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  1. Thank you for the info!! We are right behind you on the 19th. Looking for all the posts from the cruise. I just know it will be awesome. Yaaaay for you!!!
  2. We get in Thursday at 2:30pm. We are going to drive (we got a car) to the first testing site if they are open Thursday afternoon and get the test. I just emailed them. I can let you know when I hear.
  3. There is a lab downtown who sends the results to the above lab. They just sent me this information- Simpson Bay Medical Clinic is conveniently located at the Simpson Bay Yacht club (Lago del Plaza), just behind the Simpson Bay Pharmacy in walking distance from the main hotels and marinas. COVID TESTING INFORMATION TESTING HOURS MONDAYS - FRIDAYS 9AM-11.30AM SATURDAYS- 9AM-10:30AM PRICES 1• PCR- $50 SEPERATE LAB FEE $70 (24-48 HOURS WAIT FOR RESULTS) 2• ANTIGEN (RAPID) TESTING $100 (1-2 HOURS WAIT FOR RESULTS) CASH ONLY! WALK-INS ONLY/ NO APPOINTMENTS PLEASE WALK WITH ANY FORM OF IDENTIFICATION: PASSPORT/DRIVER'S LICENSE
  4. You can easily get the test done in St Maarten. You can email info@healthcarelab.sx - they have a clinic in town who will send it out to them for the test. It’s $70 per person (please verify) and make a appointment.
  5. I would like to know this also. We are 2 days before and 2 days after our cruise on 6/19. Thanks!
  6. Looking for 3 couples to share this excursion - it’s $156.13 per person. The excursion is in the cruise planner. It would be 8 which I think would not be too crowded. I will have to double check if 8 is allowed but in the meantime I’d like to see if anyone is interested in joining us. If 2 couples join its $208 per person. That might be the best option.
  7. Find me if you make it. We have some wonderful friends in Melbourne we met while in Sydney. We have a lovely Airbnb on our property.
  8. I live in Savannah. At the beach all the time. We love supporting the locals at the ports. Also staying 4 days in St Maarten which we will do that. I sent a message for a private custom tour which could include others. We shall see. If I wanted to save money I wouldn’t even go on the cruise.
  9. Thank you. I have written Celebrity to see what can be offered. I’m open to a small group and will post when they have some ideas in our wheelhouse. We did a awesome excursion in Cozumel which was to a orphanage and then to a private home for lunch (serving local dishes) It was 3 sisters who prepared the meal (it was scrumptious) ending with a little shopping.
  10. I’m asking about getting to the ports and going out on our own. We have been to all of these a dozen times and the excursions offered we have done multiple times. Could we just go to the beach on our own or go shopping?
  11. Does anyone know if we can book our own excursions? Thanks!
  12. We are sailing on June 19 out of St Maarten. We are staying at the Oyster Bay. They offer testing on site but I also understand that the airport will also offer testing so I think going early will not be a issue. I’m so looking forward to cruising again!!
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