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  1. So, I couldn’t have written a better comparison than what the OP just wrote.  Honestly, I agreed with absolutely everything that was mentioned.  Absolutely spot on!! We did the Encore in the Mediterranean last week of August this year and just did the Muse in November through Vietnam.  I dont think you could go wrong on either ship and any criticism really is nit picky.  I do feel that folks on Cruise Critic get really hung up on some small things and dwell on it. The only ship that is going to be perfect is the one you design yourself...no ship can be all things to all people.  Wish folks were a bit more glass half full than half empty.  I think the OP definitely gave a balanced review and is a glass half full person!

    My suggestion to the OP, regarding breakfast and some lunches for the Muse....go to Atlantide!!! I dont like buffets really, and La Terrazza is pretty busy.  We decided to give Atlantide a try for breakfast and we were so pleasantly surprised.  It was so relaxing, calm, peaceful, quiet, service excellent. For some reason, not that many people ever ate in there.  We loved it !! 

    We do agree about the pool on the Encore...once you have been on SS...it just doesn’t compare.  Having a deck that wraparounds down the side and aft on pool deck is awesome.  

    Agree on entertainment....we have mostly given up on entertainment onmost all small ships....its just mediocre at best....very underwhelming after some of the larger ship productions.  We just got off the maiden voyage of the Celebrity Edge and wow! Those shows are fantastic! 20 performers , amazing sound, stage productions, lots of dancing and acrobatics...now thats a show! 

    We love both the Encore and the Muse and cant wait to go back! Our only gripe is that Seabourn still doesnt have the majority of their 2020 schedules posted...

  2. On 11/16/2018 at 12:50 PM, wripro said:

    The Muse looks like a lovely ship but I just can't get past the dining situation. The same menus night after night in all the venues, the need to prebook in advance, the inability to meet people and decide to join them for dinner at the last minute, the lack of ensuite course by course dining all are deal breakers. If SS ever reverted to the situation found on Shadow and Whisper I'd certainly give the Muse a try.

     Honestly , I was worried about the same thing but after having been on her in NOvembver for a 10 day cruise (Vietnam) I was pleasantly surprised.  With so many restaurants on board, if you do give them all a try, you wont repeat that often or too close together, unless you intentionally do so.  And we were pleasantly surprised to see some new menu items when we repeated both Atlantide and Indochine, so I’m not sure who said their menu items dont change.  Also, I dont know why you couldn’t do last minute dinner with people you just met....you can just walk up to Indochine, Atlantide , Spaccanapoli if you its that important to eat with some new folks.  So I would say give it a try before you judge it so harshly...you truly are passing up a fantastic product.  We have sailed a lot on SS and it was our favorite ship and favorite cruise of any SS.  Food was also the best of any SS cruise we had been on.  

  3. We had dinner up there at 8pm while at sea.  We didnt have a problem with wind or being cold.  It was a very warm Caribbean night and was perfect temperature. There was a movie playing while we had dinner which was kinda cool.  Felt like when I was a kid at the drive in .  Our food was awesome.  It was the 2nd to last night of the cruise and we were craving some comfort food and it was perfect for us.  All 4 of us loved our food.  My appetizer was the dry rub chicken wings which were awesome. .  My partner had the chili which he said was very good and I dont remember what our moms had...I think one of them also had the wings.  We all had different mains, all were good.  We all did get the cookie and ice cream for dessert which was sooo delicious.  We really loved it and wish we had time to go back again.  It is dependent on weather...closes obviously if it rains...started to rain as we were finishing up dessert.  As far as the garden area is concerned, it was always busy up there during our 7 day cruise.  We never hung out up there, so not sure about how comfortable the Benches are.  They are kinda deep and sat back a bit which I liked.  I only sat for a few mins but seemed comfortable enough, for how long I dont know..  Theyplayed football games up there on Sundays and like Monday night football etc...

  4. 15 minutes ago, Brownie54 said:

    For spa services:

    On the first page of the Regent website, scroll to the bottom to FAQ.

    -click on Before you Sail

    -click on How Do I Pre-Book Spa Services.

    Services on all Regent ships are through Canyon Ranch. Please remember all services already include an 18% service fee.

    - call 877-329-1924 or go to Regent@canyonranch.com


    Hope that helps!


    Wow, awesome! Thanks so much for the quick response!

  5. Hi Mr. Rumor, thanks for all your posts! Ive been following you throughout your journey  as we are boarding the Voyager on Jan 17th for our first Regent cruise andare pretty excited about it.  We have sailed many times on Silversea, Celebrity and Silversea with a few others thrown n there as well.  Quick question, I was looking at our invoice today and had forgotten we have some OBC.  I thought I would go on the website and make spa reservations like we do with other lines but cant find anywhere to accomplish this? We have dining and shore excursions done but cant figure out the spa thing? Is it something you cant book til on board? 

    Kind regards, 


  6. We just returned from a cruise to Vietnam on Silversea.  We had read many great reviews for Xuan so we contacted him early, about 6 mos ago to be sure he had availability for us.  He replied to my email right away and once we agreed on what we wanted to see, where , how much time and all that, then from that point forward to we communicated via WhatsApp which I believe is his preferred method of contact once things are set.  Our first day we did a full day tour of the Mekong Delta and Cai Be. And the second day ( just a half day) we toured Saigon .  He recommended things to see in each tour then we sort of picked what we wanted to do and didnt want to do.  He’s very flexible.  He’s a great guy, very knowledgeable and passionate.  We liked him because he provided good information but didnt overwhelm us with too many facts and figures.  Sometimes a bit of quiet is great to take in everything.  We moved at a great pace and got to see so much.  He really does an interesting tour to try and show you a lot of things that regular tourists might not see...going to places where only locals go.  I think it was easier for us to do these things since we were only a couple and him.  I know folks on here have tried to get a big group together from their roll call, but then it becomes a bit more arduous and more ordinary with so many people.  There’s no way he could have provided the kind of amazing experiences we had in a large group environment.  He does prefer smaller groups, so my advice is to go with a smaller group, I think you will get more out of the experiences if you do.  I hate walking in a herd of people anyway.  We really hit it off with him and definitely will keep in touch with him! Many Vietnamese arent easy to understand their English, but we found him easy to understand.  

  7. Thought it was pretty interesting....we got a phone call from Celebrity yesterday offering us a discount if we booked a b2b cruise.  We are on the maiden voyage, the Dec 9th sailing and the discount was offered on the 16 th cruise.  Really surprises me that there seem to be so many cabins available on both of these cruises....maybe because its right before Xmas?? We didnt accept the offer, we will be on Silversea for 2 weeks doing Vietnam next month then Regent in January...our dogs are already gonna be pissed! Lol

  8. Thanks for the review. We have sailed Silversea many times but have decided to branch out and do some sampling. We tried Seabourn for the first time last month on the Encore and it was phenomenal. LIke you said, the crew was unbelievable. Far exceeded our expectations. And the vibe or energy on board was much better than SS IMHO. We are doing Regent for the first time in January on the Voyager so appreciated hearing about that as well. We are also booked on the Explorer in 2020, assuming we enjoy the January cruise on Voyager.

  9. The biggest complainers I've read are those chipping away at every aspect of the ship before the first pax have even sailed. Talk about negativity. Some are not even giving the ship a chance to prove itself before condemning it to failure.


    Well said, thank you!


    to the folks who are upset by my comments, I just want to say that it wasnt meant to be mean or offensive to anyone. I started following this thread not too long after it was started (Dec 2016 I believe by Lloyd, who has been amazing!! Thank you Lloyd. It has been a fun and informative thread all these months, but it seems that over time, it has acquired a huge number of followers and we have endless posts caught up in the minutiae...true, its just my opinion....but we are all allowed our own opinions and just because it doesnt align with yours doesnt mean you should attack me for it. I never singled anyone out in my original post. And as far as closing a thread, it happens all the time when they get too big. I’m just saying maybe multiple threads focusing on different elements of the Edge might serve everyone better. Anyway, I promise, last word on all this...dont want to beat a dead horse. Goodnight and smooth sailing to all.

  10. could you give us a summary of it Tarwood. Maybe it was a gremlin in the system!


    It was lengthy , so I dont really feel like writing it again..lol


    Guess if I had to summarize my post , it’s that Azamara isn’t ultra luxury all inclusive like SS, SB, Regent etc...and dont go in expecting the same level of service or amenities. Its the little things that make those a bit nice than AZ. We love Az...loved our cruises, we have done SS, SB.... All cruise lines have their own flavor. Felt like OP wanted same experience in AZ as Regent and SS...and that’s not reality. After reading the whole thread last night from beginning to end, it seemed to just focus on their wine list woes..I’m not a wine drinker. It seems like they let their wine list issues shape their enjoyment of the cruise....seems like a real first world problem.

    My other point was about the cabins. IN short, cruise lines publish the sizes, pics and layout of each cabin class. One cant be surprised by a small cabin, you know what you are getting when you select it. Either pick a bigger cabin or if thats out of your budget, find a different line that offers something in your budget. We only do Club Continent Suite on AZ as thats comparable to veranda suites on SS and SB. Research....

  11. For those who are new and wonder about the other threads... If you had been here all along you would have realized that the other threads popped up as it became clear there were questions or specific interests that seemed more appropriate in its own thread. For the longest time this thread was dedicated more to issues related to the construction of the ship. As the IV photos started to appear... there were more questions, comments and dare I say criticisms... that seemed to need its own thread. Then people seemed interested in where there specific cabins were when looking from the outside... that logically suggested its own thread. So that is how this all came about. I will add I did not start any of these but the logic flowed beautifully... since I had been following along. And I was late to the party having joined up in April. So I am sure it is confusing if you are late to the party to see the flow that is there.



    Maybe its just time to shut this thread down...clearly we are way past “... Celebrity Blocks are in the house...”...let everyone divide up into the splinter threads that have popped up since the beginning of this one...

  12. Okay folks, if I may interject. As compelling as this bed/bath/beyond discussion has been, I truly believe that it is time to put it to rest. We are now beating a dead horse. In fact, we have slaughtered an entire herd of show ponies. There is no doubt that those participating in these– way too many - posts are doing so with fervor and commitment. However, enough is enough. There is no longer any value to the subject thread. Whether or not there has ever been, begs a different forum, just not here.


    Granted, I have been on the Edge of my seat with every misspelled word, red arrow, red circle, diagram, diaphragm, homey suggestions, sheet thread count, bed direction, balcony measurements, best calming boat location, excitement of guessing which is your cabin, why MC is the color that it is, why corridors are straight rather than switch backed, shuffleboard tourneys, will I be sleeping sideways while sailing backwards, is there a man/woman in my closet, whether or not the captain knows anything about navigation, alcohol content, food coloring, nationality of room steward, eating backwards while sailing forward, peeing in the pool and avoiding detection, bathroom amenities, library cards, pool water volume and sway, and finally, “whew” will the boat float. You get my drift here.


    For sure, these are all critical items when it comes to any cruise vacation. However, when we are bombarded with so much valuable information, or aimless drivel, depending on your perspective, it is difficult to give credence to the subject matter……just sayin’.



    If there were a “like” button I would have hit it...There’s a saying we used to use in my industry “ Analyze and Paralyze”.......meaning folks analyze something so much theyre unable to either move forward with a decision or regret the decision they made or second guess anything and everything...

  13. Is it me or does it seem like people are becoming OCD and overly scrutinizing every tiny detail on the ship?? I like looking at pics of the beautiful spaces but I really want to explore and be surprised when I walk on the ship. All this nit picking takes the fun out of it..... I cant believe how many people have already decided what furniture wont be comfortable just by the look of it?? You cant tell if something is comfortable or not by just looking at a pic...comical really. Guess I need to take a break from this thread until the ship is on its way across the pond and the real excitement begins. Maiden Voyage and so excited...

  14. In my opinion, what you won’t have on Silversea is the outgoing and extremely engaging international officers and crew from South Africa, western and eastern Europe, Latin America and other places. You won’t have those joyous welcome back on board receptions on the pier nor the officers on deck party towards the end of the cruise where every department assembles on deck or in the Grand Salon for the heartfelt applause from passengers. This social vibe is what makes Seabourn my line of choice.


    Silversea has dedicated, charming and hard-working staff, mainly from the Philippines. They are more reserved. The officers on my last Silversea cruise were largely missing in action. Almost never saw them. The only reminders of Seabourn were 4-5 maitres d’ or assistants and one waitress in the bar. That said, the food and inclusive wine were very good. We were on the Whisper which is an older ship, a bit smaller than the Odyssey class ships. It did not have similar facilities eg one pool bar (in a smoking seating section!) vs the Pool and Sky Bars, 2 jacuzzis vs 5, a small and underused Observation Lounge vs the large, fun and hospitable Observation Bar, and the Colonnade restaurant equivalent which had much less outdoor eating space than does the Colonnade.


    But you are going to Alaska and if I were you I would join Silversea in a minute. I happen to prefer the more conservative and traditional dress code on Silversea. Somehow nothing I have see or read about Regent appeals.


    Happy and healthy sailing!


    I pretty much echo Markham on most everything. Pretty spot on for the most part. We have sailed SS and Celebrity mostly. We just tried our first SB last month and loved it. A lot of things are very similar on each line...but the biggest difference really is the overall energy on the ship for us. SB was so friendly and easy going. Much more social. Folks were actually out before and after dinner, whether having drinks in the bars and playing in the casino etc. SS social life is so dead. The energy is pretty quiet. Even very quiet on the pool deck, no one really talks. I wouldn’t say that SS passengers are rude as some say in here, although I have experienced multiple times where people dont like to say hi passing in corridor and in elevator. I would just say that they are more conservative. SS is overwhelmingly more British and the average age is older...hence the conservative, quiet nature. WE still like SS and our next cruise is with them to Vietnam, but I know we will be missing the friendliness of both the crew and passengers on SB. And agreed with one other poster, you will have little interaction with the crew on SS other than their obligatory Captains Welcome cocktail party ...the cruise directors on the other hand have always been super nice.

  15. Thanks so much for the information and link to your cruise report. It was extremely interesting. My remaining concern is that I am American, and apparently Silversea is still not advertising its Cuba cruises on its US site (even though cruises to Cuba are allowable for US citizens even with the changes to US Cuban policy by Trump). Does anyone have any information on whether US citizens would be able to book and take this cruise?


    Iknow a couple other people have said Cuba can be booked , but I dont believe they can. When I inquired a year ago about Cuba, I was told by SS no , that they hadn’t secured the proper licensing. And the Cuba cruise that had popped up on their website briefly for US was in error and it is only available to non US citizens. I would imagine this is stil the case. We ended up taking Azamara to Cuba and it was fantastic....highly recommend going and Azamara was very good. But the only way to be sure is to just call SS directly and ask...

  16. Tarwood, I completely agree with you. Variety is the spice of life. Most of our cruises have been on another luxury line with thirty six sailings but we have tried all the rest and we are booking Lisbon-Miami on the Explorer for next year and also looking Into the new Ritz Carlton ships going forward.


    We are top tier at Delta and Emirates but we will fly other premium lines. If one ate the same thing everyday I would think they would tire of the same thing. The only luxury line we will not ever go on again is SS. So the bottom line is we are willing to experience other cruise lines with an open mind. Crystal is excellent most areas except some people want larger suites which will be coming in the next new build we will wait for that. Seabourn has moved forward with new ships and smoking is a non issue and one can’t use that as an excuse to sail them. That was then this is now.


    So loyalty programs don’t mean much to us as we are open to new things. Life would be boring if not open to try something new.


    Couldn’t agree with you more!! Great minds think alike!

  17. Obviously all opinions are valid. And, although we have not sailed on Crystal, I am well aware that the entertainment and enrichment programs are much better than Regent. We also like Silversea (and find the service to be equal to Regent, one dining venue better than Regent and the rest not as good as Regent). We could have liked Seabourn but they took way too long to become non-smoking in suites and balconies. We waited for the change and by the time it came, we were Titanium on Regent.


    It seems that people like yourself that do not become attached to a particular cruise line have an easier time switching from one cruise line to another. For us, however, we became determined to reach the upper levels of of the Seven Seas Society so that we could have the benefits. At one time, Regent's loyalty program was way above anything that Silversea, Seabourn or Crystal offered. Now, these cruise lines have upped their game and have very good loyalty programs. But, for us, it is a bit too late to try to accumulate hundreds of days on one cruise line.


    As a matter of interest (or not), I am currently on a Celebrity cruise on the west coast of the U.S. because Regent does not offer this. While this is a "fill in" cruise, the promotion that they offer included almost everything that we get on Regent. There is no way that we are changing to Celebrity, it is a nice change of pace for a fare that is less than 1/2 of Regent's.


    Hope that you continue to enjoy whatever cruise line that you sail.


    Fair enough...I get it.. We are all individuals and different things make different people happy. We have never been a slave to loyalty programs. Saving a few bucks here and there with percentage discounts and free laundry etc, isn’t really an incentive for us. Same with airlines, we split our time over 2-3 airlines. But I get why people love to stay with what is familiar as long as they are always treated well and have an enjoyable cruise all around. We do like variety in our lives but as time goes on, I think we will settle in with just 2-3 cruise lines. After so many SS cruises, we thought we owed ourselves to explore a bit , especially after a fantastic experience on Paul Gauguin. So I guess that’s where we are now. We do have a Regent booked in January and thats why I have been checking out the forum. We have always heard good things about them from folks we have met on SS.

  18. I also appreciate the review but understand that the TS is coming from being a Crystal passenger - trying a different cruise line. This is likely similar to us (Regent cruisers) trying out Silversea (which we did three times). While Silversea is a lovely cruise line with food, service and food that we enjoy, it would be difficult for us to rate it higher than Regent Based on our many years on CC, there are some Regent cruisers that love Crystal and some that do not choose to sail on them again.


    Gerry, as you know, we have mixed reviews regarding the Grand Suite on Explorer (and likely will be the same but hopefully with better furniture on Splendor). IF the living room and dining room furniture are changed out, it will be a lovely suite (but considerably smaller than the Vista Suite on Oceania - a suite that we love). When we are onboard together, I look forward to visiting your Grand suite and you visiting our Splendor suite:D


    I agree with Daisy on her response to this reply. Just because she’s been on Crystal more than Regent doesnt automatically mean she would always prefer Crystal. And not sure why you would only prefer Regent just because you have been on them the most. We have primarily sailed Silverseain the past, beginning to explore other lines currently. We just did our first Seabourn a couple weeks ago and were blown away by them. It’s definitely a better fit for us than SS...so just because we we have been SS loyalists, doesnt mean we couldn’t give a fair shake to another cruise line...

  19. We asked when the large dent in the back was going to get fixed and were told 'next year', so that would seem to indicate a dry dock, well next year. Not very accurate.


    I put my feedback about the Retreat into the post-cruise survey, it seemed the most useful place. I think the officers and crew on board are very well aware how popular it isn't but aren't going to say anything. I expect we'll endure that for a couple of years yet.


    I did my survey today and mentioned about the retreat as well. I also mentioned it on board as well.....and yes, agreed, they are well aware of people’s displeasure with it...

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