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  1. Thanks for the information. DW is a lot happier now. (and I'm happy she isn't taking her hair curlers as well) but I will check her suitcase just before we go.(just in case 😁)
  2. Thanks Elaine. I had a feeling that gas would'nt be allowed.
  3. Hi Thanks for your reply. Sorry I hav'nt replied sooner.. Had a major computer problem. DW is happy about the straightener and curling iron. I never knew that a "flat iron" in America was their name for a hair straightener. You learn something new all the time. 😀
  4. Hi all. DW wants to know if she can take an electric hair straightener or curling brush on the ship. Or maybe the one with the liquid gas, I think its a Babylass or something like that. (I don't use them myself 😊 The Carnival site seems to say its okay, but it also says you can take a flat iron, which I thought was a definate no no. So I'm non the wiser. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks James
  5. Hi. Thanks for the reply. Like you, I don't think I could manage 10 beers a day. (I would'nt remeber much of the druise if I did. 😄 ) I also like water and coffee. I don't think my wife would drink more than 2 or 3 cocktails a day either. I'm sure we will be having the odd drink when we get off the ship at the different ports as well. We also have some onboard dollars as well, so we will stick to just buying as we want a dink. Thanks again James
  6. Thats good to know. Working it out to that amount of cocktails each day, I don't think we would drink that much. Its probably best sticking with "pay as we drink"
  7. Thanks. I did'nt know about notification. I'm not great with computer stuff. 😀
  8. Thanks for your help. I think you're right. I doubt if we could drink over $1600 worth of drink in 2 weeks (And i'm not really bothered about milkshakes or speciality coffees 😁) I may be from the UK, but I have always enjoyed the standard American coffee. On the alcohol side, I like Budweiser and DW likes the odd cocktail (Always in moderation)
  9. Thanks for the quick reply. Yes we are in the UK. I think I know the website you mean, but I was'nt sure if they were recent prices or several years old.
  10. Hi Everyone. We are going on the Carnival Conquest at the end of September and we are looking at which is the best way to do the drinks. Either just buying them as we want them, or getting the Cheers programme. It is only me and DW, and we are not huge drinkers. (But do like a tipple 😁 ) Does anyone have a recent drinks menu and price list to compare? Thanks James
  11. Sorry, I should have explained I am in the UK. Has anyone on this side of the pond used it to pay the balance? Thanks James
  12. Sorry spelt Revolut wrong in heading. 🙄
  13. Hi. Has anyone paid their holiday balance with Revolut? I am due to pay for our cruise with Carnival, and because its in Dollars, I thought it would be easier using my Revolut card. If I use my Debit card, Natwest charge quite a lot in fees. With Revolut I can pay in Dollars. I wasn't sure because its about $3000. Anyone done this, and had any problems? Thanks James
  14. Ha Ha. Like that one.😂😂
  15. Thanks for the quick replies. Herself will be very pleased. She said she always loved coming back to the cabin to see what animal has been made.
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