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  1. As I read the modified Bermuda Vacation Guide, it seems to me that the first sentence says that Bermuda itself has changed its “response plan” so that guests who have tested negative for Covid-19 but have been in close contact with a guest who tested positive will not be required by Bermuda to disembark to a quarantine hotel. I read the last sentence to say that asymptomatic close contact guests may be able to stay on the ship in designated isolation rooms, as determined on a case-by-case basis by Crystal. So, reading the two sentences together, while Bermuda won’t require close contact guests who tested negative to leave the ship, it’s a separate decision, on a case-by-case basis, by Crystal as to how those guests will be handled.
  2. Oh, my. Sorry. I didn't realize it was small. Is this OK?
  3. I would be very interested in learning how and where the "exposures" occurred, if you wouldn't mind sharing that information. My hope is that I will be going on my currently-booked Crystal cruises over the next few months, and would appreciate any hints or suggestions about how to avoid possible exposure. Thanks.
  4. Much as I have been expressing concerns about the breakthrough infections reported on Symphony and what that means for the future, having all passengers and crew vaccinated is a non-negotiable requirement for me. Obviously I know others may have differing views. But if Crystal were to change its policy on that, I would immediately cancel the 3 upcoming cruises my husband and I have booked on them.
  5. Wow, lots of responses to my comment. Perhaps I wasn’t clear. The concern is that what occurred on the Symphony is an anomaly, when comparing it to other breakthrough infection data (considering, for example, number of breakthroughs, number of people tested, and period of time involved). So the question is why did that happen? Hopefully we will get some answers from the CDC’s investigation.
  6. I was just discussing this with my husband who is a retired professor at a school of public health. He was saying that, while it’s known that there are rare breakthrough infections in vaccinated people, the fact that there are 5 or 6 cases in such a small population over a short period of time is quite surprising. It would be useful if Crystal would provide information about how that could have occurred, and what steps they are taking, if any, to prevent a reoccurrence.
  7. Please understand that I am rooting for Crystal and want everything to work out. I was on a roundtrip Boston cruise earlier this month (I think the same one you were on), and my husband and I had a fabulous time. In fact, we are booked on 3 more Crystal cruises in the next few months. With this recent Covid event, we feel it behooves us to gather as much information as we can to make an informed decision about what to do about them. I now have worries that I admit I didn't think about while on the recent cruise. Maybe I should have, but I didn't. That was one of the things that was so nice about being onboard. It felt more like "normal" used to feel. I'm afraid that will be less so after this event.
  8. My test was also a "self-swab", and I did wonder if I had gone "deep" enough for the sample. My concern, however, was that I wouldn't receive any result at all, rather than that it would be a negative result if not justified.
  9. Thanks, Vince, but unless these people were traveling together, that still leaves open the question of why and how so many people wound up being positive at the same time. (And the number of positive people is what led the Bermuda government to require people being removed from the ship, I gather). Also, my question still remains about whether Crystal, given this event, is going to modify its procedures at all. If my memory serves, the positive case(s) on Serenity were a smaller number at any one time. What happened here that there was such a large number?
  10. Not sure this is any longer the correct thread to post this on, but I'll give it a try. I'm very interested in receiving additional information from Crystal about the 5 (and was it ultimately 6?) guests who tested positive for Covid so shortly after boarding. Were they all traveling together? Is there any thought that there may be been faulty testing or documentation? Do they have any idea about what actually occurred? This is a large number of guests to have Covid given the extensive precautions that Crystal and Bermuda required. Something seems to have gone wrong here. Given this occurrence, will Crystal take any additional steps to try to avoid a similar event in the future?
  11. And, as I referenced in a previous post, even if you have purchased travel insurance that covers Covid, it would not cover you for losses associated with your having to leave the cruise when you yourself don't have Covid. I actually just reviewed a very standard travel insurance policy with a reputable company to confirm that.
  12. Thanks. I assumed insurance for those who actually tested positive for Covid. But I wouldn't think that insurance covered someone who had to leave the ship because they were in close contact with someone who had tested positive but weren't sick themselves, but left the ship because of Crystal's requirements.
  13. Does anyone know whether there is any refund by Crystal of all or part of the cost of the cruise for those passengers who are removed from the ship due to either having a positive Covid test or being in close contact with someone who has?
  14. There is an easy remedy for this. When a crew member started to take my husband and me to seats, we simply went off on our own and made sure our seating was very far from anyone else (easy to do, regardless of the show). While the seats we chose were not what we would have chosen under "normal" circumstances, they were absolutely fine for these types of shows.
  15. Hi. I was on the Symphony cruise that ended September 19. And yes, people were sitting at the bar in the Crystal Cove.
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