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  1. Seriously? By assist they didn't mean compensate monetarily??? Wow. Now it seems to add insult to injury!
  2. The e-mail that we got from X said that for cruisers already in Florida, they would pay for the hotel and/or airfare home. Did you not receive the same e-mail? Surely they are going to reimburse you? Great attitude, either way, Jim!
  3. Wow, she must have an insider number. I've heard of wait times over 3 hours!
  4. Congrats. Why not ask for the upgraded perks? With so many of us cancelling, maybe they will be more than happy to add those perks for you. If you used a TA, perhaps get in touch...the worst thing that could happen is that they say no. Good luck!
  5. Yes, ditto. We got a b2b in 2022 for $699 with $400 obc. Keep checking, these deals DO exist.
  6. On the site we used it was cheaper than an inside! I wonder what is going on--the 4-night cruise before it is not nearly as low and there is no cruise scheduled at all afterwards. So maybe a charter? Some kind of refurb?
  7. Us, too. Just saw that deal for a sky suite and jumped right on it!
  8. It's not either of them. It's three words starting with V. Just click 'custom search' and you are good to go. Even when they aren't the lowest price available with the greatest obc, they are a good starting point to look up a specific cruise price on another site. Good luck!
  9. Sorry I wasn't more clear. This was on HAL and is called a neptune suite.
  10. Nope. It's one of those things that you have to keep looking for every day! The tips are to find a big box TA online. Do a custom search, sort by cabin type and a low/high on price, date, etc. Just keep tweaking based on what you are trying to find. Although it seems like a lot of work, after a few tries it becomes second habit and is quick. You will be amazed at the bargains you can find if you aren't super picky. Yes, having to book years out might not get you the very best of the best deals, but they are still out there to be snapped up. Once we got an inside for less than $20 pd, but that was last minute. Another time we got the second nicest cabin two years out for $150 pd.
  11. We just booked from Jan 31-Feb 10, 2022 on Infinity for $140 pp/pd for a sky with $800 obc. Keep looking for great deals.
  12. The b2b we are doing is the consecutive 5-night cruises. We also passed on the 2-night. Just keep checking. They don't last, but sometimes there really is a huge reduction.
  13. We did this one as a b2b. Last week I noticed the fare went down to $699 with $400 obc so had our price adjusted.
  14. Yes, the two top ones are last minute cruises and gone. The last two are in 2022 and 2021. The Infinity has several sailings at that rate, so we decided on a b2b.
  15. Since I no longer work, I scour the sites for great deals. Others have been saying the X has outlandish prices recently and although I did find that to be the case by doing cursory glances, once I really started digging into X and only X there were many awesome deals to be found. Most cruisers will not have our flexibility (husband has unlimited vacation time and no children), but if you do, keep on the lookout for these types of discounts: 5 night inside $179 with $350 obc (infinity) 7 night sky $1499 with $825 obc (equinox) 5 night sky $999 with $450 obc (infinity) 15 night sky $3299 with $1100 obc (mil) Happy hunting!
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