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  1. 3 hours ago, T&C Fulham said:

    Total anxiety! As a Seabourn/Silversea regular I think total anxiety is a bit over the top.


    Yes, it is a shame not to have one but with the Esprit you are going to have a 'total' new cruising experience anyway.


    You will have no theatre based entertainment after dinner. You will have no lifts to take you from one floor to another. In the evening you only have a choice of one dining room (the Grill does not operate after 8.00 and anyway has a limited menu). You will often be going ashore in Zodiacs and, at time, they are not the easiest of craft to board and leave. If it is bad weather there is only one indoor 'lounge' and I did not count the seats but I bet there are not 70. There are no dancing classes or Trivial Persuit sessions......


    For all that, and we were on the Esprit across Christmas and the New Year, it is a great experience. If you are lucky you will have Manfred as your CD and he is highly experienced (we first met him when he worked for Seabourn).


    Oh, and your veranda anxiety! Yes, we love verandas primarly because you can leave the door ajar on a warm night and not rely on the air conditioning. And yes, a cup of tea on awakening is a joy on the veranda - and a sundowner before going up to the bar. But we survived eleven nights without an anxiety crisis. Our cabin/suite was roomy enough and on the Esprit the ambience encourages you to spend more time on deck anyway.


    Do not worry. If you like smaller ship cruising you'll have a fabulous time.




    Great , thanks Tony! Appreciate your detailed feedback! I know the anxiety seems silly to some, but clearly these arent cheap cruises, so the anxiety comes from spending a lot of money and not being happy with the cabin.  But I think you are right, it’s such a different cruise experience that I think I wont notice it as much.  With only 60 some guests, its not like I’m going to be overwhelmed with a lot of people even if we are in public spaces.  The rest of it I’m fine with.  We dont play bridge, dont do trivia, most shows on the ultra luxury cruise lines aren’t that great anyway.  And half the time they sing songs that are before our time.  We are younger, 46 and 51 and in very good shape, so maneuvering the zodiac things doesnt bother us at all.  I have heard that the crew is over the top amazing.  And I would assume that the excursions are amazing too since the groups are small.  Is there usually an expert of some sort on board doing any kind of lectures about these historical places???

  2. So we have looked at this trip numerous times but keep thinking that if we go all the way to Antarctica , we want to step foot on land and see some wildlife.  We go back and forth since obviously an expedition trip is more expensive.  We keep leaning toward the Silversea experience where you do zodiacs to land.....  For anyone who has done this tripbefore, is it really worth it? Do you feel like you saw enough or were you left wanting more? In the meantime,  We have decided to do a Feb 14 2021 cruise on the Silhouette (will be refurbished by then) from Buenos Aires to Santiago (no Antarctica)

  3. Hey all, Looking for opinions from those who have sailed Esprit in the past.  We are frequent Silversea, Seabourn and Celebrity cruisers.  We LOVE our verandas, both to relax and read when we arent feeling social and of course to watch going in and out of ports.  It truly is an extension of the room.  Our first time on Crystal is the Esprit end of October 2019.  We are doing 11 days Cyprus, Israel, Egypt and Jordan.  We are VERY excited about the ports but I have total anxiety that we wont have a veranda.  We had a “Juliet balcony” on the Silver Explorer once and that was super annoying...so wondering how this is going to be...?????

  4. On 1/25/2019 at 1:11 PM, vistaman said:

    I started to cruise on Crystal when I was 45 - and single -but started in "luxury level " at the age of  35 in the time of ties and tuxedos

    Despite the food on Oceania is not bad at all - even very good in the speciality restaurants - the service is far better on Crystal for sure.

    You said you are foodies  - also wine lovers ?

    The wine list on Oceania is extremely expensive and they require  18 % service charge

    despite the wine list on Crystal is not "cheap" there are some good values .

    The complimentary wines on Crystal are better as on other lines in the luxury level -

    I cannot judge the level of prices on Seabourn as i do receive a 20% discount as Platinum member

    Special wines are cheaper on Silversea .

    And the bartenders on Crystal are extremey good!



    Nice to hear about Crystal...we are trying them at the end of the year.  We had heard 2 different points of view on Crystal...one said folks can be snobby and another said people couldn’t have been friendlier...lol...so, not sure what to make of it, but we always like to try things for ourselves regardless of reviews and see if it works or not for whats important to us...

  5. On 1/25/2019 at 12:33 PM, ilikewhatisgood said:


    Hi Gary and Ben. Nice "meeting" you! Thank you! Will read both! Long shot but but we have very good friends in Sarasota. Keith and Wayne. A bit older than us 🙂 I thought perhaps you knew them since Sarasota downtown feels very small. Enjoy your cruise! Hopefully weather will improve fast! I'm Flav and better half is Dree 🙂 

    Hi there! We are home now...my address says Florida but sure doesnt feel like it!! Lol.  No, we don’t know Keith and Wayne... we live east of 75 a couple miles off Clark Rd. 

  6. On 1/24/2019 at 5:31 PM, Travelcat2 said:


    Not sure how new yachts with less than 300 passengers can compete with Regent, Seabourn, Silversea or Crystal any more than Scenic Yachts can.  Actually, from what I've read (and there is plenty out there about the Ritz Carlton yachts), it will be beautiful but Scenic offers more.  Somehow, having a loyalty program tied into Marriott and Starwood (not finalized) makes me question who their passengers will be.


    In my opinion, there will be a whole new luxury category of small yachts and they will be gorgeous.  It will be interesting to see how such small ships can be profitable.  After all, Seabourn had three small ships - ended up selling them and building larger ship.


    Time will tell for the new entrants into the cruising world next year.

    Agreed...there are soooo many expedition ships coming out in the next few years, it will be interesting to see how that sector of the industry plays out.  We have done a Silversea expedition trip and it was wonderful. ...but with so many new ships coming out, where are all the “experts”” going to come from? Silversea must have had 8 different experts, such PhDs etc...that lead the tours....I’m assuming there will be a lot of poaching from existing ships.  I worry that the quality of the tours and info provided could go down if the standard for experts lowers due to lack of availability.  I also wonder if prices will come down a bit.  Right now, expedition cruises are very expensive ...with the market being flooded soon....will there be increased interest....which unfortunately then means that there will be a lot more people in some of these wonderfully undiscovered remote places.  I read an article that even the shipyards are having trouble building these new ships because they just dont have the experience or talent pool for these new type of ships....look at the Croatian shipyard that is building the Scenic Eclipse....that ship has been delayed by nearly a year at this point.  

    Regarding the Ritz ship...wonder if that will just be a magnet for all their frequent hotel guests...also probably a lot of charters perhaps...   Interesting times ahead. 

  7. On 1/18/2019 at 1:24 PM, RJ2002 said:

    Tarwood3, thanks for starting this thread. We are also onboard the Voyager, our second Regent cruise. Our first sailing was on the Mariner about a year ago. 


    Our embarkation at about 1pm was very quick, so I guess we missed the rush. 


    Agree with Bill. In our opinion, the Voyager is in fine shape. We are in a PH-A and it is in great condition and very comfortable. We decided to accept an up-sell about a week prior to the cruise, from our DV-F. However, glimpsing into the open doors of those suites this morning, I think in retrospect we’d have been just as happy in a DV. I will say that the comments about vibration issues on the ship seem to be accurate. It has been previously suggested here to avoid booking suites aft of the launderettes, and IMO that is good advice. 


    Service has been excellent.   The food so far (La Veranda for lunch and breakfast, Compass Rose for dinner) has been good, but not quite as good as what we experienced on the Mariner, or on Oceania’s Nautica - on which we just sailed a couple of months ago.  But hey, it’s early in the cruise and we are looking forward to everything ahead. 🙂


    Onboard this sailing:


    Captain: Felice Patruno

    GM: Davor Josipovic 

    CD: Andy Heath (wife Tammy is Social Hostess)

    Exec Chef: Dino Schwager

    Large contingent of singers/dancers - 12 in total 


    Enjoyed the first enrichment lecture by Dr Anthony Aveni this morning. 


    Won one game at bingo this morning... whoo-hoo!  😀



    So how did you enjoy the cruise? Too bad weather was so so on most of the cruise...

  8. 12 hours ago, Lucid Butterfly said:

    Hello; when I was on the Norwegian a few years back, there was an adjoining room and my neighbours were very noisy. They partied until after 11pm. but the only drag about that was I had early excursions so that meant I didn't get much rest when it was time to get up. It made for a long and tiring day. One of my pet peeves though is when guests leave their staterooms and let their doors bang on their way out is disturbing and irritating to say the least.  As for the cleaning staff I doubt very much they keep opening and closing the doors each time they go in to clean. Other than that I was perfectly contented with my previous cruise on Seabourn and I am looking forward to my new cruise with Regent Seven Seas Voyager on September 2, 2020. I know this date is far off but I have something to get excited about. 


    If you are curious about what cruise I am taking it is a 14-Night Mediterranean Europe. Venice Italy to Monte Carlo, Monaco. 


    You have a lovely evening.


    Lucid Butterfly

    It was odd because our neighbors werent partying or even seem to be talking that loudly, but we could hear them while laying in bed...it wasnt terrible...not particularly that bothersome, but noticeable if that makes sense. 

  9. On 1/26/2019 at 2:43 PM, Hambagahle said:

    For the speciality restaurants - you say you prefer the way Silversea handles things...as I understand it, Silversea charges a "premium" to eat in a speciality restaurant ?  Regent doesn't.  And I think the maître d'hôtel who told you you had to wait so others could have their chance was right...perhaps her manner was not.

    Silversea only charges for a couple restaurants....and it varies by ship.  The newest has 7 restaurants..only 2 , if memory serves me correct, charge....but in fairness , your specialty restaurants on Regent do have a “cost”...nothing is for free, you pay for everything up front in your fare....just like your excursions and airfare arent “free”....we all pay for everything in one way or another.  

    We will agree to disagree on their specialty restaurant reservation policy.  I still think that if everyone has a chance to make their reservation up to 2 mos before the cruise, that once on board, it should open up to anyone that wants one, first come first served.  If you dont care enough to plan your vacation ahead of time, why should they hold a place for you once on board.....the excursions dont work that way.  Snooze , you lose. 

  10. 25 minutes ago, ilikewhatisgood said:


    We LOVE Corgis! We have 2 mini Schnauzers, 1 Westie and 1 Standard Schnauzer.


    We booked Viking for November 1st 2020 and it's a 7 night cruise out of Miami going to 3 different cities in Cuba. They don't go to Havana which we will visit with AZ in March.



    I have to sign off now, wifi is getting terribly slow.  We are on the Western tip of Cuba and going into a storm with 35mph cross winds and 10’ swells...apparently its affecting the wifi.  I tried to private message you, but for some reason it wouldn’t let me so maybe that is due to the internet as well.  If you are interested in the review I wrote for our Seabourn cruise here’s a link http://click.email.cruisecritic.com/?qs=59bed16b20b8bdb16f5dfa904312e93497769794a5c93e490c2eddf48e0cf86364672335928618a82c7c0367860e6dd6368211bf53111b4d249e8f0388e44853


    Let’s chat soon....Gary here....better half is Ben...we are in Key West tomorrow and back to Miami sunday when we drive home to Sarasota...end of our 10 day cruise sadly...

  11. 4 minutes ago, ilikewhatisgood said:


    Thank you so much for the detailed post! I will definitely add Silversea to our list and reconsider Seabourn. We booked Cyrstal for this coming December as well. Cancelled Oceania and booked Viking for next year. Hoping on Azamara in March to visit Cuba for the first time. Based on videos from YouTube, I'm loving the Viking ships. We loved the Edge but it felt a bit corporate as we went on the 3 night preview cruise before the maiden voyage and there were a lot of Celebrity corporate people and travel agents rendering a "trade show" atmosphere. Loved the Silhouette but got spotty service. We definitely want to try the river cruises in Europe. Thanks! And please feel free to text us. I think we would be great cruise mates! 😉

    Well, our first Azamara was a 4 day to Havana out of Miami in Nov 2017 and it was awesome.  The ship was really pretty and the trip was awesome.  We met a lot of fun people , many in our age group as well.  We did the Club Continent Suite which is a gorgeous room...we could do a world cruise in that room.  I have heard that the regular veranda rooms are on the small side.  We heard a lot of mixed reviews on the preview cruise of the Edge, but our 7 day to the Western Caribbean on December 9th was awesome. We took our moms ( in their 70s) they loved it too.  We had a sky suite and loved the Retreat Pool and Luminae restaurant.  Service was quite good.  We keep hearing good things about Oceania, so we have booked them in 2020 on a Baltic cruise...we are doing the Marina...our travel agent says her fav ships are the Marina andRiviera on Oceania..they are the largest and newest of their ships and have a fun diverse group of folks with a good variety of restaurants.  We have a Xmas market river cruise booked in Dec 2020 with our moms on Scenic Amber...we also want to do a river cruise from Budapest to Bucharest sometime as well.  Although I have heard the rivers are getting quite crowded these days as Viking is over building and flooding the market with so many ships??? Viking Ocean does sound interesting, love the interior of the ships, but haven’t really found an itinerary that resonates with us...they tend to do 15 day and longer and thats too long to be away from the Corgis!

  12. On 1/7/2019 at 10:48 AM, ilikewhatisgood said:

    We are well travelled, early retirees and have tattoos. We are super open and adaptable and love mingling and talking with all different ages (minus children) but we would like to feel welcome. I read a post from someone complaining that Crystal passengers can be clickish. We have 4 dogs that we love so we can’t be away for too many days, despite being retired. So we booked December 2, 2020, 7 night Caribbean (we live in Orlando and prefer sailing out of a Florida port again because of the dogs 🐕 😊). We have also booked Oceania for December 2019. We have crossed out Seabourn based on Stickman’s wonderful detailed report from Bali. Thanks so much for the help!

    Hi there...ran across your thread....thought I would throw my 2 cents in if you dont mind. I think what you have gathered from the replies to your post is to just try it.  You never really know until you experience something for yourself.  People will give pros and cons about different lines, but they don’t always fall in line with whats important to you.  The only perfect ship is the one you build yourself.  Background for us...we are 46 and 51.  We also retired early, we also live in Florida, we also have dogs (3) that we cant leave for more than 2 weeks and we are a gay couple...so pretty liberal I guess you could say.  We tried cruising for the first time about 4 years and have never looked back.  We are well traveled, probably over 80 countries now but wanted something different.  Our first several cruises were on Silversea, which is the majority of our cruising.  We have also done Celebrity...including the Edge on the maiden voyage which we loved .  We have also done Royal Caribbean, Holland America, Paul Gauguin, Seabourn, Azamara and we are currently on a sea day on Regent Voyager right now.  I understand the age thing...and your concern.  Regardless of line, there will be a lot of folks 70+...it just is what it is with luxury...we have made so many wonderful friends , regardless of age, but I do have to say, there is a different connection with your peers...With all the different cruise lines we have sampled, our favorite is Seabourn...so I was surprisedd you said they are definitely out...I would definitely re think that decision and perhaps do some more reading and dont base it just on someone’s review from Bali or even mine.  They seemed to do about everything just a little better than every other line.  We have been blown away by Seabourn...it was just a fun experience...awesome guests...definitely a younger demographic by a bit  than any other luxury cruise line and their crew does some really special things .  I dont think we have ever been on a ship that didnt have excellent crew, regardless of line, but Seabourn is just a bit extra special.  Our last Silversea cruise was on the Muse..which is their newest and biggest ship (600) and it was FANTASTIC! We did Vietnam...and it was by far our favorite ship and best experience on Silversea.  REally varied demographic, nationalities etc...very impressed.  Ithink what we have learned is that the newest ships or recently refurbished ships are our “go to “ cruises now...there’s just something differnet about them that we like.  Please feel free to ask with any questions...that being said, our next 2 cruises are back on Celebrity in suite class and then we are trying our first 2 Crystal cruises (which is how I ended up on this forum) later this year...one is the yacht from Cyprus to Jordan and then the Symphony from Costa Rica to SAn Diego in December....happy sailing!

  13. We are intrigued by Virgin ....I think folks are getting too hung up on a tattoo parlor.  The ship seems like it will be a lot more than just that.  I dont think we should pre judge too much until we hear some reviews after the first few sailings.  We are one of the few who put down a $500 deposit a long time ago to receive first crack at the itineraries.  So we get to see the itineraries and can book beginning Feb 5th, whereas those who dont have the deposit wait until the 14th.  We primarily sail Silversea,  Seabourn and Celebrity and currently I’m sitting on my veranda on the Regent Voyager.  We are 46 and 51, so we dont mind a bit more different kinds of entertainment.  For us, some of the entertainment on here is way before our time....so I think it might be fun to try something different.  We have always firmly believed that travel is about adventure, experiencing new things, cultures, people...in addition to stepping out of our comfort zone from time to time.  We have never really understood those folks that get on a ship and never step foot on land...just a concept that seems counterintuitive to travel...but to each his own...as long as they are happy.  I think we will try Virgin out of curiosity...but I dont think it will be a frequent choice.  I think its mostly Caribbean for them...not even sure if the ship will go to Europe in the summer?? We like to travel the world and the bigger ships, while fun and offer something different , stick with the bigger ports that the masses all go to and are already way too crowded.  

  14. Day 8 and we are at sea today, somewhere between Grand Cayman and Key West, where we arrive tomorrow a.m.  Cruise is wrapping up and time to think about packing stuff away here .  Overall it’s been a great cruise and we have really enjoyed ourselves.  I think , in particular, our fondest memories of our first Regent cruise will be our fellow travelers.  This really has been such a friendly group of guests and have thoroughly enjoyed meeting so many people.  With the exception of our last Silversea cruise on the Muse (their new ship), Silversea’s guests are more reserved.  But on here, folks are much more outgoing and friendly.  I dont know if it has something to do with the overwhelming majority of Americans on board since Americans tend to be a bit more outgoing I think...or if it has something to do with the “relaxed casual” dress for evenings that somehow just transcends into a more relaxed attitude.  Whatever it is, the Regent culture certainly suits us.  We are a gay couple and its not uncommon for us to get the “odd look and stare” from more conservative folks, but being 46 and 51, we certainly have thick skin and brush it off...Fortunatley we have noticed much less of that with Regent than we have with the smaller Silversea ships.  Again, our trip on the Muse was night and day from previous cruises with them.  Seabourn is another completely different animal and I still think SB is our preferred line for many reasons.  

    We had dinner with the Food and Beverage Officer , Rico from South Africa.  Such an awesome guy, we had a really fun evening with him in Sette Mari and of course service was fantastic.  The crew has been really good and very attentive to us.  There was only one girl, which I mentioned in an earlier post, who needs to go back for some more basic customer service training.  I have noticed , that since I made my mid cruise comment about her and the situation as well as speaking with a couple officers, she is no longer at the desk and there has been a very cheery nice girl there since.  

    We had very rough seas Tuesday and Weds nights.  Right now we are about to round the western corner of Cuba and supposedly swells will be 10’ and 35 mph winds..however, it is pretty calm right now and no breeze...we are sitting on veranda at the moment.  

    This is my last post “live”...I would say in closing that we will defintley book another Regent cruise but it will be on Explorer or Splendor.  I do find that we are most comfortable on brand new ships or recently refurbished ships.  Even though the Voyager was “refurbished “ a couple years ago, in many places, I think it still seems a bit dated.  Just our opinion.  I also have never been in a cabin where I could hear next door neighbors through the walls.  I dont think Regent will be our main cruising line only because we usually do a mix of ship excursions and our own private arrangements.  We did our own thing in Grand CAyman and we will do our own thing in Key West tomorrow and I feel like we are paying for excursions we arent doing.  And that just seems like a waste of money.  Regent does have excellent itineraries, so I think if there’s a place in the world where we would feel more comfortable sticking with ship excursions, we would book Regent.  We are really happy with our cruise overall.  As we have always said, you can listen to all the pros and cons about every line , but until you try it, you never know truly whether you would like it or not.  We have heard complaints from fellow guests on this cruise and we have either not experienced it for ourselves or dont find that their complaint was something that was important to us...so it was a non issue.  Thanks to all for following along with us....


    So here it is day 5 and mid point through cruise.  Its been a couple days since my last update, in part due to the frustrating wifi.  Its just terrible.  

    Anyway, I will be a bit brief if thats’ possible...lol 

    Our day 3 was in Costa Maya and we did the ATV tour with beach break.  We were taken to the ATVs in beach party bus...good music, fun guests... The actual ATV part was a lot of fun.  There were 28 people in the group but they had us divided into 3 groups based on experience riding ATV.  The trails were great, bumpy, muddy, curvey through the jungle...everything 4 wheelin should be.  They then took us to a beach resort area...the coastline was beautiful...lots of chairs and shade etc .  They had free cocktails but there was a constant stream of locals selling everything from cigars to coconuts.  We had our free drink and took advantage of their free taxi ride back to the port .  The port of Costa Maya was built for cruise ships and its a pretty big area with lots of restaurants, bars, shops, dolphins, aviary , pool, etc...much nicer than the beach place. That evening was the block party.which was a cool idea.  We had never seen that before on a cruise ship.  Great to meet ourneighbors and have wine and appetizers in the hallway.  Dinner was at the Pool Grill...surprisingly it wasnt crowded , actually very few people.  Weather was perfect .  We really enjoyed it....quiet, peaceful and good food. 

    Day4: Belize.  So had we known that Harvest Caye private island was so beautiful...we never would have gone on our excursion.  Its definitely worth a whole days’ visit.  So much to do on the island with lots of food and retail offerings.  Instead we were subjected to terrible old school bus for a long drive to a mediocre Mayan ruins .  To echo RJ2000, Kohunlich ruins in Costa Maya is much better...one of the best we have been to.  Nothing compares after that.  Anyway, we also did a spice farm,which was fantastic.  500 acre place that could double for a botanical gardens.  We loved the trolley tour through teh farm...really great place! Unfortunately by time we got back to Harvest Caye, the weather turned bad and was pouring rain,  So we came back to the ship and watched the football games that were broadcast in the Constellation theatre complete with awesome tailgate snacks! It was a fun experience and kudos to REgent for securing the license from NFL to broadcast it.   We did Prime 7 for dinner ...it was very good, although partner’s steak was barely warm...but tasty at least.  So I do have a gripe about how the specialty restaurant thing works.  We made res for 4 for Prime 7 for our friends bday when it was first available to book online.  On first day of cruise, I asked for a table for 2 later in the cruise at PRime 7 again.  I was told I had to wait until day 3 as they wanted to give people a chance to eat their at least once.  I said “ well, they have had months to book online, I dont see why I have to wait until day 3”. She was curt and definitely the last friendly crew we have met on board.  Anyway, we went back day 3 and asked for a table for 2 late in cruise.  Her response.  “ I have tonight at a table for 6”?? Anyway, long story short, she doesnt listen to requests.  She told us no, we can’t do a table for 2.  So we invited our friends again and have a table for 4 later in cruise. .  Clearly they dont have enough tables for 2...I might be in the minority but I dont want to dine with strangers.  Its painful for an introvert like me.  I have never had such an issue with Silversea and specialty restaurants.  I defintley dont l like how Regent handles the specialties.  Ok end of rant....lol.  At mid way through cruise, I still think breakfast and lunch are weak on Regent compared to SS and SB, just not enough variety.  Again, I do prefer the menu on Regent in Compass Rose over SS...more varied.  Tonight we are eating in Sette Mari La Veranda...well, I probably butchered that...but the Italian restaurant .  So we will see how that goes.  I have heard good things about it, so looking forward to it.   

  16. On 1/19/2019 at 11:28 PM, Lucid Butterfly said:

    I will be going on the Regent in September 2020 and wanted to know what your thoughts are? Do you find 700 passengers not too overwhelming? I also like the idea of this meet up on the ship especially I will be going solo. Most of my friends have been or they just do not want to do any travelling in 2020. Would like to hear from you.

    Hi there...no, not overwhelmed at all with 700.  It s definitely not crowded.  For us it’s a nice size ship.  We have done the 200-350 passenger ships and they’re just too small for our taste.  They seem to be very low energy, few people socializing at night etc....normally there aren’t very many restaurants, bars etc...they just lack variety and fun for us.  This ship is proportionate in size, so a bit larger and hence everyone is spread out.  There are quite a few solo travelers on here right now.  There;s normally a meet up for them every evening before dinner and many elect to go to dinner together afterward. Even without that group, you will probably meet plenty of people.  Folks strike up conversation everywhere...by the pool, in the corridors, elevator etc.  On excursions you will meet folks and therefore you will see them a lot on board.  

  17. 15 hours ago, boblerm said:

    Tarwood3, thank you for posting your observations and thoughts about your cruise, I look forward to hearing more.  We are sort of "mirror images" of you, we are frequent Regent cruisers taking our first Silversea cruise (on the Spirit) next month.  


    RJ2002, looking forward to hear of your observations as well.


    I wish you all a wonderful cruise!


    We have been on the Spirit twice.  Teh last time was the last sailing before dry dock.  I have heard from a friend that its fantastic.  Its very similar to the Silver Muse now which we just did in November in Vietnam andloved it!! FYI...beds are very very firm.  Ask for a foam topper from your butler as soon as your arrive unless you like firm mattresses.  

  18. The rest of our sea day turned out pretty good after I did my original post.  We did lunch at the pool grill and the sun decided to come out so we grabbed a couple loungers by the pool.  They were comfy and we liked the towels covering the chairs... After a couple hours in the sun, we went in and changed clothes and did the galley tour...man, the smell of the bread and pastries baking were heaven.  Always amazes me that they can produce so many meals from such a small space.  6p was the Captains Welcome which we did then to the Voyager lounge for a martini and listened to the guitar and singer duo..their name escapes me.  Off to Compass Rose for dinner where I decided to step out of my comfott zone and try the Executive Chef degustation menu.  I’m not a big eater, so 6 courses for me is usually too much but they were smaller portions so it worked well and wow was it delicious!! Siberian Caviar Profiteroles, Tart Tatin, Oxtail Consommé, Kir Royale Sorbet, Duck ( cant remember how it was prepared) and ended with a Tanzanian Chocolate Lava Cake with vanilla ice cream.  Really excellent menu! We did the show afterwards...called “ Dancin Fool”...it was good.  NIce to see 12 performers, not like the usual 6 on Silversea...

    well, we just docked here in Costa Maya, a bit late due to sea conditions here at the port.  Took some time to make our way to the pier.  ATV and beach today....all good so far ..and might I mention, I really like the beds..comfy! 

  19. 17 hours ago, RachelG said:

    Tarwood, glad you are off to a good start.  I agree that Regent and Silversea are more alike than they are different, which is fine by me.


    ironically, chartreuse is actually fairly new.  It used to be Signatures, but was redecorated and designed maybe 3 years ago, so not at all old.


    the cabinets under the tv are also fairly new, and controversial as there used to be drawers there that were way more functional and where I had my husband store his foldable clothing.  The open cabinets are really useless.

    Interesting about Chartreuse.  It looked so plain upon embarkation.  Perhaps it looks better in the evening when lighted and tables set? We will see in a couple days when we eat there! 

  20. 18 hours ago, RJ2002 said:

    Tarwood3, thanks for starting this thread. We are also onboard the Voyager, our second Regent cruise. Our first sailing was on the Mariner about a year ago. 


    Our embarkation at about 1pm was very quick, so I guess we missed the rush. 


    Agree with Bill. In our opinion, the Voyager is in fine shape. We are in a PH-A and it is in great condition and very comfortable. We decided to accept an up-sell about a week prior to the cruise, from our DV-F. However, glimpsing into the open doors of those suites this morning, I think in retrospect we’d have been just as happy in a DV. I will say that the comments about vibration issues on the ship seem to be accurate. It has been previously suggested here to avoid booking suites aft of the launderettes, and IMO that is good advice. 


    Service has been excellent.   The food so far (La Veranda for lunch and breakfast, Compass Rose for dinner) has been good, but not quite as good as what we experienced on the Mariner, or on Oceania’s Nautica - on which we just sailed a couple of months ago.  But hey, it’s early in the cruise and we are looking forward to everything ahead. 🙂


    Onboard this sailing:


    Captain: Felice Patruno

    GM: Davor Josipovic 

    CD: Andy Heath (wife Tammy is Social Hostess)

    Exec Chef: Dino Schwager

    Large contingent of singers/dancers - 12 in total 


    Enjoyed the first enrichment lecture by Dr Anthony Aveni this morning. 


    Won one game at bingo this morning... whoo-hoo!  😀



    Ah! Nice to see another fellow cruiser on here! 

  21. Thanks UUNetBill....I will do my best to do some updates here and there on our experience.  The cruise director announced last night that Regent was able to secure licensing from the NFL to broadcast the playoffs on Sunday! They are going to show it in the Constellation Theatre as well on the tv in the cabins.  He said they are going to do a huge “tailgate spread of food” in the Theatre...that sounds pretty cool and something different! 

  22. Oh, 2 more quick things....

    Staff: really great so far.  Super nice and helpful.  Very warm like Silversea and Seabourn.  We are in a deluxe veranda, (#816)... there are 2 people who service the suite...I guess one isn’t a butler..2 suite attendants maybe? IDK how that works on here? But nonetheless, I really like them.  The butler thing has never been important to us. We could take it or leave it.  We are pretty low maintenance, so we have found that a room attendant seems to do everything a butler would do...actually they seem to work harder and do more in our honest opinion. Regardless of what we have, they both seem top notch in our books. 

    I did want to mention that I really liked the menu in Compass Rose.  It seemed to have more variety than SS or SB.  I liked that one page has the “always available” items and the other side of the menu has the chefs specials.  It reminds me of the Holland America cruise we did around Australia last year.  


  23. Hi all! Yesterday was embarkation day in Miami for our 10 day Western Caribbean cruise, stopping at Costa Maya, Harvest Caye Belize, Roatan Honduras, San Tomas Guatemala, Cozumel, Grand Cayman , Key West back to Miami in that order.  We have sailed on Silversea many times, Seabourn, Paul Gauguin, Azamara, many Celebrity, Holland America and Royal Caribbean.  When we have been on some of our Silversea cruises, Regent always seem to pop up as being a favorable alternative to Silversea so we thought we would see what all the fuss is about!  

    Today is a sea day and unfortunately its cloudy with scattered showers but that just means more time for reading, movies, wandering about the ship.  I wanted to try the beginners Bridge class since that always seems to be popular but we missed the early 930 meet up.  So , perhaps I will see what Bridge is all about later in the cruise if a beginners class is offered again.  We do have a Virtuoso organized galley tour at 430p today, which I always love.  

    Since we just boarded yesterday afternoon, I dont have a lot to write about but so far our first impressions are positive.  Check in was a bit slow, long queue, but that was just bad timing I guess.  We live in Sarasota and drove ourselves to Miami port.  We just happen to arrive when the 2 big bus loads of hotel transfer folks arrived, otherwise I dont think check in would have been quite so time consuming.  But for the number of people, they seem well organized and processed fast.  The lady behind us in line was very miffed that the porter expected a tip to take her luggage...she thought it was an abomination??? IDK...its America, its what we do here, tip! Maybe Regent frowns on this , I dont know? But no big deal to us.  We toured the ship yesterday and seems quite nice.  I know it had a refurbishment a couple years ago, but it certainly couldn’t have been a complete refurbishment as some areas still seem quite dated...like corridor walls, Chartreuse restaurant, our bathroom cabinetry, the cabinet below the tv...but its all good.  We are a little spoiled because we just got off the brand new Celebrity Edge on its maiden voyage last month  and its spectacular.  In November we just did Silver Muse which is new to Silversea and again gorgeous.  I’m sure the Regent Explorer is stunning as well.  The Voyager reminds me of the Silversea ships that haven’t been refurbished .  Nice, a little older elegance, but in need of some modernizing.  It certainly doesnt affect our enjoyment of the cruise.  

    The cabin seems comparable to Silversea in size and amenities .  I think in its next refurbishment, they need to do something about the cabinets below the tv...kind of a waste.  No drawer space, no storage space.  Not even any stacked cubby holes on either side of tv. So I would stay storage is a bit lacking compared to other  ships we have been on.  

    We did dinner last night at Compass Rose.  Food was very good, nothing to complain about thats for sure.  Yesterday for lunch and today for breakfast we did LaVeranda buffet.  Food is just fine.  I think it’s really lacking in variety compared to Silversea and Seabourn.  Ithink tomorrow we will go to Compass Rose for breakfast...I’m not a fan of buffets anyway.  

    We did do the show last night.  I liked that it was a variety show;meaning they had all the entertainers from all the venues perform.  It was a great way to see what Regent has to offer in the differnet parts of the ship.  I hadn’t seen this done before and quite liked it.  

    We stopped in the shops and just like every other cruise line, retail shops are VERY lacking in men’s clothes and interests...very minimal.  All about the ladies... 

    Well thats it for now.  Enjoying our veranda and these comfy chairs ...cloudy but enjoying the sights of Cuba ....

    Even though its early in the cruise, it seems to me that Silversea and Regent are more alike than different.  I think that must be why we have heard so many favorable reviews from our Silversea friends.  Time will tell how we feel...but already we are quite comfortable and enjoying the ride!

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