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  1. gottaluvcruises12

    Port of Tampa

    Wrong punctuation. I meant an !.
  2. gottaluvcruises12

    Port of Tampa

    Is by far the easiest port I have ever experienced to get through!
  3. gottaluvcruises12

    Mr. Sancho's' Watersports

    Do you pay extra for the water sports at Mr. Sanchos? Jet Ski's Kayak's, Parasailing and such?
  4. gottaluvcruises12

    Question about Cash vs Card

    If you put cash on your account and don't spend it all do you get that cash back Can you use to Kiosk to add cash to your avvacco not to pay off the balance?
  5. gottaluvcruises12

    Cigar Shops

    Best cigar shops close to port or not.
  6. gottaluvcruises12

    So if I change my room I will lose onboard credit?

    I change rooms all the time considering changing again and it doesn't affect anything but if you change from ocean view to balcony it might.
  7. gottaluvcruises12

    Cozumel in the evening

    When we go on our cruise we will in Cozumel until 8PM? Is there anything exciting to do? Any suggestions?
  8. gottaluvcruises12

    Carnival Hub App

    Do you have to have a wi-fi plan in order to use the app on board?
  9. gottaluvcruises12

    Upsell Offer for Carnival Paradise

    All of my up-sells for Paradise have been crazy and not worth. I have an ocean view cabin so that's different than an interior...up to you. I would spend it on excursion and alcohol.
  10. gottaluvcruises12

    Is there only 1 pool on Paradise?

    My room is in the starboard side..we are on deck 6 I think we were in the mid towards the back half...oh well...
  11. gottaluvcruises12

    Is there only 1 pool on Paradise?

    What floor are you on. I was hoping that our Ocean view would be made into a balcony when it as in dry dock and it did not
  12. gottaluvcruises12

    Drink mixers

    Did you put the bottle of wine in suitcase or carry it on?
  13. gottaluvcruises12

    Need Advice-Splendor, has she lost hers???

    Don't believe what everyone says. I saw all the reviews about Splendor when my husband and I went Sept 2017 and it was an Amazing ship. I hate that it moved to the west coast. I would love to get on her again. It is very pink but you will not even notice after while. Great ship!
  14. gottaluvcruises12

    Buying a bottle online with Carnival

    How big are these bottles for the price...I am trying to get a visual.
  15. gottaluvcruises12

    What is the point of cruise cash?

    I know someone else started this post but I got some very valuable information from it.