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  1. We just got back from the Victory. I did see some tour operators in Saint John looking to sell some tours but honestly I do not remember if they were there in Halifax. We arranged private tours in both ports (we were 7 people). We had a wonderful time in each city and would go back in a heartbeat. Eva
  2. Although my kids are much older now (19 and 15) they have been cruising since they were small. I agree with Catrin that the first night is key. When they have you there they seem to enjoy it more. The next day our daughter always wanted to be with us - never wanted the kids club. What we did multiple times was to go with her (this started at 5) and ask her if she could draw a picture for you. She always loved art things and the counselors always would accomodate that. I told her I would be back in 1/2 hour so that would give her time to make her picture. Never failed - when we got back she was playing with other kids, handed us a picture and said to come get her later on. It never mattered what line (Carnival, Celebrity, RCI) this always worked for her. I hope you are successful - as that was always our appeal with cruising. We get to spend a ton of quality family time (shore excursions, meal times, late night snacks, etc) and the kids always wanted to spend time with their new friends. That left some alone time for Mom and Dad :) :) Also I would see about a roll call to see if there are others in their age groups. Just as cruisinqt says it gives them some familiarity. Eva
  3. We never have had a problem requesting keys for the other room. In fact our kids are older and we plan to have a key to their cabin again. You shouldnt have any problem requesting one or two extra. Eva
  4. Dear Carnival, You have a great product! We are looking forward to our next cruise on the Victory. How about more perks for those of us booking suites? Yes we like the VIP check in, but at the prices that we are paying it would be nice to see more - especially on the shorter (5 day) cruises. Keep doing what you are doing!
  5. We had that same problem when we were deciding on a cruise. Our choices out of Tampa were either Grandeur or the Inspiration. We wound up picking the Inspiration as it was totally redone. She really looks like a new ship now - even though she is quite old. We were thrilled with our choice and happy we chose the Inspiration. On the flip side - any cruise is better than none so you cant go wrong with either. Eva
  6. I saw the show as well. Considering my daughter and I were on the Inspiration in April Samantha really didnt show the ship at all. The one thing that made me smile was that she was def in a Cat 11 - and I am SO GLAD I switched from a Cat 11 to a Cat 12. I would hate to have been sitting out on my balcony in my nightgown waving to other passengers. Eva
  7. We just booked our kids in an inside cabin right across the hall from our suite. Our pvp didnt have any problem doing it and our kids are 15 and 19. The only problem we came across is when we added our niece to that cabin. They wouldnt have allowed three unless she was older - she is 21. This is the first time we have the kids across the hall from us. On our last family cruise we had them in adjoining balcony cabins but they were two years younger then.
  8. We have three cabins booked on the Victory and on the website it clearly shows all three bookings. I would think that if they are linked there, they would be linked everywhere. Its best to call and ask - and if you used a TA make sure they know they should be linked.
  9. We were on the Inspiration in April and I was able to get a table for 2 without a problem. The earlier you see him the betters odds you can get one. They do have them on the Fantasy Class ships but there aren't many. Eva
  10. I had no problem calling or receiving calls on our last trip on the Inspiration. Cell service was perfect from my balcony. You wouldn't have even known I was out at sea and DH was back at home. I only hope the service is as good this summer on the Victory.
  11. Wow - this thread has brought back memories... our first cruise was out of Miami in 1993. We went to the Eastern Caribbean - San Juan, St Thomas and St Marteen. What a great time we had!!! It was the beginning of my cruise addition. While your first cruise may not be your best cruise, it definitely leaves you with the best memories...... glad to see others have such fond memories of the Celebration as we have. Eva
  12. I was just on the Inspiration with my daughter and I wouldn't hesitate to go on her again. The enhancements really added alot and the service is really top notch. My review was posted in the reviews section so go take a peek if you would like. For an older ship the Inspiration was in great shape and I would recommend any cruise on her. Eva
  13. I just returned from the Inspiration on April 3rd - what a great time on a great ship. Yes she is old, but with the refurbishments you cant tell the age of the ship. My review was just posted in the review section so go take a peek. Go and surprise your Mom - she will love you for it :) Eva
  14. There was a medical emergency right after we left the Port of Tampa. When they tried to restart the engines only one fired up - the other one wasn't working. Due to the fact that they couldnt get up to normal cruising speed they cancelled Grand Cayman and we went to Cozumel one day early. Carnival compensated everyone $50 on board credit (which covered the port charges plus) and is giving everyone 25% off of their next 3, 4 or 5 day cruise. More than fair in our opinion. Hi Bonnie!!!!!! How was your trip back to Michigan? P is still chatting with K and B.... I think those three will become friends for life :) Eva
  15. Debarkation was a breeze! People who had self assist were off really early, we had number 6 and were called around 9am. The dining room was open for breakfast as well as the lido. What was great was being able to have room service without having to leave your cabin. We had a leisurely breakfast and then left our suite at 9am. Porters were everywhere and customs was a breeze. We were heading home to Orlando by 10am (had to wait for my son to come get us). Hi Vic! How are you? Did your friends enjoy their first cruise (I had forgotten to ask you when I saw you on board) Eva
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