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  1. 20 hours ago, Travelcat2 said:

    As a reminder, I started this thread to share information about a new ship that was so mysterious that one could not tell if it were a luxury cruise ship or not.  As articles have slowly emerged about the ship, I (and others) have updated the thread.  The "unique" cabins/suites, dining venues, tattoo parlor, drinking games in the Korean restaurant are all part of the Scarlet Lady experience.


    Yes - people have made good natured jokes about the ship but no one was being disrespectful.  This has always been meant as a light hearted thread.  Tarwood "gets it"...... we are talking about essentially nothing but it has been fun discussing it.  

    Thanks TC...this has been a fun thread!! Speculating is half the fun!

  2. 22 hours ago, gnomie1 said:

    As I mentioned previously, although Virgin is not specifying any age category, this appears to me to be marketed to the younger crowd looking for a unique holiday experience. The fact that the length of the cruise is short and is in the Caribbean (short travel distances) speaks to the fact that they are gearing the trips to those individuals still working looking to get away. While many people who travel Regent are retired and can travel for longer periods of time, those of us still working are not so lucky. Friends who I travel with are not allowed to take off more than one week at a time (which is not unusual) which greatly limits our options so I can see the market that Virgin is going after, however I don't think this type of cruise would be my cup of tea. In my younger years maybe I would have considered this, but back then I was too busy paying off student loans to even consider such a luxury.


    gnomie :classic_smile:

    A lot of people have said they’re marketing to younger but Branson has always said anyone is welcome as long as they are young at heart....and I love this statement.  My mom is very much a senior, but very young at heart and enjoys new experiences and has a real joie de vivre.   I know she would love this ship as well.  She loved the Edge when we went on it too.  I belong to a facebook group for those of us on the inaugural...and from thepics of the people that have booked so far....I’m one of the youngest (51)...so, I think folks will be surprised..... Ithink there will be a good mix of young and old and I think that’s awesome!

  3. We booked on the first day as we were pre deposit holders.  We booked the inaugural on April 1st, 2020 and are staying in the cheeky corner suite with biggest terrace, deck 13.  Should be a fun cruise! Hopefully there’s plenty of LGBT on board!

  4. I would think the secret location would be a private island.  There’s no reason to say ok, the secret location is Key West or Bimin etc...that would be very anti climatic.  Since Branson has a history of buying his own islands, why not....and create a hedonistic spot of his own.  I agree with others that they arent going to dock at another cruise lines private island....VV wants to be different and set themselves apart from other types of cruise lines.  

  5. 1 hour ago, Travelcat2 said:


    Glad to hear that you will sail on Regent again.  The Explorer is an amazing ship and I have no doubt that Splendor will as well.


    Your perspective on the Regent forum is interesting as some people feel that this forum is contentious.  IMO, it we are just a group of people with strong opinions.  I am very loyal to Regent but have tried one other luxury line and will try another later this year -- just so that I understand statements from posters that prefer other cruise lines.  As much as I defend Regent, I have no problem taking them to task when I feel they deserve it.



    I have never experienced any contentiousness but I’m not on every thread...so perhaps it happens.  I dont mind if folks disagree with one another , as long as no one is disrespecting others...  

  6. 1 hour ago, Travelcat2 said:

    Tarwood - the "drinking contest" was in one of their earlier descriptions of the ship (not sure if linked it on page one or not.  Anyway, it is a feature of the Korean restaurant.  I wasn't put off by that as much as the Korean restaurant having the "loudest servers at sea".


    While this ship is not for us, I can imagine that it will be an amazing experience and will be enjoyed by many.  

    Agreed....loud servers doesnt sound like something I would enjoy, but Korean food is certainly something I love.  Will have to see what that is all about.  Hopefully its not like some restaurants you go that have “live entertainment”.  The band is so loud that you cant carry on a conversation with your table mates...that would defintley suck! 


  7. I could have sworn that I included by review that was just recently published on cruise critic about this cruise  for which I started this thread.  But I dont see it anywhere? Could it have gotten deleted?? 




    Boblerm , yes, we will sail Regent again but it will definitely be on Explorer or Splendour for sure! Just like on Silversea, we prefer the new Muse over the older ships....


    BTW...I just love the folks on the Regent forum....not toxic like some threads.  I appreciate folks who are 100% loyal to a cruiseline and their defense of it, it’s great. I have always said, its not what you say but how you say it...   and the Regent folks have always been great,  I have never felt attacked for my opinion.  Thanks folks!

  8. On 2/7/2019 at 3:27 PM, Travelcat2 said:

    The only reason I question whether alcohol will be all-inclusive is because of their advertised drinking contest in one of the restaurants.  If it I not all-inclusive, the cost to participate in the drinking contest would like be high.  OTOH, most cruise lines now (mainstream through premium-plus), offer an alcohol package (not all alcohol packages are the same - some have low level alcohol brands vs. top brands on Regent and Oceania).  My guess is that they will include alcohol or at least have an option to purchase an alcohol package.  I can't see Branson having the level of alcohol choices of non-luxury brands.  Time will tell.


    Hey there, so as an update...we have booked the maiden voyage April 2nd 2020. We were one of the few that had paid $500 deposit to book before the general public.  We got our first choice of suite...and. Aft corner suite on deck 13 with a huge wraparound veranda.  My understanding is that basic beverages will be included, such as coffee, tea, sodas, waters etc.  Suite guests will have a mini bar stocked in their room and the “first round” is on Virgin according to their PR person in the facebook group I follow.  They haven’t mentioned any details about beverage packages beyond that.  And you are right, no buffets but something like 18 different restaurants.  

    Some folks seem to be getting hung up on some smaller things and blowing them out of proportion ...like a drinking contest.  Not sure where that came from.  That doesnt mean the cruises are going to be a drunken fest.  I hate trivia and bridge but I dont avoid a cruise because of it or even disparage it for having music that is well before my time.  There’s always plenty of things on most cruises to keep me entertained.  I agree with another poster, than some of the comments on here seem to have tunnel vision.  Its ok if the cruiseline isn’t everyone ...theyre’ not trying to appeal to everyone.... but I agree TC...it’s fascinating to see how they are changing things up.  Will I love them and want to cruise more and more with them? Who knows....I wont know until I try them for myself.  I never judge something I haven’t tried myself.  In the meantime, we are excited about our maiden voyage with them and they have a ‘secret destination” as one of the ports of call.....we are assuming its their own private island they are developing ....will just have to stay tuned to see...

  9. On 1/24/2019 at 11:00 AM, RMS Olympic said:

    I just booked my first cruise on Crystal, one of the few lines I have yet to experience.

    i would like to hear opinions from those that have sailed on Crystal. I chose a 7 night cruise the week of Thanksgiving, on the Symphony. 

    Your thoughts on overall service, cuisine, beverage service?

    i am assuming this line is gay friendly....



    We will just miss you.  We are on the Symphony on December 11 for 10 days.  We have never done Crystal before...our first one though will be Oct 29th on the yacht, Esprit .  We have heard awesome things about them, so looking forward to it.  We have done Silversea, Seabourn, Regent, Celebrity, HAL, RCCL, Azamara and Paul Gauguin.  

  10. 23 hours ago, gnomie1 said:

    In the States it has played on both PBS and Smithsonian channels.


    I know we are not allowed to mention TA's on this board, not sure about other outlets so this may get removed, but if you enjoyed that show, you might want to check out the show titled "Mighty Cruise Ships" on the Smithsonian channel. I don't watch much television but really enjoy this show - the television crew spend time aboard a cruise from embarkation to disembarkation and one gets to see the inner workings and quickly learns that not only is there a Plan B if a problem arises, but there is also Plan C, Plan D, Plan E etc etc etc.


    gnomie :classic_smile:

    Yes, we like that show a lot as well.  And Dream Cruises on AWE...also interesting. 

  11. 30 minutes ago, Travelcat2 said:


    Agree with you and appreciate learning that cruises will be either 4 or 5 days and also that the ships will be premium plus or luxury lite - that is much more factual information that I knew previously.  That puts them in the same category as Oceania, Azamara and Viking Ocean.  I definitely see the luxury part of these ships - even if the decor is not to my taste.  


    To me, the most enticing part of the cruise line is that there will not be children on board.  While that is not enough for us to sail on the Scarlet Lady, it may appeal to the segment of the population that want to take a vacation away from the kids for a few days.  


    We have also tried Celebrity and had fun.  While there was no comparison to a luxury cruise line, I'm glad that we did it and could do it again - on a newer ship in a top suite.  

    Agree wholeheartedly on the children thing!! 


    I found the most recent article I was referencing...



  12. In an interview I read sometime ago, Branson said they arent marketing to an age group.  He said as long as folks are “young at heart” everyone is welcome.  We are 46 and 51 and primarily sail luxury with some Celebrity thrown in for variety.  We have met a lot of people a generation older than us that are defintley young at heart and we certainly hit it off with.  So I think my takeaway is, if youre the type of person that just wants to find a quiet corner of a ship and read a book, Virgin wouldn’t be for you.  The cruises will be either 4 or 5 days...so that naturally will attract a younger crowd.  I also just read an interview the other day that said they plan on being somewhere between a premium and luxury line.  Theyr’e not trying to copy anyone else, but carving out a new niche for themselves.  

  13. Actually, after writing my comment above, I decided to check the weather for end of October, beginning of November and looks like it will be absolutely beautiful.  Mid 70s to mid 80s (22c to 30c)....I think that sounds wonderful and not the oppressively hot temps found earlier in the year in Israel, Egypt and Jordan...

  14. 6 hours ago, Jayayeff said:


    They are just making the most of their asset!!!  It isn't a regular itinerary for Esprit but they seem to be utilizing it for part of the repositioning trip from the Eastern Med/Adriatic to Dubai by selling the first half and then deadheading it from Aqaba through the Red Sea, Gulf of Aden, Straits of Hormuz, etc..  I agree with Roland4 that is definitely not the optimum time to be doing that itinerary on the Esprit...



    Yes, agreed....part of repositioning for their Dubai and Seychelles voyages.  We were originally booked on Silversea Silver Shadow doing the Holy Lands.  We ran across this itinerary and really loved the ports it visits, so we booked for ports not for water toys or sunbathing, so it should be fine for us if its cooler, in fact , it will be a welcome change since we live in Florida and have plenty of heat, sun and beach.  We have always wanted to do the Sues Canal and Aqaba, Jordan, but the only options are the typical sailings from Athens to Dubai and the cruises are too long for us.....so this cruise lets us do Suez and Jordan without having to spend days at sea to reach Oman and Dubai which we have already done.  Hopefully it turns out to be a good choice.  Maybe I should do a “live” report since few folks seem to have done this kind of itinerary on Esprit???

  15. Crazy coincidence...after I hit send on last message, I checked my emails and my travel agency is hosting an evening with Crystal next Tues...so I rsvp’d and will be able to learn even more about both Esprit and Symphony...definitely good timing!

  16. 3 hours ago, T&C Fulham said:


    Yes and to repeat - we thought we would miss the veranda but didn't. We did need to get them to sort the aircon as we don't like it, but that was OK in the end.


    Zodiacs. I was not going to mention it first time round but it does mean there are no zimmer frames on board.


    Crew are over the top amazing and helpful.


    Experts doing lectures? There were certainly none at Christmas but we were in the Caribbean. Maybe the trip you have planned is different. But that means they have to have one on board the whole time and whether the maths of that make sense I cannot judge. On our trip we had at least one free activity trip and one less agressive one offered FOC every day. There is plenty of info from the crew about those but if you are looking for lectures on why the Romans pillaged the village of 'X' I guess you'll be unlucky. In those cases Google is your friend.


    Come back for anything else that you feel will help build the excitement....




    Hmmm...well, to be honest, I dont think I have ever been on a ship that didnt have an expert on the area, culture, wildlife etc in which we were cruising .  So I guess I dont feel like its an unreasonable expectation.  And since folks always say Crystal excels in enrichment activities, I guess I assumed there would be a lecturer especially since we are traveling to some of the world’s most historic places.  I guess I will just have to wait and see what they have in store for us.  Thanks again for taking the time to reply to my questions! 

  17. Has anyone received an email that perhaps I have missed? I’m surprised that nothing is out yet.  The only thing I have seen recently added is Sojourn’s Alaska summer itineraries....  Is it normally like this ? We are planners....we have booked into 2021 on other cruise lines, but if Seabourn offers something different or better , we would definitely substitute out what we already have booked.  We get a lot of emails and flyers in the mail still promoting a lot of availability on this summer’s cruises....I wonder if they are hesitant to release itineraries if there’s still a lot of availability on their current cruises.  Our last Seabourn cruise was nearly full...wonder if they are going out with a lot of empty cabins lately? Thoughts from more experienced Seabourners?

  18. Agree with another poster that you should try the Muse or Spirit.  We have done many Silversea trips as  well as many other cruise lines such as yourself.  We dont care much for the smaller ships...they are just way too sleepy ...just no energy.  WE are 46 and 51......and they just dont offer enough for us.  They are relaxing but a bit dull.  The average age is much older than us...and while we have met lovely people...Idont always want to hang out with folks my parents age.  Its nice, no matter what your age is , 20 or 70, to be able chat with people about your same age....you share the same type of experiences and memories growing up, in the same place in your life etc.  Anyway , when we went on the Muse for the first time, we were like “ whoa, this is a completely different experience”. Ship is gorgeous, crew amazing, much more diverse age range as well as a more varied nationalities.  We loved so much about this ship and are so excited for the Moon and the Dawn as well.  While we have sailed many other lines, Silversea always feels like home since it was our first cruise line ever. We like that you can have many different experiences with just one cruise line.  You have the smaller more intimate ships, the larger newer ship and the expedition ships.  I know some folks arent happy with the newer ships and decor but for us, we dont want the same experience on every ship.  For example, Viking is building a lot of ships but they are absolutely identical...seems kinda boring to us.  Isn’t travel about new experiences and stepping out of your comfort zone? Anyway, there’s something out there for everyone now....which is awesome!

  19. 9 hours ago, Lucid Butterfly said:

    Sorry I haven't replied earlier just figuring my way around this site. While I have your attention; are there any Karaoke nights on Voyager in particular? I have only experienced Norwegian and Seabourn and Norwegian offered Karaoke nights. Thank you for your information. Take care. 😊

    I believe there were 2 or 3 Karaoke nights on our 10 day voyage.  We dont do or like Karaoke, but some friends we made on board are fanatics, so they told us all about it and they said there was a big turnout for every one.  

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