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  1. Just booked the 14 Day Grand Alaska Trip Northbound/Southbound trip starting and ending in Vancouver, Canada on Coral Princess. Interested in hearing from everyone who has taken the trip. Excursions in each place to take/avoid? Which port can u just walk off ship and into town? Companies to take excursions with vs Princess excursions . Any help would be great. How cold/warm will it be? Thanks
  2. Has anyone taken the Princess trip British Isles (Dublin Overnight)? If so, when Princess docks, will there be buses, taxis waiting near the ship? I have read that people are not allow to walk thru the port to the exit. On this trip, Princess has buses, that u pay for, that will take you to Edinburgh and Glasgow and drop u off and pick u up in the afternoon. I find it odd that Princess is not doing this for Dublin. Especially for a two day visit. Or is it something you need to sign up for on the ship? Thanks, Jenny
  3. Princess will be in Dublin for two days. We looked at Google Earth and noticed it is about a 50 minute walk from the ship to downtown Dublin. Does anyone know if there will be taxis, buses, etc. waiting for people getting off the ship and taking them downtown Dublin and dropping them off? And the best way of getting back to the ship? Thanks, Jenny
  4. Crown Princess will be stopping in Dublin for two days on the trip British Isles (Dublin Overnight). We looked at Google Earth and noticed it will be about a 50 minute walk from the ship to Downtown Dublin. When getting off the ship, does anyone know if there are taxis waiting for people getting off the ship and driving them downtown? Or buses? Or Hop On Hop Off buses? Rather than taking excursions that the ship offers, we prefer to do it on our own. Also, recommendations on what to see. Thanks, Jenny
  5. My husband and I went on a Princess Cruise last year to Norway. They had three formal nights. I wore a pair of black slacks and a blouse with some sparkles and flat shoes. My husband wore a nice pair of slacks and a button down shirt. No jacket or tie. We had no problems. We saw other people dressed like we were.
  6. We are going to be stopping in Cork, Ireland for a day on Crown Princess. We would like to see The Old Church Cemetery. Very interested in the Lusitania. Is it in walking distance from where the ship docks? If so, are there sidewalks? How long of a walk? Or would a taxi be better and how long of a drive?
  7. Easy Answer - I did alot of study to get from Heathrow Airport to Southhampton 4 days before we set sail. I used English Rose Collection. They are excellent. They responded to my emails quickly. They were very detail as to where they will be at the airport. The driver was there when we got off the plane. He had water for us. He was professional. If you look at reviews on the web, you will find that the overall satisfaction is outstanding. I will use them again if I am in London again. They have a great web site. You pay up front with a credit card and will get a receipt. You will not be disappointed! Just tell them what you want and they will send you the information.
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