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  1. I really hope you are correct. But then again, I thought that in March, and April, and May, and June, and July <sigh>
  2. Yes, that is a concern. We don't wear masks, but BUT we are also extreme introverts and barely ever go out (even before all of this began). We stay away from people. The issue some people seem to have is that they think masks make them immune, instead of simply protecting others against them. They wear a non-mask mask that is never washed and put on/taken off a dozen times per day. While I am certainly no doctor, wouldn't it be better just to social distance?
  3. Thanks, now I see it. I wonder what happened with Chili.
  4. That is weird, on my site it shows US at #11.
  5. Agree. Most of the time they aren't good. Some of it might be due to a cleaning issue. We love super strong espresso, but the in-room machines seem to be so bitter that they are undrinkable.
  6. Thank you. Some of the hysteria, oof.
  7. Susie, you and I have a lot in common wrt what is going on right now. That being said, it truly seems like some of these new protocols are actually very very positive for the freedoms of individual cruisers! Maybe read the article again and think of it in terms of the company bearing the brunt of responsibility so that the customer does not.
  8. Everyone is different, though. Sometimes we find crazy things that make our cruise unique. I still brag about a cruise taken back in 2006. Eight night, $8 tab. Instead of finding expensive things to do, I scoured the ship to find fun, free activities. It was a solo cruise and one of my favorites.
  9. A tale of two cruise lines... On Regent, we got a second visit at the steakhouse "free." We weren't able to get in until very late. It was still worth waiting for, but our table just about closed down the place. On Crystal, we were able to get two additional visits at UU. The first was early, which is what we wanted. The second was so late that we had to eat an early dinner first. In both cases, we had around 1k obc. For my part, either way is fine. Maybe with Crystal charging for additional visits, it aided in being able to go to UU twice more?
  10. A dancer in The Bistro told us she takes her coffee with almond milk to cut down on the fat. We take ours with heavy cream to increase the fat. Makes me wonder if the fat free or the keto people correct !?!
  11. Not really. If I was forced to pick one port: St. Barts. A 14-day cruise to nowhere is fine.
  12. We've only been on Regent once, but my husband had the time of his life on a catamaran at St. Barts. My moment was trying Dover Sole. I've never been a huge fan, so wasn't expecting the best fish dish of my life. Regent obviously does Sole correctly!
  13. It is so beautiful and completely awe inspiring! You will be amazed 🙂
  14. At home I follow more of an 18/6 like you. But earlier starting time! We had to spend a lot of time in the fitness center in order not to gain much weight. This was the first time we'd ever been on a cruise which offered all of the fitness classes for free...so we took almost all of them, which meant several classes per day.
  15. We did pretty well on our 12-night b2b. Nothing for breakfast until about 8:30am. Went to dinner as soon as they opened the dining room at 6pm and nothing afterwards. The last 36 hours we cheated a little, but it was something to look forward to, and helped us stick to relatively healthy eating beforehand. Hubby gained about 5 lbs, but worked out so much that his body fat was still only 17% at the end!!! Pretty good for mid 50's, he is a beast! I gained 2 lbs.
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