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  1. Hi, My wife and I are looking to do a med cruise with an included coach tour of Spain. Can anyone direct me to a good place to look.
  2. We are wanting to try a med cruise but don,t know which ones have the best entertainment, anyone have any recommendations.
  3. We are in Australia and a friend of ours booked for us through Princess Cruises UK and we decided that it would be better to book through the Australian Princess cruises, they wouldn;t give us our deposit so we lost $1600 but luckily the saving booking though the Australian princess cruises saved us $1900 so we were $300 in front and also the Australian Princess cruises don't have the non refundable deposit.
  4. I believe there is an app to download called Princess@sea which tells you what's happening on the ship. Do you need to have wifi connection to access this as I know that the wifi is very expensive onboard.
  5. In the speciality restaraunts onboard the Diamond Princess, is there no allowance for the cost of the dishes or do you pay the full price. For example if I got a pasta dish that would normally cost around $25, would I have to pay $25 or is the cost a smaller amount.
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