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  1. lonzwinery

    Day passes in Nassau? Any suggestions

    Yep, I just called them. They confirmed that I can simply book a room for the night, and have access to the entire resort for the day. Only problem, it ain't cheap! Over $500 with all the fees, plus, this does not include food and drinks. Ouch! Me thinks we'll just stay on the boat 🙂
  2. lonzwinery

    Day passes in Nassau? Any suggestions

    Breezes looks really nice! Was all set to book day passes for our cruise in March, however, no children under 14 are allowed. Was thinking about trying Baha Mar, but looks like they do not offer day passes. Has anyone ever just booked a room for the night, and used the room booking as your day pass? Was thinking about going this route instead...
  3. lonzwinery

    Not Happy with Liquor Up Charges

    I might be willing to buy them off you guys 🙂. I'm booked for the Bliss next month (March). How much are they worth, and how much are you selling them for?
  4. lonzwinery

    New UBP price list

    Price increases do not surprise me one bit. NCL is a publicly traded company with shareholders. I've worked for both public companies and privately held companies. The order of priority (usually) for public companies is profits (i.e., shareholders), customers, employees. Sometimes, it's profits (shareholders), employees, customers. Profits always come first for publicly traded companies, period. For privately held companies, the priority is usually employees, customers, and then profits. Based on my experience, if you take care of your employees and customers first, usually profits will follow.
  5. Hello, My wife, sons, and I will be on the Bliss in March. My wife and I have the 3-night specialty dining package, however, when booking the reservation, the agent from Norwegian recommended that we DO NOT buy separate specialty dining packages for my boys (8 and 10) since they will be able to eat free. Does anyone have experience with "kids eat free" in the specialty dining restaurants? For example, can they order off the menu, or do they have a separate menu for kids? I'm happy to buy separate packages for each of them, but just thought I'd check with the group. I'll probably call and confirm, too, but just thought I'd ask for any first-hand experiences 🙂 My apologies if this question has already been asked. I searched the forum, and a TON of results came back for "specialty dining kids eat free," and I didn't see any concrete answers (I know a lot of people tend to get very upset when the same question has been asked, so my apologies!). Thanks!
  6. lonzwinery

    What was your upgrade offer and what did you bid

    We're sailing on the Bliss in March. I put offers on every single Haven category room. I'm guessing none of them will hit since the Haven is showing completely sold-out for our sailing date, but figured it's worth a shot .
  7. lonzwinery

    Laser Tag on Bliss

    Is there an unlimited price option for Laser Tag on the Bliss, similar to how there's an unlimited option for Go-Carts on the Bliss? Apologies if this question was already asked. I did search the forum but didn't find an answer. https://boards.cruisecritic.com/search/?q=laser tag Thanks!
  8. lonzwinery

    Latest NCL offer

    Agreed. A lot of the "promotions" are smoke and mirrors/shell games.
  9. lonzwinery

    Black Friday deal?

    Agreed. The various different pricing models, OBC credit, "free at sea" offers, etc. all seem to be a shell game... At the end of the day, the pricing really does not change all that much...
  10. I locked in a reservation for a guarantee (GTY) balcony room on the Bliss, and noticed I was randomly assigned a handicap cabin, which I was surprised to see (I am not handicap, nor do I want to take a handicap cabin from someone that truly needs one). Anyhow, the cabin number is 14260. In looking at the deck plans, it's not entirely clear to me in terms of what exactly is different about this room. Is it bigger? I noticed the deck plans show a little white space between 14260 and 14262 (please see pic). Does this mean the room is bigger, along with a bigger deck? Curious if anyone has ever stayed in one, and if so, what's different about this cabin? Thanks!
  11. We have 4 specialty dining nights for our upcoming cruise on the Bliss. Which ones should we hit? I'm thinking: 1. Cagney's 2. Teppanyaki 3. La Cucina 4. ? Haven't heard much about Los Lobos, Q, or Ocean Blue. We're pretty much open to whatever option has the best reviews 🙂 Thanks!
  12. Glitch is definitely still there, nearly two weeks after I originally booked my reservations. Looks like I can book 1 inside room and 1 Star Loft Suite (which is only $55,894 lol!), for $8,578.72. Hysterical! Please see pics below.
  13. So I went to book a 7 day cruise on the Symphony of the Seas, and I entered all my credit card info, and just as I was about to pay the down payment, I decided to change the configuration from 2 inside cabins to 1 inside cabin and 1 mini-suite, so that I could see how much more it would cost me to go with a mini-suite (wanted to surprise my wife with a mini-suite, and put our 4 children in the inside cabin). Much to my surprise, when I changed one of the rooms to a mini-suite, I noticed that the price did not change. I thought, "Well, that's weird... Maybe there's some sort of flash sale..." So I went aheads and booked it. I also decided to take screenshots, just in case (please see pics). I even videoed too. Lol! Just seemed too good to be true! As you'll see in the screenshots, the reservation went through at the price for 2 inside cabins, and my total remaining (after the $1500 deposit) was $6734.72. A few days go by, and I decided to check my balance due, and sure enough, it was several thousand dollars more than $6734.72. I called RCCL, and mentioned that the website quoted me $8234.72. I also sent them all the screenshots as proof. They put me on hold, and after 15 minutes, finally got back to me and told me that they could not honor the price, and that they cancelled my reservation and issued me a full refund. Being the person I am, I took the high road, and accepted a full refund. Bummed out for sure, but I get it, website glitches happen. Funny thing is though, this happened almost a week and a half ago, and just the other day, I noticed that the glitch is still there! I was able to make it happen again! LOL! I didn't pull the trigger though. LOL! Thanks!
  14. Three weeks ago (Escape 4/15/2017 sail date) when they pulled a dead man out of the water about 20 miles off the coast of Tortola. He jumped overboard around 3:30 AM, and a crew of four men pulled him out of the water around 7:00 AM. They pulled him out of the water in front of probably at least 1000 passengers all watching from their balconies and the public decks on the port side. Very sad indeed :-( Never seen anything like it. He was completely naked, except for a t-shirt... Crazy...
  15. lonzwinery

    PreCruise Hotels near Port of Miami

    We stayed at the Residence Inn Miami Beach for 2 nights before our cruise. It's about a $15 Uber ride to the Port of Miami. The location was great! Right near famous Lincoln Road Mall, which is awesome! We walked down Lincoln Road Mall each day to Miami Beach, and sat on the beach, right in front of the Ritz. I would definitely stay here again! Pool on the top floor. Plus, the hotel is relatively new (maybe 1 or 2 years old). Hope this helps!