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  1. I spoke with a HAL agent this morning and he said the reason our refund had not processed yet (3/21 cruise/3/14 cancellation) was that there were amounts going to 2 different credit cards and those take longer to process. I can't figure out why that would take longer as HAL can clearly see which $$ go to which credit card, but that's the latest excuse. Talked with our cc today and they said they will absolutely take the dispute even though the initial deposit was paid in July 2019 and the balance in 12/2019. Don't know how long this will all take, but I'm not waiting any longer while HAL does
  2. We were booed on the 3/21 28-day cruise. Filled out the request for a full refund on 3/16, so around 80 days ago. I "chatted" with HAL this morning to try and get an update on my refund. I was told"there is no way to check the status". I then asked who would have access to that information and was told "Unfortunately this information is unavailable". I said "You are telling me that NO ONE knows the status?" The answer "Unfortunately not". Seriously? I then called HAL. I was told that due to the fact 2 different credit cards were used, the refund has been delayed.
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