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  1. The Edge is a beautiful ship with few new modern features. Unfortunately it seems like it seriously lacks in terms of activities. It seems like it's geared toward a boring uptight crowd.



    A little early to judge I think since they have only revealed only a portion of the ship. Besides there's a ship fir everyone and not every cruise ship has to be an amusement park to be fun.

  2. Uktog, have you thought about trying Silversea? With the price you're paying for suites on X...might as well try Silversea...would be comparable in price, but service is amazing. I know you have done a lot of Azamara, but there are only 2 ships and not much variety. Variety is the spice of life...try it, you will love Silversea...smaller ships, very elegant, service top notch and since they are smaller ships, you can get into ports that larger ships cannot.

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