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  1. Thank you for this update. I will keep my fingers crossed that this will work in the future since I will now have two large FCC to go with my remaining small one.
  2. I had two small FCC ($150 each) that I tried to apply to a single cruise booking just before the virus stuff started. I was told I could only use one per booking. YMMV.
  3. Here are some martini suggestions: French martini Green tea martini (Whiskey & Peach schnapps) Caribbean martini (Mango & Coconut rum) Lavender martini White Chocolate martini (with Butterscotch schnapps) Hazelnut martini (Frangelico, Vodka, Bailey’s)
  4. I was on Harmony a few weeks ago and I really enjoyed the halibut at 150. It was not fishy at all. The salmon at Jamie’s was good too! The aioli on top really sets it off. If you go to Chops the branzino is excellent. But of all those I would have to say the halibut was the best.
  5. Their seafood is usually very good. I alternate between the branzino and the grilled prawns.
  6. I hope you don't mind if I tag on to this topic to ask a related question about future cruise credits. I cancelled a cruise two days ago and was told I would receive a future cruise credit by email but so far I have received nothing. The cruise has disappeared from my cruise planner so the cancellation appears to have worked. How long does it usually take to receive the confirmation email?
  7. Interesting. I’ve stayed in a grand suite several times ( currently on Harmony) and I have never seen an in room printed menu. Maybe you have to ask for it.
  8. Thank you. Clearly it is important to handle a cancellation correctly.
  9. On a related note about canceling a cruise - If you intend to cancel a cruise with NRD and do not notify Royal Caribbean that is your intention does it change the results discussed above? In other words, if you do nothing when final payment is due will you still receive your deposit (- $100) as future cruise credit?
  10. Royal Caribbean just tweeted the recipe (including a video) for the coconut ranger cookies. Note that it is different (simpler) than the recipe posted previously on the Royal Caribbean Blog. Here it is: Coconut Ranger Cookies (recipe from Royal Caribbean tweet 12/04/20) Ingredients: · 500g Butter · 500g Brown Sugar · 600g Flour · ½ Teaspoon Baking Powder · 6 Eggs · 100ml Coconut Milk · 80g Dried Coconut Directions: · Beat butter and sugar until smooth · Add eggs one by one into the butter and sugar mix ·
  11. With the high prices currently in place for the deluxe beverage package there will be lots of people who find out they don't need it as much as they thought they did. Royal is leaving a lot of money on the table from those who would purchase at a slightly lesser price. Maybe they will eventually figure that out.
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