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  1. What's not to like. It sounds like a great solution. I'm looking forward to getting an opportunity to experience the process.
  2. Justin Golan was the piano player/lounge singer on the Escape last fall. He was so good. I saw his show numerous times and it was always great.
  3. I've been watching that cruise. I've already had my vacation in Florida for that week cancelled and I thought maybe I'd get a last minute deal on this cruise. I'm in Philadelphia, so it would be easy to get to NYC for departure. If it works out, it works out. Hopefully at least you will be able to go on that cruise.
  4. Has Norfolk been used as a cruise port before?
  5. That pretty much sums up my plan as well.
  6. Why does it appear NCL is losing more than RCL or CCL?
  7. It's there, you just have to scroll down a lot to get to it.
  8. I cruised solo in November to Bermuda on Escape. My wife isn't into cruising as much as I am so I booked a studio cabin. Don't knock it till you try it. I had a great time.
  9. I had the same question. My friend wanted to cancel, but not I. My TL called NCL and they told her both parties need to cancel. In the case of you and your husband. He could not cancel if you don't. He could not show up and you could still go. He'd get some money back, like port fees, etc, but the not his cruise fare.
  10. From how I understand it, you only need to BOOK the cruise by the one year date. You have until the end of 2022 to actually take the cruise. I supposed to be on the Breakaway for the May 1 trip. I'm going to cancel and take the FCC.
  11. First solo cruise coming up in November on Norwegian Escape. Here goes nothing.😄
  12. I'm taking my first solo cruise in a few weeks on Norwegian Escape. I booked a studio room and look forward to doing my own thing. I'm signed up for a Meet and Greet to get to know some of the other guests. I've cruised with my wife in the past, but she could not make this trip, so I'll be perfectly happy keeping myself busy. I'm interested to see what I get into since I've never travelled alone before. But I'm very low maintenance, so I know I'm going to have a great time.
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