAX. Does anyone know if this is doable through EZ Air? 


    Last question... can we upgrade seats to Business or First Class on EZ Air? Thanks for any insight you can offer!


  4. We are booked in E733 and E732 for our second time as well! Two couples cruise together all the time. My brother will be in one suite and I in another. These suites are just great! I can’t recall where we cruised the first time we were in these suites, but our next cruise in these two suites will be April 4, 2021, Ireland and Scotland. I just booked this cruise this past Monday.


    I know 2021 is a long way off, but in the meantime we are doing the 28 day Hawaii/South Pacific Cruise, a New England cruise, and a Pacific Coastal. My husband doesn’t like long cruises, so I sometimes grab a girlfriend and go. My brother and his SO always join us. All of us are in our 70’s and love cruising together!


  5. We have booked Thermal Spa Packages before and have always ALWAYS enjoyed our time there. We try to hit the spa around 3 or 4 pm on port days and there is usually no one there. We soak and relax and are completely blissful come dinner time! I just booked a Nov 29 sailing and pre-paid the Thermal Spa Package. If you are on the fence about it, all I can say is try it.

  6. It was so nice to see the photo of the two of us gals holding up our beautiful shawls with the vendor smiling holding American money! It was obvious everyone was happy! Great memory shots. We did this in Venice when we bought Murano vases, as well as more shawls. We took photos of where we ate and often of the meal before eating it! Lots of fun to see these later.

  7. I might as well join in... we leave for Cairo via New York in 59 days. Also going on GCT tour. In Cairo, however, I have a co-worker's cousin who will will taking us around Egypt. My co-worker said he knows of places that even my co-worker never knew existed. Another gal in our office also was treated to this cousin's tours when she was there and said he was fantastic. I'm excited!


    We are 2 nights in NY pre trip and 2 nights post trip. We'll toot around Manhattan and enjoy it as we always do. Have been to parts of Africa before, but never Egypt.


    I journal all my trips and have been since about 1999. Mostly I buy small journals and end up printing and adding photos of what I'm talking about. I went to B & N to look for a nicer journal, but didn't like the prices or the weight of the journal. I happened to be at Office Depot and found a great little pocket journal for $1.99. Red velour with a built-in band for tracking your page. Really cute little thing.


    I like taking a picture of where I buy things so when I give a gift I show a photo of the vendor or store so that the gift goes with a little story. In South America I bought several wooden beaded necklaces for several ladies. I took a picture of the gentleman (in great looking dreds sp?) and he posed nicely in front of his wares that were laid out on the street along with his beautiful sleeping dog.


    In Instanbul we took photos with the vendor where we bought shawls. It's a lot of fun to print these photos and glue them into a paper journal. Makes for neat memories.


    We traveled to the Med with 2Travelers of CC and again we are traveling together to egypt. We became fast friends just emailing each other for almost a year before our Med cruise. We booked Egypt over 500 days ago! Our countdown is now at 59 days!


    SEAFUN, while I haven't read this entire thread, much of what I read was really nice. We have a fairly long thread from our May 5 Baltic cruise. I've met so many wonderful folks from CC. Great forum.

  8. Ginny, What was the NCL number you called? I contacted BOA and was told to send the info to the Tyrone address talked about on the boards. But if I can clear things up with a phone call would rather do that. Can you help?


    I didn't call anyone. I wrote to the Tyrone address, but I'm sure my letter and the remainder of my certificates crossed in the mail.


    I heard now that they are saying by March 1 you should get your certificates.

  9. BoA is saying that not all the certs have been mailed. Apparently, if we don't have our certs by 2/14, then we can file a resolution dispute. They shorted me approx 1100 points, which I intended to use to pay for an October cruise. Hubby had about 1200 due to him and he got them all last week - no problem.


    When we combine our points, our penthouse should be free! Wooohooooo! The upgrade certs are worthless.


    Somehow, I have a feeling my certs will arrive in a week or so, but nevertheless, I have typed my letter and will mail it tomorrow to the resolution address BoA gave me.

  10. Hey girlfriend... how is life with Elvis?


    I posted yesterday, but don't see my post. No biggie. The address I was given is not what was posted previously. I was given a street address (Tyron Street) with an NCL code to use.


    My TA who is also a CC member has voiced her opinion re the upgrades, but her voice has fallen on deaf ears. I guess to use our 100 point upgrade certs we have to book separate cruises for each certificate all within 11 months in order to take advantage! Oh ya, like we'll all do this in this horrid economy.


    As long as I get the correct amount of 500 certificates, I'll be happy and chuck the rest in the trash. I think I'll go in search of a different credit card too.


    So girlfriend... we leave for Egypt in 67 days. We have NCL booked for Mex Riv cruise on Oct 17th. After that, nothing is booked. (shock). Big hugs to Elvis! ta ta

  11. Day before yesterday my husband received $1200 worth of points and it was correct. My points showed up yesterday and I got $100 certificate for upgrade (worthless on suites or above), but nothing else! I had over 1200 points as of 12-31-08.


    I called BoA and after 20 minutes on hold was transferred. The rep said he couldn't access my records because the points program was no longer effective. He gave me an address for NCL resolution center.


    I decided to call the number that was posted on the sticky and reached BoA card services - answered almost immediately. She put me on hold twice and came back to say that their records show not all the certificates have been sent. The balance will be sent between Feb 1 and Feb 10th. She suggested I wait until 2-12 and call back. She said they will give me the resolution information I would need to file a claim.


    I think I'll just be pessimistic and write to the reso place now. With my luck I'll probably get another 100 upgrade instead of the 1100 points they owe!


    Luckily, my next NCL cruise isn't until Oct 17th. I told my husband that since the 100 upgrade points can't be used on suites or higher, we ought to book a room and see what we get for his 100's along with mine - together we'd have about 500 or 600 points. Maybe we book another Mex Riv cruise and relax.

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