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  1. I was hoping that all ships would have itineraries through May 2021, but just a few....we were hoping to take a closer look at the Accra to Lisbon on the Cloud which usually is in March or April...but nothing on the Cloud or any of the expedition ships and Spirit only to March 2021...we have tentatively booked teh April 5th 2021 Tokyo to Tokyo...hits everywhere ,north , south and central. Excellent itinerary, but yes, very expensive.
  2. Actually that was very helpful....thats the kind of thing I was hoping to hear. Anxious is the right word for me, because if you are spending well over $20000 on a vacation , Idont want to regret having canceled my Silversea cruise that hit the majority of the same ports for a cruise that doesnt have the peaceful veranda experience that I enjoy...but with everything travel related, I’m always up for a new experience and trying something new...so only time will tell.. I was just curious if anyone else felt the same way as I did before they went on their first yacht experience.
  3. Agreed, dumb place to move it to...I’m sure the moderator just wanted to bury the story...
  4. The article was originally published in the Miami Herald...regardless of the source, it really is just terrible...
  5. Kind of a snarky response but I will overlook it since I was born and raised a Hoosier and my mom lives in Fishers...so I will forgive you.....anyway, the reason for the question is that perhaps someone else felt like me before they went on Esprit and so I would find their experience interesting...
  6. Nice to meet you and thanks for replying! I haven’t been on cruise critic in forever, so this is the first time I m seeing your reply...we are flying into Larnaca a day early and after the cruise we are staying for a couple days in Amman...
  7. I’m surprised things of this magnitude arent reported and investigated by the national news....this is all very disturbing...
  8. https://www.cruiselawnews.com/2019/04/articles/pollution/federal-judge-threatens-to-imprison-carnival-executives-for-continued-environmental-crimes/ Hopefully RCCL is never accused of such terrible environmental disasters....
  9. Hi there....both cruise lines are pretty similar. Both ultraluxury and both do a great job. We have done many on both lines, although right now we are taking a break and trying a few new things. Ovation is a brand new ship and gorgeous...Ive done Encore which is its sister ship. The crew is absolutely amazing and I would say that as amazing as Silversea’s crews are....I feel like Seabourn edges them out a bit in that area. Seabourn doesnt have butlers...the suite attendant takes care of everything which is fine by me...I definitely don’t miss the butlers. Silversea does upchage for LaDame...but its such a unique dining experience... that it is well worth the money. Silversea has better pool decks ....they are larger and go down the side of the ship as well. Seabourn’s pool deck is smaller and more confining if you will...however, if you are doing a port intensive Baltic trip, I doubt you will be lounging by the pool anyway. At the end of the day, you will love both....I personally love Helsinki...and think its worth a stop. We are doing the Baltic’s next year;however, we have decided to do Oceania because they also stop in Riga, Latvia and Klaipeda, Lithuania...in addition to the regulars all the other lines do....only a couple cruise lines go to Latvia and LIthuania, so thats why I chose Oceania for our Baltic trip...Happy Cruising!
  10. I forgot to include in my post that we were on the December 9th maiden voyage and thought things seemed great. Luminae was a bit slow for food to come out the first 2 days but after that , we didnt really notice anything particularly off on the ship....so I guess thats why I was surprised by the negative comments just the cruise before. Oh well...as long as folks are enjoying it now and more realistic reviews are being published now!
  11. I remember looking at many of the negative reviews and the common denominator were the folks who were on the 3 day preview cruises??? Not sure why this was the case.......
  12. It shouldn’t affect it. We had the same thing happen not too long ago. We just called our TA and they called X and the credit was reinstated. I think there’s something with their computer system that might delete the credit when theres a change in cabin category...it has to be input manually. Just call...should get sorted out easily
  13. We did the Edge on the maiden voyage Dec 9th . We took our moms who are in their 70s and we all LOVED the ship. Its completely different and we liked the new experience. And we actually loved loved loved being able to sit in bed, and control the drapes, a/c, tv, lights etc all from my cell phone! We loved all the specialty restaurants. We thought the decor was beautiful...very much to our liking...and our moms loved it too..so I’m not sure that just because one is 70+ means they wont like it. We were in a sky suite and loved our regular veranda...not sure how I feel about an Infinite Veranda...guess I would have to experience one to comment on that. We loved the Retreat area of the ship as well as Luminae. Only thing I wasnt crazy about is the Martini Bar...it kind of lost its original draw. It seemed like they tried to combine too much into that one space....its large but still so difficult to find a seat and doesn’t have the wow factor the martini bar has on the S class ships. Otherwise we are huge fans. Only other disappointment is to see that every winter season (2019, 2020 and 2021), they have Edge doing the exact same 2 itineraries over and over and over? I dont understand the logic in that?
  14. Thanks so much for your input!!
  15. Branson only says “young at heart”...he’s not just targeting millennials. And from the facebook group I’m on for the maiden voyage, most of us are far from that. And not sure how folks are so quick to nix Virgin for a cruise because there’s no drink package. They said the drinks will be well priced...so until you actually know the price of drinks, perhaps folks shouldn’t be pre judge. Just wait and see they come up with....
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