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  1. Any names of TA’s that are good? I would love to find one that calls me with good deals...thanks
  2. The DW and I have Allure booked in the middle of November and our daughter just announced she is with child (first one) and due date of early November....no way DW (or Grammy!) will want to leave town for a month or two.....I asked TA and after he checked with RCI, was told it would cost $200 since it was a NRD......any ideas....we are flexible.......thanks
  3. Because this is our first time on Oasis class (Harmony) and I always forget something and also always learn something new when I ask here! This is what we have: Voom for one device (and I purchased a Hootoo so we can use a couple devices at the Sam time) ATT Cruise text and tak just for my phone for $50. (I need to check on work stuff every day) I will turn data off on my phone i will put her phone and both IPads in Airplane mode. ( I have had surprises before!!) I will only make calls & texts when I see “cellular at Sea” or I know I am in a US Territory (I have had surprises before!!!) what at is the best way for my DW and I to communicate while onboard if we get separated or lost? What else am I forgetting or doing wrong?? Thanks ......we sail on 3/10....can’t wait!!!!
  4. do you know if the hammock will work on an inside balcony? thanks
  5. We are sailing on Harmony 3/10....I just received a royal up email. my question is if I bid the minimum $400x2=$800 what perks will we get? do we get double C&A points? i'm trying to get to Diamond!! do we get free booze? I have already paid for one booze package and one soda package, If free in suite, will that be refunded? what other perks are available?? Thanks
  6. I'm curious, roughly how much do you need to gamble to get a free cruise? I just got off a cruise and spent a couple hours every night playing table games (mostly 3 card poker) and went down about $1200 at the end. I got a $200 future cruise coupon.
  7. Quick question, we are in Puerto Rico and sailing tonight at 8:30pm (I thought it was earlier) We have late dinning (8:30).....Will there be dinner tonight in the MDR?....THANKS
  8. Any Idea what it takes to hit prime.....I'm usually at a table two or three hours a night
  9. Ok thanks.....do you know when the first cruise out of PR is??
  10. I’m sailing December 8th. Does anyone have a cruise compass....thanks
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