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  1. Bring Jewel back to do the Southern Caribbean 10 & 11 night sailings, push Vision off to doing the NE/Canada from Boston or Panama Canal passages from Florida.
  2. This is all the info i can get out of RC on facebook.
  3. Wonder why there's no Harmony TA listed in April 2021 yet, anyone got info when they will release it?
  4. I can't get ovation to move past the initial page...how did you manage that?
  5. I figured that their both supposed to get amped, so one would go to the Bahamas and the other would go to Caldiz, Spain. Who knows other that Royal 😂
  6. There both getting Amped, so were talking over 100 million dollars each.
  7. Nobody has inside information? I'm shocked. 😳
  8. Does anyone know where they will get Amped at in 2021?
  9. I was looking at Four Points by Sheraton on S. Federal HWY and Holliday Inn Express on SE 17th just around the corner, Which one is the better of the two?
  10. That doesn't even make sense why they wouldn't transfer the OBC over. It seems like they could transfer the booking # over to the Allure.
  11. So am I, not I will see if my TA can slide that OBC to that sailing. Has anyone experience this before? My concern is that we already booked it before the official cancellation notification.
  12. I don't remember what channel it was...funny thing is i got of Indy prior to Serenade and it didn't work on Indy for me.
  13. We were on Serenade 4-15 Mar 2019 and the folio worked fine on our tv.
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