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  1. That tenderloin looks AMAZING☺️
  2. Hello, what are the things you order for dinner? Thanks!
  3. Still trying to find out what’s playing on our Jan 4th cruise on Royal. Anyone know?
  4. Has anyone from a recent Royal cruise had this? Leaving Jan 4th and hoping they will have it❤️❤️❤️
  5. Tell me about trivia please🛳🛳🛳
  6. Does anyone know what movies will be playing? I’m hoping “Judy” will be playing 🛳🛳🛳
  7. Thank you so much, we’re really looking forward to it🛳🛳🛳
  8. We want to sign up for the special afternoon tea in the piazza. Can you tell me exactly where we sign up, we want to do this when we board. Thanks🛳🛳
  9. Hi, I’m looking for info on the shows on the Royal. Anyone know and what’s good? Thank you🛳🛳
  10. Is the MDR open for breakfast every day? Thank you 🛳🛳🛳
  11. I’m hoping they have ribs at the buffet on day one. Anyone have any idea if they do? Thanks🛳🛳🛳
  12. Looks like I may be sleeping on the sofa bed. Do s anyone know if it’s comfortable?
  13. What are your favorite foods to eat after boarding (Royal)👍👍👍
  14. Can anyone tell me about trivia? Is it free?
  15. Thank you so much, he’s great🛳🛳🛳
  16. What did he say, my volume is too low🛳🛳
  17. We are sailing on Jan 2020 and I though Matt O was going to be on the Royal. Is he? Thanks so much🛳🛳
  18. Hello, we had Marvin (from the Phillipines) on the Ruby 2 years ago and hope Is to have him on the Royal in January. Does anyone know what ship he.is on? Thank you🛳🛳🛳🛳
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