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  1. Thanks, I can confirm Friday afternoon a terrible time to call. Over 1.5 hrs to get someone to answer and still working on investigating the issues going in and out of holds, at 2hrs and 20 minutes. Happy to have someone trying to help tho.
  2. I really wish they'd start something where you could pick an option to get a callback instead of these crazy waits. Or a way to email exact description of the "problem" with backup and wait for a callback. I've recieved all but $300 across 2 reservations on May 6th but it's an amount that I believe relates to a reservation deposit canceled a year before and funds applied to other reservations. I think it might be lost in the process and want to know what they are showing on their end. Did it go to a closed out credit card (normally flows on thru) or possibly refunded to the pax on canceled reservation via written check instead of the purchaser, etc? Any tips on how to avoid long holds to get thru to someone?
  3. I got the email and most of the refund posted. I'm off by $300 across two reservations. I can't quite reconcile why they are off by that amount so I'm hoping in a few days the rest will post. Overall I'm happy. Cancelled with NCL and deposit is supposed to take 90 days. Fortunately NCL deposits are relatively small compared to RCCL.
  4. Yeah, my biggest problem with the delay is that we finally get an email that actually references when there will be another update/email and then nothing is emailed? "We’ll have an update for you by May 6th, ...." although, I suppose it could come later today. I came to this site to see if anyone else had an update from RCCL.
  5. Final payment due for Sept cruise soon but I'd rather cancel. Just wondering if need to actually call and cancel or if it's sort of automatic. How long are deposit refunds taking? Thanks.
  6. Thanks for the info, found the email in spam and clicked thru the questions to request a refund.
  7. Got a text that upcoming cruise canceled and reference to check email for details but don't have a detail. For other in the same boat, does it say automatically issuing refunds and/or giving the option for FCC? I don't want to call and have a long hold so thought I'd check in with someone here who might have gotten the "additional details" referenced in text. Thanks.
  8. I want to cancel a cruise outside the promo window, one I should have cancelled earlier due to a timing conflict with school break. Just wondered about wait times. ps There isn't a way to just cancel online is there? It's in fully refundable stage now so just looking to get deposits back. Seems like RCCL should make this relatively easy but I didn't see anywhere to click in the reservation to cancel.
  9. It seems reasonable to me they are doing 30 days instead of 2 months like some other lines. A pause in the US, started early enough, might be all we need to get over this. It's nice they are refunding even tho they are the ones canceling. Gate1 Travel canceled everyone from land tours and pretty much said it is what it is with the airline and we'll give you the $ spend to use later, no refund.
  10. I'm not sure the pushback here if it clings on without residue and you easily remove before leave, to use another time or to toss, why not. For that money, to allow a little light in and not be overly concerned about what people might see, seems like a good idea. Maybe try it and do a post when get back on how it went with some pictures and measurements. I bet the first person to mention over the door shoe holder for organization was met with "why not use the drawers in cabin". Maybe it works great or maybe it's a pain to open and close the slider for whatever reason, report back and we'll learn something.
  11. The photo op with two ships was a charter situation around superbowl time. They do plan on having pretty much two oasis class ship capacity toward the end of the year. Seems like if they plan on getting there anyway, a test run would be a good way to list any problems and come up with solutions. Some of the cancelations have to also be canceling items reserved on Coco Cay so bringing another ship in that had planned to be at sea could help recoup a tiny part of the losses they are seeing related to CV. Just a thought.
  12. For the next two months seems like ships will sail less full. Could need to be docking more ships at CC if other ships get redeployed from Asia/Europe. Sailings out of FL feel safer than international travel for americans still willing to cruise once we've adapted to the virus sticking around.
  13. Asking for a friend. Cruise is next week, I think the Sky and likely organized thru some travel agency. I briefed them on the link to NCL website about ability to cancel and get FCC. BUT, they are under the impression they would need to reschedule and ALL FOUR sail together again. They are seniors headed into the workforce in different cities so that is not possible. Is there anything in the fine print or rules different if booked thru a group with TA (marketing to spring break college kids) that would mean the FCC would need to be used in the future in the form of a quad with same passengers? If they cancel or noshow, either way the port fees and taxes and prepaid gratuties would be refunded, right? Thanks for any info.
  14. What about an "at the port" situation where screening (is RCCL doing temperature scans like Princess?) What if roommate has a temp and is sent home with a full refund but other pax in cabin wants to sail? It's not like the room on departure day could be sold to anyone else so seems like RCCL would prefer to let other pax sail and keep the money.
  15. Did any turn ugly and get pulled this morning? I commented on a new one this morning but don't see it. Always bugs me when things disappear and I wasn't sure how it could have turned south or maybe I didn't actually post when I thought I did LOL.
  16. Anyone know what would happen if roommate wants to cancel but other pax doesn't? I dunno if RCCL is getting loose on single supplements like NCL when sailing soon and have capacity.
  17. How do theses laws allow for a cruise to nowhere? I'm sure I did one of those in college on RCCL. Also, say a 3 night sailing to Nassau with an at sea day for some reason can't get to Nassau (weather, local authorities closing port, whatever), is there going to be some big fee for RCCL?
  18. How is this venue, any recent food reviews since refurb? I can't remember which Oasis class ship but once had it where ordered from a menu the entree and the starters and maybe desserts were available buffet style. Another time it seemed like a much larger venue and it was all buffet. Thanks.
  19. I know it's spring break but it's Encore doing a 7 night (and these pax are older than spring breakers) but I'd still have guessed "huge fight on a cruise" would be a lesser ship sailing shorter duration to be having this sort of fight. Just shows my bias/assumptions were inappropriate.
  20. That brings up some good questions, wonder how they handled smokers on Diamond Princess. I'm surprised I'm not reading more in media about conditions and personal experiences now that they have been back a good while. And what sort of situation they are in now back in the US.
  21. Very nice review of a ship that oftens gets labeled as something that should have been sold to Pullmantur years ago. It's all perspective.
  22. Interesting. I'm ok with the 25% of the price reduction after final b/c it's more than other cruiselines do.............. but, don't most cruiselines let you upgrade if a better cabin is available at same or less than you paid? Or the ability to upgrade if the difference small and you pay the difference? The only answer to this is last minute booking. Cruiselines are gonna need to offer a little incentive to booking early, like at least the ability to upgrade.
  23. Connecting cabins not available but I wonder about the no-show situation. If put 'over 21' and 20 year old in one cabin and 'over 21-no show' with another 20 year old in another cabin, maybe GTY cabin, would they have any trouble boarding and allowing the 20 year old to sail w/o the "adult" in cabin? If they don't let someone under 21 board without the 'over 21' pax checking in with them, seems like it would be a problem. Then again, there are all these spring break cruises.....
  24. Wait, name change on pax in a cabin, not related to airfare? If NCL has 60 days limit it's much more restrictive than other cruiselines. Maybe this regards NCL air?
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